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There were very few armors of this kind in existence, but Li Yunmu had already gifted two of them to Li Qinghong and Lin Jian to merge with their crystal armor.

Right then, since he had started focusing on nurturing Barbarian Niu and Demon as well, he decided to gift them the armor, too. Naturally, it wasn't that they couldn't do without it, but this was the time for them to lay their foundation. The stronger would continue to get stronger, getting farther and farther away from the weak—this was an established rationale.

The dimensional armor he gifted to Barbarian Niu was the one he had originally prepared for himself. It was called Hell Barbarian Rhinoceros Armor and had been congealed from the corpse of a sixth dimensional beast Hell Barbarian Rhinoceros which possessed formidable brute force and defense.

Li Qinghong's Rainbow Bird Armor's focus was mainly on agility with defense coming in second, while Lin Jian's Nine Phantom Fierce Tiger Armor went solely for explosive power.

Unlike those, Hell Barbarian Rhinoceros Armor, which came from the Sixth Dimension, focused on endless brute force and defense. If the previous two armors were classified as fifth dimensional treasure weapons, then this Hell Barbarian Rhinoceros Armor was considered as temporal grade armor from the Sixth Dimension.

It was certainly more formidable compared to the previous two, so it was clear how much Li Yunmu valued Barbarian Niu. The increase in his strength recently was too abnormal. His power and defense were equally terrifying, and if he merged with the Hell Barbarian Rhinoceros Armor, his strength would go up by another notch.

In the list of the thirty Overlords, Li Yunmu was certain that this person would enter the top ten.

He then gave a fifth dimensional armor known as Abyss Tortoise Spirit Armor to Demon. This armor focused on defense while its secondary trait was its improvement in the wearer's five senses and reaction power.

Once Demon merged it with his crystal armor, his ability to survive would increase greatly.

"In the battle against Devil, I won't fight. Everything will be up to you four. If the lot of you can't finish this assignment, then feel no need to return to my side."

In the end, Li Yunmu gave his four followers the task of ambushing and killing Devil and temporarily separated from them. He was certain that his group's current level of strength was sufficient to deal with Devil, even if he possessed three Azure Dragon Deity Suit items.

Li Yunmu hadn't spent so much time and energy on nurturing his group just to produce some ninnies; he wanted some capable generals who could take responsibility.

Besides, the strength of these four people was more than great enough for this task.

"Don't worry, master. We will certainly finish this task before the start of the Continental Battle," the four sonorously replied, their voices full of vigor.

Li Yunmu then went away by himself, leaving behind Li Qinghong and the other three.

Once he was gone, a terrifying aura burst forth from the four people. They had been considered as powers to be weary of in the Fifth Dimension since a long time ago, but now they had become even more formidable.

In front of Li Yunmu, they couldn't act out as they were his followers, but once he was out of their sight everything changed.

Among the four of them, Li Qinghong was still considered as the most influential. This formidable woman looked at the other three and said, "This is master's first test for us. There are only ten days till the Continental Battle, so we must obtain the Azure Dragon Deity Suit parts at any cost in that timeframe.

"We'll operate individually at first and use our private resources to find the most probable location where Devil might appear. After three days, we will gather here again."

The four of them left right away. They had been suppressing their cultivation due to being halted in the Fifth Dimension for a long time, so naturally all of them had their own methods to conceal their strength, which they used at this moment.


While Li Yunmu and his group were secretly planning to ambush and kill Devil, others were plotting to kill all Unhindered Fluxers one by one.

Especially Devil, Ji Wuxin, and Li Yunmu, these three who had recently revealed their whereabouts and appeared on Earth. Such actions on their part caught many powers' attention.

All of the Unhindered Fluxers had become hunting targets, but these three Overlord level characters had instantly attracted twice as many berserk killers to come and attack them.

Temporal Flux Masters, Nirvana Flux Masters, and even some Flux Sages had already began to hurry toward the territory of Bladewood in the Higher Dimensional Continent. Based on that, Ji Wuxin was probably their first target.

However, after several days of searching, the hunters had to leave in disappointment. Regardless of whether it was Li Yunmu, Devil, or even Ji Wuxin, none of them appeared again in the real world.

At this moment, Li Qinghong and the other three followers were monitoring the movements of one particular person.

In the Profound Devil Valley, a male figure adorning black clothes could be seen rapidly advancing through the huge valley. He was using extremely nimble maneuvers to travel over the uneven terrain.

It was Nangong Gongzi, the person ranked third on the list of Halted Fluxers. By then, he had lost his calmness from before and was fleeing to save his life.

During the last couple days, he had felt someone's eyes on him. It gave him a feeling of danger that he hadn't felt in a long time, and his heart couldn't help trembling. He had never faced such a situation in the Fifth Dimension.

After all, people who could scare him to this extent weren't high in number here.

He had never put the new star flux disciples who had cleared the seventieth recently or proud children of heavens in his eyes. Although he wasn't able to reach the seventieth level, he was extremely clear that it didn't mean that he was any weaker than those Unhindered Fluxers who had crossed it.

Everyone knew that the majority of those people who had recently cleared the seventieth level had done so not by relying on their own strength.

"Who are you? Xiye Hanbei is recuperating from serious injuries and truly formidable people like Man Tian or Zhan Wuya are making their final preparations for the Continental Battle, so who are you to make me feel threatened this badly."

Being a survivor as well as someone who had reached his position, Nangong Gongzi's sense of danger was quite strong. In just several days, he had already crossed several frontline camps.

But the feeling of fear within him hadn't diminished in the least. If being truthful, it had actually grown strong.

He quickly hardened his heart and doubled his speed to rush through the Profound Devil Valley even more quickly. All the high level dimensional beasts which he encountered along the way, including golden crystal layer beasts, couldn't make him pause for a moment.

As this famed Gongzi Fan streaked through the land, enormous corpses began to fall to the ground, forming a river of blood, but he didn't dare to stop to collect the crystals. The sensation of danger in his heart was becoming more and more intense.

Suddenly, it seemed to break through the critical point and attain the peak. His body trembled suddenly, and he subconsciously stopped, raising his head to look in front of himself.

On top of a rock, two kilometers ahead of him, the figure of a female fluxer had appeared at some unknown time.

This female fluxer was wearing a multicolored battle armor and adorned a multicolored battle helmet on her head. In one hand, she held a five-clawed spear filled with dragon scales. At the back of her skirt armor piece were five crystal feathers that hadn't yet been pulled back, allowing her to hover in the air.

"It's you! And dimensional armor!"

Nangong Gongzi's pupils shrank. He recognized this female wearing Rainbow Bird Armor and even more clearly recognized the fifth dimensional armor faintly emitting the threatening sensation.

Not many people within the Fifth Dimension possessed some higher dimension's armor, so how could he have expected it? It was out of his considerations that someone like her might chase after him, then reappear right in front of him, suppressing him with ease.

"Nangong, long time no see."

Although the two of them were two kilometers apart, Li Qinghong's voice still passed through the distance and entered his ears.

"Li Yunmu, good, good, Li Yunmu. He's already matured by now, but how could a mere follower be able to suppress me to this extent?" Nangong Gongzi lamented in a calm voice.

Even though Li Qinghong was originally ranked at the seventh position among the Halted Fluxers, Nangong Gongzi had never underestimated her. He was one of the few who knew that she possessed sungod bird's undying sage blood, and she also had a powerful heart. She had been very formidable from the start.

Many Halted Fluxers knew that she was bound to enter the sage layer in the future—it was akin to common knowledge. Strangely enough, though, Nangong Gongzi felt that the current Li Qinghong had become even more formidable compared to her past self, even though she was just standing still in her battle armor.

"You can't run so don't bother to struggle. I only want to enquire about someone's whereabouts," Li Qinghong finally said.

"Haha. You chased me only to enquire about a person, don't tell me you're also after Devil?" Nangong Gongzi faintly laughed and suddenly battle intent burst forth from his body. "If you want to know Devil's whereabouts, then catch me first."

He hadn't seen Li Qinghong for many days now. Although he felt pressure from her, he was still the third most formidable fluxer. He didn't believe that Li Qinghong could catch up to him.

However, right away, he felt a powerful presence on his right.

Demon had been waiting around for a long time. His appearance fitted perfectly with his nickname - a terrifying demon coming out from the darkness while emitting a faint but savage demonic presence.

"You won't be able to run, Nangong."

At this time, Lin Jian slowly walked toward him from the left side. He was carrying the heavenly blade on his back within a wooden sword box, but a profound blade intent was being emitted from his body, faintly enveloping Nangong Gongzi.

The Halted Fluxer's heart leaped to his mouth. In the short time these three had been gone from everyone's prying eyes, they had become extremely formidable, especially this Blade Overlord. That faint blade intent enveloping Nangong made him feel as if the heavenly blade was poised to stab him.

Formidable blade intent, Blade Overlord already reached this stage? Moreover, he and the others are just Li Yunmu's followers?

Such formidable followers!

"Haha, I'm also here. Senior Brother Nangong, I've been thinking about you. Long time no see." At this time, Barbarian Niu, who had become several times more powerful than before, slowly walked out from the back.

"Barbarian Niu? You-you were the one chasing me from the start with such a frightful presence! How could that have been you?"

Nangong Gongzi felt as if the whole world had been turned upside down.

Previously, he had been good friends with Barbarian Niu. They had considered themselves to be friends destined to be always by each other's side, so he knew well the other's strength. Barbarian Niu was only ranked at the seventeenth place among the Halted Fluxers, and compared to that, he now seemed like a different person.

At this time, Blade Overlord who understood Nangong Gongzi the best said with a sigh, "If you're still thinking of leaving with your life and getting your revenge, then tell us Devil's whereabouts."