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"I really hadn't expected Devil's nest to be in such a place."

Li Qinghong surveyed the surroundings of the death zone while walking forward. When she stepped on a dried bone, her multicolored greaves crushed it to dust.

As the rumors had said, the aura of death in this region was thick, and it made her uncomfortable.

"If Nangong wasn't leading the way, we probably would've already gotten lost," Underworld Hand said with a sigh.

Death zones had attracted many powers at first. They would come and probe, looking for something, but once they discovered that apart from losing manpower, they learned no secrets or found no remnants, they gradually forgot about them.

No one was willing to come to an extremely dangerous death zone where they wouldn't gain anything.

"Are you certain that Devil is staying here now?" Lin Jian asked solemnly.

There were only three days left until the Continental Battle. And since the task to hunt Devil had been entrusted to them by Li Yunmu, they had to treat it with utmost importance.

"I'm 90% certain. Once it became known that he had entered Frontline Heaven, a target was painted on his back. At this moment, he can only hole up here and wait for the Continental Battle. Besides here, no other place could keep him safe."

Nangong Gongzi and Devil were neither friends nor enemies. Being the second and third most powerful Halted Fluxers, they had formed a strategic alliance and nothing more.

Devil naturally hadn't revealed this place to Nangong Gongzi. Yet since the two of them had to meet up from time to time to exchange information, Nangong Gongzi had come to believe that this was his hiding place.

This was the reason why Li Qinghong and the others had chosen to surround and capture Nangong Gongzi. Once they found him, it was extremely likely that they would find Devil's tracks as well.

"Then let's go. Let's move out early to avoid any accidents," Underworld Hand said cautiously. He had come together with Flowing Cloud and Devil Monkey to join the ambush on Devil.

Because of lack of time as well as limited resources, they couldn't discard their cultivation and re-cultivate for the time being. However, their strength had still increased by a lot during this period.

This was because they had received a drop of divine blood to nurture their bodies. Flowing Cloud had also produced sungod flame energy after her cultivation of Great Sun Secret Technique had been destroyed with the help of Li Yunmu's sun. Because of it, her strength had reached its former state. In fact, after being refined by the sun, her sungod flame energy had become even purer.

Among the seven followers of Li Yunmu, not one could be said to be weak. If Nangong Gongzi was included, the person with the weakest combat strength would be Devil Monkey.

Despite that, his strength could still be said to be much more formidable compared to that of ordinary elite rainbow crystal fluxers.

The forbidden area may be an area of death for others, but for this group, half of whose members had entered the Overlord class, it could only be said to be a dangerous region. Their only fear right now was that after the information about Devil appearing in Frontline Heaven might spread outside and many others would hatch plans that were similar to theirs.

It was extremely probable that Devil had asked help from Frontline God and received two Azure Dragon Deity Suit's parts for a time so he could rise his chances when fighting in the Continental Battle.

In other words, it was highly probable that Devil was in possession of three parts of the Azure Dragon Deity Suit, which would definitely attract many powers.

At a piece of land not too far away from the group, ruined skeletons began to push out of the ground after having sensed the presence of the living.

At the beginning, they weren't worth much attention. But gradually, as time passed, the group discovered that in the boundless land around them, increasingly more and more skeletons kept appearing. They formed a densely packed crowd which surrounded the eight of them.

There were human skeletons as well as those of evolved beasts, but even more were of all sorts of dimensional beasts, some human-shaped and some extremely vicious looking. These nasty dead things had all been nourished by the death aura of this forbidden region and had gradually transformed into extremely vicious and dangerous zombies.

"Run, advance toward the depths of this region. These zombies are extremely formidable. We cannot stay at the same place for long, for if we get entangled with a large number of them, we'll certainly die," Nangong Gongzi urged everyone.

After his words, the group quickly advanced forward, killing all the obstacles in their path. Every person went on a killing spree in the sea of zombies to create a path to enter the abyss.

After a day and a night passed, under Nangong Gongzi's instructions, the group finally arrived at a valley. The eight of them raised their heads at the same time and saw a cave at the precipice of the valley.

This cave was Devil's hiding place.

"He really made good use of the Azure Dragon Leg Guards. If Devil didn't possess the suit's part which increased his speed to an extraordinary level, then entering this death zone would have ended in a disaster for him."

"Yes, that's true. No one would think that Devil might be hiding here."

Underworld Hand and the others frowned while surveying the surroundings of the mountain.

"It is highly probable that he is in possession of three parts of the Azure Dragon Deity Suit. How do you plan to deal with him? If it's just by relying on your strength, then I'm afraid that you won't be able to stop him. It's even quite likely that three of you will die here," Nangong Gongzi said faintly.

Devil's strength was a line higher compared to Nangong Gongzi's, while the most powerful person Xiye Hanbei was a grade higher than Devil and Nangong Gongzi.

Although the disparity between the second and third powers wasn't that high, a line's worth of difference still existed. And right now, if Devil had obtained two extra parts of Azure Dragon Deity Suit, he would be even more powerful.

Nangong Gongzi really couldn't understand why Li Yunmu hadn't come himself to deal with a matter of such importance but had the confidence that Li Qinghong and the others could deal with it. Was he still underestimating the might of Azure Dragon Deity Suit?

Soon, though, his thoughts changed. It was when Underworld Hand and the others took out a certain item.

"Dark Flux Eight Spell Banner!"

Nangong Gongzi sucked in a deep breath.

He was naturally aware of this extremely deadly spell in the exchange list of seventieth level of the Tower of Glory. He just hadn't expected that not only would Li Yunmu snatch the Refining Pagoda from the hands of Chaotian Sect, but also have surplus tower badges to exchange for this deadly spell.

Truly, what a monster!

At this moment, Nangong Gongzi had a growing sensation that Li Yunmu couldn't be measured by normal standards. A month ago at Moro Mountain Tenebrous Hidden Domain, he had gotten an idea about Li Yunmu's strength when he saw him fight with the six elites of Chaotian Sect.

However, just after a month, Li Yunmu made him—formerly the third most powerful Halted Fluxer—feel that he wouldn't be able to fight back in the slightest when faced with him, let alone ambush and kill him. 

Devil, oh Devil. On that day, I suggested that you and I join hands to kill this Li Yunmu there and then, but you missed the opportunity because of your cautious nature. Now, you can only regret your past decision.

Nangong Gongzi did not speak up.

With Underworld Hand and the others moving quickly, the Dark Flux Eight Spell Banner was arranged in no time. Everyone took their respective positions and began to wait for Devil to show himself. 

At this moment, at the boundary of the death zone which no one had been willing to enter for a long time, two people suddenly appeared.

"This is the seventh forbidden zone. All ten of them in the Fifth Dimension are shrouded by a strange power. Since Divine Religion was unable to find Devil's location, apart from the natural energy covering these forbidden zones, I couldn't think of any other place in the Fifth Dimension which could accomplish such a feat. "

Once these two males stepped into the death zone, they narrowed their eyes and looked at each other. Both of them could see a hint of astonishment in the eyes of the other.

"He's here, all right. My intuition is telling me that Devil is hiding in this death zone," Xiye Hanbei said, smiling faintly.

"You're not mistaken. Since both of our intuitions are telling us the same thing, then he is certainly here. Three parts of the Azure Dragon Deity Suit... Ahh, as long as I Ge Ya obtain them, I won't have to fear anyone."