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244 Swindling Chaotian Sec

"Our Chaotian Sect had an internal meeting over this matter. As long as you hand over the Refining Pagoda to us, we will definitely leave you be. In fact, we are even willing to make an exception and allow you and your followers to enter Chaotian Sect and become sixth peak's elite. Furthermore, Li Yunmu, my family's ancestor has decided to make an exception and accept you as his successor disciple. This position would be second only to my own."

Ye Qing put forth all the conditions with a smile. In his opinion, since Chaotian Sect was giving in like this, it was the greatest proof of their sincerity.

Li Yunmu was just a trifling Flux Disciple. If word that a big sect like Chaotian Sect had made great promises and assurances to someone like him came out, it would certainly shake all six continents.

Even Ye Qing himself was a little bit envious of such consideration shown to an outsider.

But there was nothing he could do. Chaotian Sect lacked a transcending sage treasure now, and there wasn't much time until the Heavenly Transformation arrived. 

Li Yunmu had rushed to obtain the Refining Pagoda's pagoda spirit, which was something Chaotian Sect needed desperately. Otherwise, how could the group of sage level characters within the sect be willing to compromise with a mere flux disciple?

When Li Yunmu heard the benefits offered by the other party, he was left astonished. What the f*ck are these sufficiently large benefits?

It was true that for other fluxers stepping into a huge boat called Chaotian Sect and becoming the successor disciple of their ancestor would be a dream they could never reach, but for Li Yunmu it was completely worthless. He had the system, so the kind of benefits Chaotian Sect offered were the ones he least cared about.

With such an offer, how could he be willing to kneel down and become a lackey of Chaotian Sect?

"How about it? As long as you agree to it, our Chaotian Sect will make the proclamation to the whole world that this time I, Ye Qing, had personally come to show sincerity and make a friend of an enemy. From now on, you would be Chaotian Sect's core member and could move freely in the whole world," Ye Qing said, continuing to try and tempt him.

"There's nothing to it. I refuse, but you can fulfill a different request," Li Yunmu said indifferently. He had taken his personal strength and calculated how likely he was to kill this group from Chaotian Sect here, and he didn't like his chances.

The presence of the two mysterious people by Ye Qing's side forced him to dispel any thoughts of attacking.

Difficult, too difficult.

Ye Qing was the second great grandson of the sect ancestor who cared about him the most. He would certainly have many life-saving tricks up his sleeve, and based on the power Li Yunmu could sense from the two people by his side, he definitely had no certainty in being able to kill Ye Qing.

"Another request?"

Ye Qing was startled. He hadn't expected that this person would refuse Chaotian Sect's kind intentions.

"That's right, for example, your Chaotian Sect could hand over its two parts of Refining Pagoda to me," Li Yunmu said with a faint smile.

"Don't even dream of it. Li Yunmu, you're refusing to raise a toast only to drink in defeat."

Ye qing was sure enough the third generation descending from a sage. Once his request wasn't accepted, he couldn't tolerate it and immediately threatened the other party.

"Ohh! So, does that attitude of yours mean that you don't fancy my Void Disk?" Li Yunmu asked, revealing the true meaning of his words.

"Void Disk? You mean you want to use Void Disk to exchange for two parts of Refining Pagoda?"

Instantly, Ye Qing's breath became unsteady, and excitement appeared in his eyes.

Chaotian Sect lacked a transcending sage tool, whether it was Refining Pagoda or Void Disk didn't matter at all. All they cared about was obtaining one more transcending sage tool before the day of Heavenly Transformation.

"That's right. I have some interest in Refining Pagoda. If your Chaotian Sect wants to show your sincerity, then you can make a trade with me. But you'll have to add something extra since my Void Disk is a complete transcending sage tool."

"Good. I will first return to the sect to report this matter. In two days, you will have an answer."

Ye Qing hesitated for a long time, but finally agreed. He immediately left with the people of Chaotian Sect and rushed back to the sect.

Ye Qing and his group hurriedly rushed out of the death zone. After they came out, one of the five female elites who wasn't willing to accept such a trade said, "Young Master, this person thinks our Chaotian Sect is foolish. Although Void Disk is also a transcending sage tool like Refining Pagoda, Refining Pagoda's effect in battle is far more valuable than that of Void Disk."

"Shut up. I will report this matter to the sect. As for whether they decide to trade or not, it's not something you'll have a say in."

At this moment, Ye Qing couldn't care less about what the female elites were thinking. At this moment, he only wished he could fly back to the sect and report this matter.

Refining Pagoda could only be obtained after crossing the seventieth level of the Tower of Glory and far surpassed Void Disk, which could be used to break restrictions, in value. However, Chaotian Sect only required a sixth transcending sage tool and didn't care for it to be a specific one. Since the women by Ye Qing's side were foreordained to be his furnaces, how could they have learned about the most important secret of Chaotian Sect?

Li Yunmu apparently didn't wish to be Chaotian Sect's enemy. Given his actions, it was clear that he wanted to ease the tensions between the two of them.


When Li Yunmu heard that the powers outside had retreated, he relaxed. He had prepared all sorts of methods to ambush the other powers, but it didn't seem like there was going to be any need for it anymore.

Naturally, a hint of regret also rose in his heart. Since all the powers had withdrawn, that meant that Devil only had one part of the Azure Dragon Deity Suit.

If Li Yunmu wanted to gather the entire suit, he would still have to confront Frontline God, this mountain which couldn't be climbed.

However, Li Yunmu only needed to move step by step. Even if it was only one item, he had to get his hands on it. As long as he had three parts of the Azure Dragon Deity Suit, on the eve of the Heavenly Transformation, he would have sufficient capital to protect himself.

"System, what do you think, will Chaotian Sect be fooled and really take out the two parts of Refining Pagoda to trade with us?"

[If it had been normal times, then the probability of the group of crafty old men at Chaotian Sect being fooled would be extremely low. However, the times are chaotic now, which makes it difficult to say. There is a fifty-fifty chance.]

The system also found it hard to predict anything.

The heart of a person is unfathomable. The direction taken by an upper tier sect was determined by the decisions of many people. At this moment, Li Yunmu's only hope was that Chaotian Sect would be desperate enough to obtain the sixth transcending tool that it would agree to trade away the two parts of Refining Pagoda.

The arrival of the Heavenly Transformation was imminent, so there wasn't much time left for Chaotian Sect to consider this issue. When pressed on time, its chances of making a mistake would increase.

After the system's comprehensive assessment, it had surprisingly given Li Yunmu's plan a 50% chance of success, which made him extremely excited. In fact, the utility of Refining Pagoda for him was far higher than that of Void Disk.

If he could obtain the two parts of Refining Pagoda from Chaotian Sect, then that would naturally serve as an enormous foundation for him.

As for using Void Disk for the trade? There wasn't any need to even think about it. How could Li Yunmu give away something which would help his enemy become even more powerful?

"Could manufacturing a phony Void Disk help us in fooling them?"

The answer to this question was not known to Li Yunmu because he hadn't asked it yet.

When the system had been upgraded to the fourth level, three new abilities had appeared. Among them, one was for duplication of dimensional items. As long as he had the right amount of space elements, he could duplicate any dimensional item, but the requirements were extremely harsh.

Even with the space elements accumulated by Li Yunmu during these days, a duplicated transcending sage tool could only be effective for a single day. However, as long as Chaotian Sect was fooled, even if only for one day, the complete Refining Pagoda would end up in his hands.