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246 Surpassed Expectations


In the fluxer badge library, another fluxer badge suddenly broke and shattered.

Regarding this matter, the manager and members responsible for the badges weren't too surprised. These type of matters happened every day.

There was a team of people which was specially created to take record of it.

In the six continents, there were countless fluxers. Around ten thousand of them died every day like it's nobody's business.

The person who went to make a record suddenly cried out in surprise, "Devil, it's Devil's badge that broke!"

The manager wrinkled his brows. "Are you a child or what? Even sage level fluxers perish every day. Why are you creating such a ruckus about one person's death?"

"I'm not. It's just that, sir, Devil, it's Devil who died!" someone from the recording personal exclaimed.

This time, the manager also reacted, crying out in surprise, "What? Devil? Fifth Dimension's second most powerful Halted Fluxer, that Devil?"


"This is not good. It's very important news, I must quickly report it to the superiors."

Devil had died!

From some angles, Devil's death was of even more importance than that of an Ordinary Sage.

It had to do with Devil's place in the world. He was the second most powerful person in the Fifth Dimension. He had also recently crossed the seventieth level of the Tower of Glory which gave him the qualifications to enter the Continental Battle, and he was also one of the Overlords.

The above mentioned titles might have made him an extraordinary character, but they would still fall short in meaning compared to the death of even an Ordinary Sage.

However, he possessed the Azure Dragon Leg Guards.

On Earth, there were five supreme battle suits known to man. Every part of these suits attracted attention from many enormously formidable people. And besides owning such a part, Devil had also died on the eve of the Continental Battle!

The manager of the fluxer library felt that this matter was extremely important.

Could Frontline Heaven's Frontline God have succeeded in obtaining the battlesuit's part?

If Frontline Heaven's Frontline God had indeed obtained it, then this transcending power's master would now be in possession of three parts of the Azure Dragon Deity Suit, which would greatly change Earth's power equilibrium.

Within a split second, the master of the fluxer badge library issued a strict order to conceal the news of Devil's death, and then rushed out.

Since the fluxer association had lost the flux ancestor, this enormous dragon was no longer the same. Even though it was considered to be the most powerful organisation in the history of Earth, it had already rotted to its core. 

The fluxer badge library could know the moment any fluxer died, and other powers weren't blind to how important that kind of information was.

The manager wanted to conceal the information about Devil's death, but little did he know that his department had been infiltrated by all sorts of powers from the six continents since a long time ago.


Soon, on the online network, a big news suddenly spread—Devil had died!

This information flew across the six continents like a typhoon.

For ordinary fluxers and normal people, Devil's death wasn't of much importance. Especially now, in this chaotic period when formidable Flux Disciples were rising one after another. The so called second most powerful Halted Fluxer Devil dying did not surprise them in the least.

However, for those who understood the situation well, this news was equal to an earthquake.

Not long ago, Devil had appeared in the vicinity of a transcending power Frontline Heaven, so many people had been guessing whether Devil now had three parts of the Azure Dragon Deity Suit on his body. Even people like Ye Qing, Lu Bu, Mammoth Barbarian Wuhang, and others had moved because of this probability.

And now, Devil had died?

This was a major shake. This kind of matter happening at such a crucial time was certainly a major earthquake. Devil himself wasn't important, though. All everyone cared about was whether he'd had three parts of the Azure Dragon Deity Suit or one.

And who was it that had finally killed Devil?

It had to be known that Frontline Heaven's Frontline God had been trying to ambush Devil for the past two years to obtain the third part of the Azure Dragon Deity Suit, but hadn't succeeded. So who could have succeeded in killing Devil?

"Frontline God's head butler's trick to use other people to draw out their target was really quite vicious. However, even he mustn't have expected that Devil would really be killed by someone."

When the masters of one of the transcending powers obtained the news that Devil had died, they couldn't refrain from sighing. After all, Frontline God's head butler had used this kind of trick with such suddenness that none of them had managed to react.

Apparently, Devil had never appeared in the vicinity of Frontline Heaven. In fact, he hadn't even appeared in the real world. The news of him doing so that had spread before was actually the scheme of Frontline God. He had rushed to release this false information just before the Continental Battle to create the suspicion that Devil might have come to rely upon him and would now participate in the Continental Battle with three parts of the Azure Dragon Deity Suit.

All of this resulted in Devil's death, once he was ambushed by all sorts of people seeking Azure Dragon Deity Suit parts.

However, when the great characters received the news of Devil having been killed in an ambush, they couldn't believe their ears. Devil was the fastest person in the Fifth Dimension! Not one of such, but actually the fastest.

Also, what most didn't know was that not only was he the fastest, he had also cultivated several ghostly evasion life-saving techniques. With his speed and ghost evasion techniques, as well as his extremely cautious personality, even when being hunted by Frontline Heaven, he had still remained alive.

The person who killed Devil, who was he?

Quickly, the transcending powers obtained some more authentic information—the killer was Li Yunmu! The reason this became a known fact was because the great powers could figure out what happened from the accounts of Chaotian Sect and Lu Bu.

Devil had been killed by Li Yunmu. This was news which far surpassed everyone's expectations, and Li Yunmu, who had been forgotten for many days, finally returned to the limelight.

"My god, this is a major matter."

"In other words, the Azure Dragon Leg Guards have fallen into Li Yunmu's hands?"

"It's possible, but whether it was really Li Yunmu who killed Devil is still unknown. None of those who had been there saw him in the act."

"I heard Li Yunmu had entered the death zone long before others. After fighting with a couple Overlord level characters, he was the last person to remain inside."

"What a pity. This time Li Yunmu had courted unnecessary trouble. Haha, I think he initially went to get the three parts of the Azure Dragon Deity Suit and had racked his brains trying to kill Devil only to provoke Frontline God. At this moment, he must be worried to death, having just become an enemy of a transcending power."

"What would he worry about? Can't he take the initiative to gift the Azure Dragon Leg Guards to Frontline God and earn the friendship of a transcending power's master?"

"This younger sister doesn't understand. The minds of the formidable people are unfathomable, and you greatly underestimate the lure of the five supreme battlesuits."

At this moment, many people were heatedly discussing Devil's death, but from beginning to end, none of them said that Li Yunmu had reaped great harvest this time. All of them believed that he had just courted disaster.

However, no one even considered that Li Yunmu might possess not only the Azure Dragon Leg Guards he had obtained from Devil but also two additional parts of the Azure Dragon Supreme Battlesuit.

This was too preposterous to even consider, and even the head butler of Frontline God couldn't gain this information anywhere. The only person who knew was Battle Sage Vega.

"This Li Yunmu is a little bit surprising. I didn't believe he had a chance at first, but now I'm starting to get more and more interested in his future."

When Battle Sage Vega heard about this matter in her temple, she was also slightly startled.

The reason why she had tried to find Li Yunmu was simply because Zhan Wuya couldn't be sent out so she had to prepare many other substitutes to represent the Central Continent. However, the rate at which Li Yunmu was maturing and gained accomplishments had surpassed her expectations.

"Yes, His Lordship Azure Dragon resembles Her Ladyship in terms of good fortune." The female commander Zhang Wei who stood at the sage's side laughed faintly.