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245 The Combined Punch of a Human and Eight Shadows

After being upgraded to the third level, the system had gained three new abilities.

First ability was the replication of dimensional items. However, it could only replicate dimensional items since the intrinsic nature of dimensional products lay somewhere between material and energy form. This is also the reason why all such items could be taken into the Virtual Dimension.

After testing the ability, Li Yunmu discovered that if he replicated a transcending sage weapon like Void Disk, he would need at least nine thousand space elements, and the copy would exist only for a day.

During that day, if he used the replicated item, its effects would be like the original Void Disk's—it would break all shackles and restrictions. But it could only used one time, if it was used more than once, it would immediately disappear.

Thus, if Li Yunmu wanted to successfully cheat Chaotian Sect, he would need at least twenty thousand space elements. It was important that the replicated product would last for at least two days and could be used twice so that if the enemy tested it once, its secret wouldn't be exposed.

Fortunately, after hacking for the past couple days, Li Yunmu had accumulated a large number of space elements. It actually reached an unprecedented amount.

The second ability gained by the system allowed shadows to appear as humans.

He only needed to throw in some space elements, and the eight shadows would take human form, which would allow them to walk openly on earth.

This kind of thing satisfied Li Yunmu quite a lot. It would remove a major headache for him and Li Yun, Li Feng, Li De, Li Tian, Li Mei, Li Lan, Li Zhu, Li Ju, since they could now easily transform into their avatars established in the dimensional battlefield.

The final ability was the previously mentioned ability to create cultivation relaying globes. After reaching the fourth level, the cultivation relaying globes created by the system became even more perfect.

After the people of Chaotian Sect retreated, Li Yunmu concealed his presence once again and continued to guard the death zone's entrance.

Until he got his hands on a part of the Azure Dragon Deity Suit, he couldn't lower his guard.

In the depths of the death zone, Li Qinghong, Underworld Hand, Devil Monkey, and the others had used half a day to lay down numerous layers of traps, creating a dragnet in the surroundings of the cliff.

This was Devil's main nest, so they had to make all sorts of traps and warning systems to make sure that there were no flaws in their plans. Since the other party possessed the Azure Dragon Leg Guards, his speed could be considered as the highest in the Fifth Dimension. They couldn't be the least bit careless in their mission to ambush Devil.

Lin Jian and the others created an inescapable net along the route which had to be taken to reach this place. Now they only needed to wait for the main character to show up.

This wait lasted for a whole day. Morning slowly passed by, followed by noon, and even the zombies in this area didn't stir during this time.

But Devil still didn't appear. Finally, very late at night, a black human figure, appeared in front of Li Qinghong and the others who were ready with all sorts of methods to hunt down their target.

Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang!

Instantly, the seven followers activated the Dark Flux Eight Spell Banner.

The human figure became greatly alarmed after accidentally entering the spell. Soon though, Devil displayed his astonishing speed. One instant he was still underneath the cliff, but the next, he had already covered a distance of three hundred meters, reaching the edge of the deadly spell.

He launched a heavy kick which ruthlessly struck the spell's cover.

Under the attack of his explosive kick, the cover rippled, instantly showing signs of breaking.

"Not good, he is using the power of the Azure Dragon Leg Guards, that kick sure was powerful."

However, Devil was forced to pull back his next kick because the killing spell had completely activated by then. In an instant, he lost all his senses. He no longer knew that he was running around in circles in the several hundred meter area of the spell and nothing more.

"Flame Devil, attack."

Barbarian Niu had obtained the earth fire dark flux energy from the King's True Territory, so he was in control of the heat flag. Swiftly, he activated it, and one, two, five, eight fire devils took shape. Each of them was five meter tall, and they immediately attacked Devil, who had been caught up by the heat region.

"Fire Ropes, coil around him."

"Fire Dragon descend from heaven."

"Fire Eruption."

"Fire Prison."

Because of the amplification provided by the Dark Flux Eight Spell Banner, the earth fire energy released by Barbarian Niu was absolutely terrifying. He could now use all types of deadly earth fire spells with ease.

In simple words, he was equivalent to a half step Flux Master at this moment. Given the large amount of earth fire energy under his control, he wasn't inferior to a half step Flux Master, apart from the fact that his strength hadn't surpassed the limit of the Fifth Dimension.

"Heaven Blade Spell, Heavenly Blade, Heavenly Demon Descend."

At this time, Blade Overlord Lin Jian unleashed his blade intent fiend energy and congealed numerous powerful blade intent fiends which attacked Devil in the killing spell.

Regardless of which direction he went in, there were powerful attacks waiting for him once he approached that area.

When Nangong Gongzi saw this from outside, he was extremely startled. This was Dark Flux Eight Spell Banner. Although the eight flag killing spell was incomplete, the majestic second-most-powerful Halted Fluxer Devil didn't seem to be able to hold on for much longer within it. Even his Azure Dragons Leg Guards weren't helping him in his predicament.

Regardless of where he went, endless attacks met him there.

Devil is finished, Nangong Gongzi thought. For the first time, he had seen the terror of the Dark Flux Eight Spell Banner.

Li Qinghong and the others had unleashed the killing spell once Devil had entered its area. However, at that moment, Li Yunmu suddenly sensed something and stood up.

He looked downwards and said to himself, "Impressive Ghostly Image Substitution Evasion Technique. I knew Nangong Gongzi wasn't being completely honest."

At this moment, the two devil kings were guarding the only entrance to the death zone.

"Ha ha, Li Yunmu, that time at the Moro Mountain Tenebrous Hidden Domain, I hadn't provoked you, but you still came to ambush me. Good, good!"

This extremely sinister sounding voice which could scare anyone came from the pitch black ground underneath. Its owner really deserved to be called Devil by the common folk. His voice clearly resembled that of a devil and was unlike that of people or ghosts.

"There isn't any right or wrong, neither that time nor today. Everything is only based on strength." Li Yunmu sneered, "If I didn't have enough strength to frighten you that time, then you would've attacked me long ago. Now hand over your part of the Azure Dragon Deity Suit."

Li Yunmu didn't talk anymore nonsense. His expression became ruthless, as if he could see through the space and was looking directly into Devil's eyes.

"Hmph, just you alone? Even Li Qinghong and her group couldn't capture me, so you won't stand a chance, either," Devil answered, his voice still coming from somewhere far off.

Soon though, a dark line suddenly appeared on the pitch black ground underneath. This dark line was moving extremely fast, resembling a ray of light. When it started moving, it covered half a kilometer in an instant, and soon passed the two devil kings defending the death zone's entrance.

Devil had spoken correctly. Since he possessed the Azure Dragon Leg Guards, as long as he wasn't caught in a spell formation, Li Qinghong and the others couldn't catch up to him, and neither could Li Yunmu.

Although he hadn't expected that Li Yunmu would have concealed his strength so deeply that he could surprise everyone and defend the only entrance to the death zone, it didn't matter much. Since Devil hadn't been caught by the killing spell, the outcome of this ambush had already been decided.

Although Nangong Gongzi had indeed betrayed Devil's nest, he had also used some unknown method to secretly reveal Li Yunmu's followers' plans.

Devil had drawn support from the darkness and unleashed Ghostly Image Substitution Evasion Technique and escaped this calamity. Right then, Li Yunmu alone wouldn't be able to stop him.

However, he was mistaken about this. Although he was the fastest person in the Fifth Dimension, and had even already passed the two devil kings guarding the entrance, he couldn't leave the restraints of a treasure.

At the entrance of the death zone, an enormous heavenly disk suddenly tore through the black ground and rose into the air.

"Void Disk?"


Void Disk which had just risen from the ground made a rotation in the air, and Devil felt as if a pressure came crashing down upon him from all sides. He cried out in pain

He then turned back into the dark line using the Ghost Evasion Technique, but it was forcibly blocked from moving ahead by the restriction in the air. Still, Devil persevered with the technique, though alarm appeared on his face.

"You idiots don't understand what a transcending sage tool represents. Since Void Disk can break through all restrictions, naturally it is also capable of restricting everything!"

Li Yunmu's voice seemed to be coming closer as it echoed in Devil's ears. However, he only felt the restrictions placed on his body. Suddenly, a destructive power landed on his body, destroying it and his consciousness sea.

This power was quite formidable. It contained numerous crazily destructive dark flux energies as well as an extremely pure and enormous flux energy. It also had a terrifying world power and an irresistible power of the flesh.

"Very powerful, this punch, no, these nine punches combined into one. This one punch surpasses the limits of the Fifth Dimension. Can this attack still be called an attack by a human? It's even more terrifying than what Xiye Hanbei can do, how could that be…"

These were the last thoughts in Devil's mind.