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268 Hai Yue and Xie Qianxue

Lin Jian was extremely calm and composed, but he didn't try to show off. He was a man with a blade. Although he couldn't use any flux energy, the blade intent emitted by his body was incredibly swift.

Every strike of his was filled with terrifying blade intent and keen insight, attacking the joints of the barbarous devil claws. Watching this round was like watching a butcher easily dissecting animals.

"Lin Jian has blade intent, how could he have congealed it so quickly!" a senior sage of Bladewood who was sitting on the platform muttered.

"This person is a good seedling. If he could preserve this mental state, then he will certainly achieve the unity of man and blade, very good."

Lin Jian's display had surprisingly received recognition from many people sitting above the platform. The hearts of many new stars and Overlord level characters sunk slightly because of that.

This was already the third follower of Li Yunmu who had appeared, and regardless of whether it was Demon, Barbarian Niu, or Blade Overlord, all of them had brought a subtle pressure to the onlookers. How much would have Li Yunmu himself matured then? The audience was yet to see him in action, but the performances of his three followers had brought everyone's gazes to him.

But there was no reaction from Li Yunmu. He was standing within the group of Li Sect's other disciples with a spellbound expression on his face, wondering about something.

He dared to be absent-minded during the Continental Battle?

The cameras for live broadcast fell on Li Yunmu who appeared to be in a daze at this moment.

"Dang, this Li Yunmu doesn't even need to be tested. All his followers are so ferocious, so he must be even more terrifying than them. I think his current strength should be on par with that of Xiye Hanbei, Man Tian, and these other super Overlords."

"He should be the core representative of Li Sect in this world, so it's no wonder, even people like Lin Jian and others want to become his followers. This Li Sect really isn't simple."

There was no longer anyone who doubted Li Sect's existence. Everyone had realized that Li Sect may not be necessarily a top-tier sect, but it was certainly a sect which couldn't be neglected because it possessed Battle Sage An Jing, this mysterious quasi-deity.

At this time, the stunning beauty Flowing Cloud who was standing at Li Yunmu's side lightly asked him, "Are you worrying about Senior Sister Li? She would certainly return."

"You have a point, I should trust her. She would certainly be rushing over."

While he was in seclusion, Li Qinghong and the other three had separately entered the Tower of Glory.

The other three had returned long ago, but Li Qinghong was still within the tower. There was no information regarding her, but Li Yunmu didn't believe that some accident would have happened to the person who was the most powerful among his four followers.

His intuition told him that Li Qinghong wouldn't perish inside. But the number of people who had already taken the test continued to increase, and if Li Qinghong didn't enter the Black Dragon Island soon, she would be disqualified.

"Quickly look, it's finally Hai Yue's turn."

Suddenly, the Alliance's representative said the name of the holy daughter of Seagod's Palace.

She was one of the earliest to become an Unhindered fluxer and was a person as famous as Man Tian. When her turn came, she naturally attracted the attention of many people.

Li Yunmu stopped worrying about this matter for the time being and turned his gaze to Hai Yue. He clearly remembered that when he had entered the Tower of Glory the first time, Hai Yue and Man Tian had already entered the list on the tower stele. The two of them had obtained supreme glory by clearing the twentieth level of the Tower of Glory with the lowest level of cultivation.

And today, he finally got to see one of them.

"According to rumors, the strength of Seagod Palace's holy daughter is quite enigmatic. There are many who believe that Man Tian is the stronger one among them, but I don't think so," said Demon, who seldom gave an earnest assessment of someone.

This was the Corporeal Body Strength test which was unfair to seagod's people, but this sort of excuse wasn't that important to people on the level of Hai Yue.

Demon was also a person of the sea, yet he had easily cleared the test, so then what to speak of the number one Flux Disciple of the Seagod Palace.

Adorning an ocean blue gown, Hai Yue entered the energy cover. Once inside, she calmly stood in one place, waiting for the five barbarous devil claws to be transferred over.

After they were pushed inside, she slowly raised a hand towards the five beasts. Instantly, everyone's attention was captured by her snow-white hand.

No one saw what she did, but her hand slowly began to generate waves of invisible energy towards the five barbarous devil claws.

In front of these invisible energy waves, the beasts felt as if they were drowning. They kept struggling any way they could, even tried to pounce on her, but they were still trapped in the invisible quagmire. The aura of savageness around them began to dim, then disappeared completely.


After a few minutes, the five barbarous devil claws died just like that, trapped within the formless energy waves. Most of the people didn't even know what sort of power this was.

A shiver passed through Li Yunmu's heart, for this skill was similar to the Ghostly Image Substitution which he cultivated. He could clearly sense movement in the void.

Hai Yue had only extended one hand, and she easily took the lives of the five savage beasts, without giving them any chance to retaliate.

"Good good, this Hai Yue has already grasped the Deep Ocean Soul Fragmentation of the Seagod Palace," an elder of Frontline Heaven exclaimed in admiration atop the platform.

Perhaps only the people sitting there, above the others, knew what Hai Yue had done. This was the first time someone had obtained everyone's unanimous approval.

As for others like the people watching the live broadcast, they simply didn't know what Hai Yue had done. Yet using this sort of unknown invisible power to kill the five formidable barbarous devil claws left people baffled.

Hai Yue had only extended one hand, but everyone, including even the ordinary people, could sense the strength of the number one Flux Disciple of Seagod Palace. Her power was deep and immeasurable.

After her came Xie Qianxue from the Snow Temple of the Central Continent who was considered as a rare talent which appeared only once in every hundred years.

Xie Qianxue's way to pass the test was quite direct. She used the power of her heavenly world, trapping the five barbarous devil claws in the air, after which she waved her hand to collect all of them into her heavenly world.

"What sort of sorcery is this?"

Many people who didn't know about the heavenly worlds were completely dumbfounded. Yes, this was sorcery and not flux skills for those who weren't knowledgeable. She was doing magic in their eyes.