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"This isn't possible, how could he use flux energy under the suppression of the energy cover?"

Many people were shaken by the red sun which came out of Li Yunmu's body.

That red sun Li Yunmu had spat out just then had clearly gotten rid of the five barbarous devil claws by instantaneously increasing the temperature in his surroundings.

But shouldn't he be unable to use flux energy under the suppression of the energy cover?

Even if Li Yunmu used one of the destructive types of dark flux energy, the principle of suppression should have applied to them as well. Many people didn't understand what was going on, but seeing that Li Yunmu had gotten rid of the five barbarous devil claws in an instant, they became aware that this person was deep and immeasurable.

Li Yunmu learned something from this display of his— the energy cover couldn't suppress all flux energy.

For example, when Hai Yue had utilized some higher level energy waves, she had swiftly dealt with the barbarous devil claws. Now, after some testing, he had confirmed a hypothesis regarding what could and what couldn't be used.

The flux energy was indeed suppressed inside the energy cover, but for dark flux energies, if their cultivation had reached a certain level and purity, then they could surpass the limit of the suppression.

Li Yunmu's tests allowed a lot of people to gain an inkling about it as well.

After this, the first test continued on. Ling Shuang's turn came after some nine hundred contestants. When she was inside the energy cover, she followed in Li Yunmu and Hai Yue's footsteps and used a pure dark flux energy to break past the suppression point.

Wielding a greatsword with both hands, she sliced down in the direction of the five barbarous devil claws. Sword energy rushed toward the beasts. Under the suppression of the energy cover, she had surprisingly released almost transparent sword energy.

"She is worthy of being called Sword Sage's latest disciple. Although she hasn't spent a lot of time on the path of cultivation, this doesn't stop her from advancing quickly and reaching the front of the pack."

"Ling Shuang, Li Yunmu, Hai Yue—all of them are pretty good. They've already grasped a power unique to them."

"Battle Sage An Jing, the red sun which Li Yunmu used just now should mean that he had cultivated the Great Sun Secret Technique of Chaotian Sect?"

All the great characters on the platform were discussing the youths, but the people underneath the platform, as well as those watching on the online platforms, couldn't hear them.

The first test continued, and soon came Li Qinghong's turn.

By then, many people had realized that Li Yunmu had just been dragging time so she would be able to return.

Lin Jian and the other followers hadn't expected that Li Qinghong would stay within the Tower of Glory for so long. However, they knew that she must've obtained some opportunity in the Tower of Glory so that once she came out, her strength would be incomparable to before.

When confronted with the five barbarous devil claws, she didn't waste any energy on them. She stabbed her frightening imperial spear in their direction a couple times, and with every stab, faint fire energy appeared at the tip of her spear.

Spear energy?!

Li Qinghong's performance brought a shock even to the people on the platform.

Her Sungod Flame Energy had merged with the frightening imperial spear's deadly skill. This was what she had exchanged her tower badges for upon passing the seventieth level of the Tower of Glory.

The usage of this power wasn't as simple as just wrapping the weapon with a layer of flux energy; instead, it could be classified as her own power. It was a type of force created after gaining deeper comprehension of her own battle skill.

This sort of force allowed the user to display their power to the limit. However, it required more than just a formidable might. One also needed a sort of mental state so as to allow the intent to merge.

At this time, Li Qinghong had clearly reached this point. The spearhead, which seemed to contain her willpower, stabbed again and again at the barbarous devil claws. Five successive stabs were enough to instantly kill all of the beasts.

She accomplished everything so easily that it seemed like those actions were done on instinct.

Ling Shuang, who was also walking a similar path, hadn't expected that Li Qinghong would be able to utilize the frightening imperial spear's deadly technique to this stage. At this instant, when everyone looked at Li Qinghong, their gazes on her were completely different from before.

If Demon, Barbarian Niu, and Lin Jian's performance had forced the Overlords to give them an evaluation of being powerful, then Li Qinghong's display of force had caused the group of people to view her as their equal. 

Soon after, came the turn of Hai Yue's little sister, Qing Yue.

She didn't disappoint and summoned a pair of blue ocean fish. These fish were extremely small, to the extent of resembling a paper clip. But these paper-clip-sized fishes could not only fly in the air but also use their bodies as weapons to attack.

The two blue fish swiftly moved to attack, penetrating the skin of the five barbarous devil claws. After they came out, a hole was left in the hearts of the dimensional beasts, who then fell to the ground.

The blue ocean fish traveled at an extremely quick speed.

According to rumors, these fish summoned by Qing Yue were an ancient ocean fish life-form. They were known as ocean shuttle swordfish.

A total of 1263 contestants had qualified for the Continental Battle.

After the first test was concluded, out of that many, there were around 138 participants who had forfeited. These hundred or so people didn't have the necessary strength to continue and had only become qualified by relying on external assistance.

If their flux energy wouldn't have been suppressed by the energy cover, then by relying on external assistance and treasures, they would've dealt with five eight rainbow light devil kings, let alone five barbarous devil claws.

However, after being denied their flux energy and treasures, they were nothing special. In fact, their strength was at most comparable to Heavenly Dragon Tang family's Tang Ruochen.

Thus, those who had such puny strength didn't wish to die and could only forfeit.

Apart from them, there were seventy-something people who had obtained the qualifications but hadn't arrived at the Black Dragon Island. These seventy something people were also considered as having forfeited.

As for those who participated in the test, there were some two hundred and fifty people who were eaten by the starved barbarous devil claws within the energy covers.

Among these two hundred fifty people, some didn't have sufficient experience, some had underestimated the enemy, while some had made mistakes which cost them their lives. All of them, however, were seen as one thing - losers who had been unable to fight with their flux energy suppressed.

From among the thousand-something contestants, those who had cleared the test were only the formidable rising stars of the six continents.

Once the first test was finished, it was time to continue. But it was unknown what sort of understanding the quasi-deities had reached, and neither was it known who they had chosen as opponents for the participants of the Continental Battle.

Everyone spent the night at the Black Dragon Island.

On the second day, the Alliance's representative announced the second round - Soul Strength Test.

Once the theme of the second round was announced, many people were startled. What was happening in this year's Continental Battle? It had changed unrecognizably from the knockout battles held in the previous years.

After the test of flesh, it was now the test of the soul. For everyone who cultivated flux energy, soul strength was always second on their list of things to prioritize.