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262 Lin Yuerou’s Warning

Li Yunmu sensed many unfamiliar and strange as well as extremely familiar gazes falling upon him from all four directions. He looked in the direction of the somewhat familiar people.

Ling Shuang had come long ago, and she was standing with Sword Sect's group. When their gazes met, the two of them nodded faintly to each other in greeting.

From the group of Chaotian Sect, Ye Qing also greeted him with a faint smile. This was due to bother the matter of the transcending sage tool and because of the appearance of Li Sect's Battle Sage An Jing.

Ye Qing's attitude towards Li Yunmu had changed greatly. He appeared quite friendly on the surface, yet Li Yunmu was certain he was sneering on the inside..

When people discovered that Li Yunmu and Ye Qing were on friendly terms, they were instantly baffled.

Mammoth Barbarian Wuhang's eyes were like two intense rays of lights, which were filled with battle intent and aimed straight at Li Yunmu Clearly, he still wanted a rematch regarding their previous collision.

This time, Li Yunmu was participating in the Continental Battle and would no longer have the advantage of superior position and forbidden weapons. Thus, Wuhang was thinking about thrashing him once and for all.

There were many other bizarre gazes as well.

Li Yunmu felt as if a shock of electricity had passed through his heart. He was aware of all of those who had come here to participate in the Continental Battle. Their treatment towards him wasn't anything special, though, since all of them considered each other as rivals.

He also met gazes with the number one person of the Fifth Dimension, Xiye Hanbei, for the first time. At the death zone last time, he had only dispatched two Mist Fiends, so there hadn't been any real fight between the two of them.

"I'm quite interested to see how far you will go in the Continental Battle."

These were the only words Xiye Hanbei said towards Li Yunmu.

The pair of Man Tian and Hai Yue also stood among the people. They were sizing up Li Yunmu while he was also doing the same towards them, fully aware that they were the two most powerful Flux Disciples of this generation among the evolved humans.

Suddenly, Li Yunmu moved his gaze and was left in astonishment. Li Zi stood nearby. He hadn't expected to see her here. According to reason, she couldn't have come to such a place, given her strength.

Li Zi's gaze contained of hint of pleasant surprise while looking at Li Yunmu. He nodded slightly towards her in greeting!

At some point of time, this fellow student from Lucky Wind Great Courtyard had surprisingly joined Snow Temple which only accepts female disciples. She had probably come today with Snow Temple to get a piece of action and increase her experience.

Soon, Li Yunmu took note of a complex gaze directed his way. He turned to look at the person and saw Tang Ruochen of Heavenly Dragon Family whom he hadn't seen in a long time.

Tang Ruochen had been one of the ten most powerful newcomer flux disciples of the Heavenly Cloud City, but after so much time, his brilliance was just like the inconspicuous grains of sand on the ground of Black Dragon Island beneath Li Yunmu's feet. 

Tang Ruochen's gaze was filled with complicated emotions, and so was Li Yunmu's, when he recalled the matters of the past six months.

He then saw another "acquaintance" within the group of Heavenly Dragon Family, Luo Jin. It was a surprise to see him having joined this family.

When the two of them saw each other this time, Luo Jin wasn't acting arrogant as before. Facing Li Yunmu, he tried his best to avoid meeting his gaze.

The world really changes too quickly!

Naturally, this also applied to how Li Yunmu had changed.

Just like Li Zi, the other former students of Lucky Wind Great Courtyard had all went their own ways and joined some power.

Big Xiong, Crooked Teeth, and Brother Thin hadn't come, and neither had Liu Noujie. Seeing this, Li Yunmu's mood slightly dampened. However, at this time, Lin Yuerou hesitated for a moment and then walked to him from the side of Blue Cloud Sect.

"Because of the Heavenly Transformation, Heavenly Cloud City's situation has stabilized, more or less. I've been appointed as the substitute city lord."

When she came to Li Yunmu's side, it immediately attracted many astonished gazes.

According to rumors, the stunning beauty Lin Yuerou had some complicated relation with Li Yunmu. At this moment, everyone finally obtained proof regarding these rumors.

It was said that before dying, the old city master of Heavenly Cloud City had betrothed Lin Yuerou, who was at Temporal layer, to Li Yunmu. Now, it seemed like this information wasn't false.

"So the promise to me is also forgotten?"

Li Yunmu forced a bitter smile.

The interest groups hadn't expected that because of the Heavenly Transformation, the situation of Heavenly Cloud City would be instantly reversed. However, Li Yunmu was aware of this information beforehand.

As it happened, all the powers in Heavenly Cloud City had chosen sides with the violent undercurrent surging around, but because of the Heavenly Transformation, a commotion was caused on all the six continents.

It swiftly stabilized Heavenly Cloud City situation, and with the support of Blue Cloud Sect, Lin Yuerou had steadily settled into the position of substitute city lord.

The conflict was settled before it had even started. The promise of a citadel's earnings to be given to Li Yunmu was also forgotten.

Regardless of whether it was Li Yunmu or the powers of Heavenly Cloud City, all of them wanted to exert their full strength and play a role in this Continental Battle.

"Yes, but now that my control on Heavenly Cloud City has become firm, I believe I can achieve that. All the powers of Heavenly Cloud City have joined together to push out one contestant. Her name is Lin Min."

Lin Yuerou paused for a moment, then added, "She is a person of our Heavenly Cloud City, her talent and strength isn't bad, and she can be trusted. I hope at the necessary time, you will show some consideration to her."

Li Yunmu nodded, then suddenly asked, "What about Lin Qingyang?"

"Already dead. He died inside the Tower of Glory." Lin Yuerou sighed lightly. "He died because of his own jealousy, believing that he could also clear the twenty-fifth level of the Tower of Glory at that time."

Hearing this, Li Yunmu remained silent. Lin Qingyang had surprisingly died. Apparently, he had secretly ran off to the Tower of Glory to challenge the twenty-fifth level.

What a pity, Heavenly Cloud City's city lord's son had no self-awareness. A person who had built his cultivation using rare resources, how could he think to surpass the twenty-fifth level?

If not for his father, Li Yunmu wouldn't have even looked at him directly.

"I will go. You be careful. This time's Continental Battle is different, be cautious of Divine Religion."

After whispering the last few words into his ear, Lin Yuerou returned back to Blue Cloud Sect.

Li Yunmu paused for a moment, not knowing how to respond to her. He watched her departing figure and suddenly sensed that in the past few months he hadn't seen her, this goddess of Heavenly Cloud City had surprisingly become more powerful.

[Host, given the power emitted by her, she should've entered the Nirvana layer,] the system aptly told him.

Li Yunmu immediately understood the situation. It was no wonder that she could grasp the control of Heavenly Cloud City's general situation now that her strength had increased.

A young female entering Nirvana layer before thirty years of age, being just half a step away from the sage level—this was extremely significant. With the Blue Cloud Sect supporting her as well as the commotion caused by the Heavenly Transformation, it should have allowed her to grasp the control of Heavenly Cloud City.

As the time of the Continental Battle's start drew closer, more and more fluxers and powers from all sides entered the Black Dragon Island.

On this day, the Black Dragon Island became the center of attention of the entire world.

Those who didn't have the qualifications to be present were using online platforms to watch the live broadcast to experience the unprecedentedly majestic act.

In the last few hours, many clans, powers, Flux Sages, and even quasi deities descended on the island.

All the four Barbarian Kings of the Desolate Continent had arrived. Mammoth Barbarian King, Northern Barbarian King, and Tower Barbarian King and Coiling Dragon Barbarian King.

From among the battle sage powerhouses of the Central Continent, three had come: Sword Sect's Sword Sage, Snow Temple's Snow Sage, and Blue Green Temple's Blue Green Sage.

The battle sages of the Northern Continent included Zhongshan family's Zhongshan Sage, Extreme Cloud Villa's Extreme Cloud Sage.

Southern Continent's three Ocean Cities had sent one battle sage each. Enormous Whale City's Enormous Whale Sage, Python City's Golden Python Sage, as well as Wave Moon City's Wave Moon Sage.

Southern Continent's power structure was quite unique. There was a firm conviction in this continent that ruling power and transcending power was the same.

Higher Dimensional Continent wasn't inhabited by ordinary people, but there were many powerful people who lived there. This time, three quasi deities from the three major clans had come. One of whom was Lu Bu's Bu clan.

If the six quasi deities representing the ruling powers of each continent and Battle Sage An Jing were added, then presently there were twenty-seven quasi deities on the Black Dragon Continent.

As for Domain Sages, their numbers surpassed those of Battle Sages. Most of them were masters of clans and other powers of the six continents, with a few scattered rogue Battle Sages.

In this manner, the most powerful people of Earth were gathered together for the first time. Finally, at the auspicious time, this year's Continental Battle officially began