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257 Li Sect Appears Again

Black Dragon Island was present on the border of the Northern Continent and the Holy Spirit Continent. It was roughly 336 kilometers long and 179 kilometers wide.

According to historical records, Black Dragon Island had mysteriously appeared one night after humanity had entered the dark ages. However, no one had been able to find out about its origins.

Many people said that after the Dimensional Shooting Star descended on Earth, the rupturing of the continental plate triggered large changes on the ocean bed, and the island had thus floated up.

Many others said that the legendary Black Dragon Island was a corpse of a gigantic black dragon. There were many stories surrounding its origins, filled with legends and superstitions.

Many explorers had tried to examine it, but none of them returned. After entering the dimensional age after the dark ages, there were many Flux Masters and even Flux Sages, including even some Domain Sages, who had tried to explore the Black Dragon Island.

But… like those before them, they also never returned.

Thereupon, the alliance of the six continents formally declared it as a forbidden place on Earth, which meant that this was an island where humans couldn't go.

Regardless of whether one was an ordinary person or a powerful Flux Sage, once they entered it, they wouldn't return. Even the quasi deity level Battle Sages were unwilling to step foot onto the island.

But today, it had become the center of attention of every person on Earth.

It had actually become the location of this year's Continental Battle.

In a short while, all the media of the six continents crazily rushed toward the island in succession. The online platforms, in the meantime, were filled with numerous confusing and frightening thoughts.

"Are they crazy? I didn't hear wrong, did I? I heard from many reliable sources that this year's Continental Battle's location is Black Dragon Island!"

"Yes, I also didn't dare believe and confirmed it three times. But wasn't this Black Dragon Island the most frightening forbidden island on Earth? According to rumors, even Battle Sages didn't dare to step foot on it casually?"

There are many locations where Battle Sages who are considered quasi deities by the humans didn't dare to enter casually. But all of these terrifying locations were in the Seventh Dimension.

On Earth, the only location where they did not dare venture was this Black Dragon Island. This birthed a lot of rumors and legends, which made sure that the island remained remote and unexplored.

Now though, on the day the Continental Battle was about to begin, the Alliance had declared the island as the battlegrounds. This kind of last-moment revelation shocked many people.

Many were thus doubtful whether they had heard right.

But they hadn't heard wrong, this information was completely authentic. It was soon reported that more and more candidates who had obtained the qualification for this Continental Battle as well as the troops dispatched by the organizations behind them were all hurrying over there.

"I've heard from many sources now. It really is Black Dragon Island. Reportedly, the Alliance just announced that it is removed from the list of forbidden islands."

"Yes, my elder sister is within the upper echelons of Heavenly Nature City's fluxer guild, and she informed me just a moment ago that someone had discovered that the black fog which enveloped the Black Dragon Island throughout the entire year had started to become thinner. By now, many fluxers have already entered it."

"Dang, it really is true. Did the Heavenly Transformation trigger these changes in the Black Dragon Island!"

"There is this possibility."


Li Yunmu, who was also advancing towards the Black Dragon Island, skimmed through the information on the online platforms. The system had also gathered a large amount of data and analyzed it as deeply as possible.

When Li Yunmu looked at it, a shiver passed through his heart.

Perhaps most of this was nonsense and there wasn't any reliable information, only speculations, but maybe, the huge changes on Earth had been triggered by this forbidden island.

No person on Earth was familiar with the Black Dragon Island because it was a place where even Battle Sages didn't dare to set foot. But now, numerous explorers and powers were going crazy over it.

At this time, Li Yunmu was seated in an enormous flying palace which was like an enormous hall which was twelve meters high and seven meters wide!

Its entire body was constructed from gold, so the walls would often flicker with a yellow sheen to them. Occasionally, hints of several seals could be seen flashing on the sides.

Underneath the palace, there were thirty-six four-limbed Ape Gods, each of whom was three meters in height. They were currently supporting the flying palace over the ocean. The thirty-six tamed Ape Gods were all wearing Heavenly Winged Battle Armor, the best developed armor on the Central Continent.

 With that armor on, they were carrying the enormous flying palace over the ocean with great speed. They were moving at a height of several hundred meters and at a speed of 280 km/hr.

Li Yunmu was sitting on the main seat in the flying palace. On his side was an extremely stunning female with a seductive physique, while outside the flying palace, on the platform were their welcomed guests. Near the walls, a group of women and men stood in two rows while holding large swords.

They were the eight shadows: Li Yun, Li Feng, Li De, Li Tian, Li Mei, Li Lan, Li Zhu, and Li Ju.

All of them now had true identities, and those were of the disciples of Li Sect.

There was a small desk placed to the right of Li Yunmu. It was filled with many fruits and wine. On a chair near it, a black-clothed and masked person was sitting.

He remained sitting quietly, not saying anything. But the invisible pressure exuded by him was extremely profound and could cause people's hearts to shake in fear.

Li Yunmu was quite baffled at this time. He didn't know why Battle Sage Vega had adopted such an appearance. Perhaps, he could guess part of the reason behind it, but not all, so he didn't bother himself too much about it.

That's right, the black-clothed person was Battle Sage Vega, and the flying palace had been also arranged by her. Today, this defender goddess of the Central Continent had personally come to escort Li Yunmu.

In her words, she wasn't Battle Sage Vega now but would be acting as the mysterious Li Sect's senior for the time being.

Good God!

This time, even if Li Yunmu hadn't intended to raise the flag of Li Sect, since she was already here, there was nothing he could do about it.

Apart from this, his six followers—Lin Jian, Demon, Barbarian Niu, Nangong Gongzi, Underworld Hand, and Devil Monkey—were riding outside on enormous phoenix dragons, each of which were five to six meters in height.

Six Halted Fluxers divided into two groups of three, one group on the right, the other on the left, were guarding the enormous flying palace moving toward the Black Dragon Island.

As they moved in such a domineering fashion, the squads dispatched by other powers hurrying toward the Black Dragon Island raised their eyebrows one after another!