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272 Goddess Medusa

"System, can you analyze the hidden purpose behind this Continental Battle?"

At this moment, the 712 fluxers who had cleared the first round of the Continental Battle yesterday had gathered in front of a sculpture.

Most of the people couldn't understand what exactly was the intention behind the competition. Although they knew it was related to the Heavenly Transformation, the tests were just too obscure. Fluxers who couldn't use their flux energy, could they still be called fluxers?

But even with such thought, whether it were the contestants or the spectators, they could only voice them in their hearts.

According to the system, the higher ups were collecting people who fulfilled requirements only known to them under the pretense of the Continental Battle. It came to the conclusion that there were three conditions so far.

[First, their cultivation cannot surpass the Flux Disciple layer. This is the most important thing.

[Second, they must possess formidable combat strength and survival ability even after losing flux energy.

[Third, their souls must be able to endure some powerful test and not be influenced by it.

[Under the comprehensive analysis in addition to the bits of information acquired by host regarding the Heavenly Transformation, the system has reached a conclusion that the Human Alliance, the six transcending powers, and fluxer association had reached a mutual agreement.

[They all seem to be using the Continental Battle to choose a group of fluxers who could satisfy these three conditions, so they could send them to some place which has similar conditions.]

Hearing the system's detailed answer, Li Yunmu couldn't help but take a deep breath. Even the parts which he couldn't understand previously had become clear now.

One of the things among them was the 'qualifications to descend' which Lin Yuerou had mentioned to him but he hadn't understood at that time. 

Yep, that should be about descending to an all new environment.

The contestants who will win will be the chosen chess pieces of the people who formed the top layer of Earth's power pyramid.

There might be people who didn't want act as chess pieces, but if due to that they lost an opportunity like this and fell a step behind, they would continue to fall further and further away from the top.

Even the transcending powers who were considered as the most powerful in the world had the same intention, which clearly illustrated that the significance of this competition for qualifications to descend was far more important compared to what Li Yunmu had thought. With his analysis, his expectations rose up again.

Then why did Battle Sage An Jing use this opportunity to confirm the existence of Li Sect and make its name famous, what are the intentions of Battle Sage Vega and her?

Li Yunmu kept asking this himself, his brows puckered.

He wasn't the least bit fond of the feeling of being a chess piece of world's major powers and not being allowed to act on his own. He actually detested it to the extreme.

But even if he wasn't fond of it, that didn't mean he could escape from it. Every one of his fellow Flux Disciples was someone's chess piece, even the formidable ones like Xiye Hanbei or Man Tian were no exception. 

But couldn't a chess piece use the opportunity to suddenly become one of the players?

Perhaps all the contestants were thinking the same thing. Li Yunmu was convinced that anyone who could clear the seventieth level of the Tower of Glory wasn't weak or a fool.

Perhaps under the influence of the Heavenly Transformation, Flux Sages as well as quasi deities were only more formidable chess pieces and nothing more.

Once Li Yunmu reached this conclusion, even if he hadn't understood the aim of the two Battle Sage Vegas clearly, he still became aware of what was truly going on here.

But there was nothing to it. He had to first use this opportunity provided by the Continental Battle and wait for it to be over, then think about it.

Everyone thought that the second round, the soul strength test, would be executed like the first one, with the contestants being called to the stage one after another. Thus, the Alliance's representative's announcement caught everyone off guard.

All the contestants were brought in front of a female snake witch's sculpture, and after a split second, this snake witch's sculpture suddenly opened its pair of ruby eyes.

"These eyes… so beautiful!"

Under the terrified gazes of people watching on the online platforms, as soon as the snake witch's sculpture opened its eyes, all the seven hundred or so contestants lost their consciousness while remaining seated in cross-legged position, with no exceptions.

"Goddess Medusa, this is the statue of Goddess Medusa. My God, what am I looking at? These lords are crazy, how could they dare to bring the image of Goddess Medusa into this world?"

On the online network, someone suddenly cried out in fear after seeing the sculpture. Clearly, a person who knew this sculpture wasn't that simple.

"Senior, what is this Goddess Medusa's sculpture? Why is it so terrifying? Even people like Hai Yue, Zhan Wuya, and others have lost their consciousness!"

"Yes, don't cry out in horror but quickly explain this stuff to us. You said it was an image of a goddess, so doesn't this mean that this Senior Medusa is a deity?"

"It isn't a genuine deity. According to rumors, 173 years ago, traces of a shrine was discovered somewhere in the Seventh Dimension. When a Battle God and other quasi deities opened it together, this Goddess Medusa stood inside the hall of the shrine. It was one of the four main subordinates of the master of the shrine."

"At that time, when the shrine was just opened, it opened its eyes once. That time, under its gaze, out of the eleven quasi deities—including five Battle Sages, three barbarian kings, and three ocean emperors—two barbarian kings, one Battle sage, and one ocean emperor were turned to stone to remain eternally within the shrine.

"The second time it opened its eyes was seventy years ago. It's sai that a Domain Sage entered the shrine and brought it back to the human world. The outcome of that was that all people and other living creatures of Sunday City were turned into stone, making Sunday City a history, including the Domain Sage who had brought the statue."

When the people on the online platforms heard about the previous deeds of this statue of Goddess Medusa, they all felt a chill run down their spine.

"What, so the reason why Sunday City was named a forbidden region was this? I can't believe!"

"The most confusing thing is that the explanation written in the books of our educational institutes regarding Sunday City being turned into a forbidden region is that an extremely powerful demon broke through the dimensional border and descended onto Earth."

"Yes, all the books talk about the same thing, this formidable demon was fond of sculptures and stones. It captured many artists and created a stone city to use for a lair for himself."

"That's right. I checked the books again. In the end, the masters of the six transcending powers joined hands and killed this demon, but the demonic soul of the creature couldn't be exterminated and still haunts Sunday City. Thus, the Alliance had to seal Sunday City for all eternity so as to prevent people from entering."

Everyone kept talking about it, trying to confirm what they had learned previously. No one believed that Sunday City wasn't created by a demon who had captured countless artisans, but was turned into stone right away.

"... Haha."

The senior who had previously spoken about Goddess Medusa could only laugh bitterly, not bothering to debate anymore.

But regardless of whether the people believed it or not, once this senior had said all those things, an unexplainable dread rose in the hearts of the majority of people toward Goddess Medusa.