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235 Overlord Level Followers

"We should wait for him to return to the Fifth Dimension before making our move."

A hint of fierceness appeared in Li Yunmu's eyes.

What Frontline Heaven, no obstacle could stand between him and Azure Dragon Deity Suit. After all, in this whole world, only five such suits were known to exist.

No one would miss this type of opportunity. Because of this, they prepared to wait for the right time to ambush Devil. It was only natural that Li Yunmu and his followers wanted to strike only when they'd be sure of success.

After revealing his presence on the Northern Continent, Li Yunmu quickly led his followers back into the Fifth Dimension without allowing anyone else to find out about their whereabouts.

At this time, he had four followers by his side Li Qinghong, Lin Jian, Barbarian Niu, and Demon. However, the presence emitted by the four of them had changed completely. Although they had been considered as extremely formidable existences before, they now appeared to have become even more terrifying.

Their presence didn't lose to Li Yunmu himself!

That's right, if he didn't use the eight shadows, then Li Qinghong and the others would definitely be even more terrifying than Li Yunmu.

During the last month, the four people of them had succeeded in re-cultivating after discarding their cultivations. They had congealed their crystal armor again, and this time it was the eight rainbow light devil king crystal armor which was only a step inferior to Li Yunmu's twelve rainbow light king crystal armor.

Moreover, because the number of eight rainbow light devil kings whom they had killed far exceeded the number of twelve rainbow light kings, they had not only congealed their armor but also strengthened it. In fact, they had even accumulated enough crystals to bring out the eight rainbow light of their crystal armor.

Once those eight rainbow lights began to shine, there was no longer any question who was more formidable. Li Yunmu, who hadn't congealed even a single rainbow light, couldn't compare to them in any of the fields like endurance, flux light cover protection, or flux energy eruption.

This was the true benefit of breaking the cauldrons and sinking the boats when they had discarded their cultivation and re-cultivated.

If a single line was used to describe them, then these four people who had congealed devil king armor as well as eight rainbow lights were actually equivalent to ordinary eight rainbow light devil king bosses. But one had to keep in mind that hey also possessed humanity's innate talent and wisdom as well as had grasped a lot of high level battle skills and secret techniques which made even more of devil kings than the genuine eight rainbow light devil kings.

If these four people could at most challenge an ordinary four rainbow light phantom king before, then right now they were capable of challenging a twelve rainbow light king. Of course, this was a normal light king, not one transformed by divine blood.

This difference wasn't an ordinary one.

Li Yunmu had also provided each of them with a drop of divine blood which they could merge with their body-refining techniques to increase their strength by another notch. Although their body-refining techniques were far inferior to Li Yunmu's Great Sun Tyrant Body Muscle Marrow Secrets, after each of them merged with a drop of divine blood, the strength of their flesh had still increased many times over.

When Li Qinghong's devil king armor was successively strengthened five times, she took the same path as Li Yunmu. She strengthened the heart region, so when her explosive strength merged with her body which had been nurtured by the undying sage blood, the power of her offense reached an extremely frightening level.

She also improved her Frightful Imperial Spear's Killing Technique, which joined with her explosive power made sure that she was the most powerful among the group in terms of strength.

If Li Yunmu didn't use his shadows in battle, then even if he used the World Killing Fist's world power, Li Qinghong's Frightful Imperial Spear would still blow him away.

By then, Barbarian Niu had not only gained an even more formidable eight rainbow light devil king armor, but had also strengthened his armor in relation to defense. Because of it, his brute force the greatest in the group, while in terms of defense, he was only second to Li Yunmu.

Given that he was an evolved human from the Desolate Continent, he had seen the greatest increase in his strength within this past month. In just this one month, he had obtained a fire attribute dark flux energy from a twelve rainbow light king whom they had killed.

He had also used the different body constitution and innate ability of evolved humans to absorb nine drops of divine blood. On top of that, using the blood essence of Mist Fiends, he had congealed a Mist Fiend bloodline which had been substantially purified after he absorbed nine drops of divine blood.

Thus Barbarian Niu was currently even more powerful than Li Qinghong. Based on the system's assessment, his strength was a full grade higher than that of Li Qinghong.

Lin Jian had obtained demon dark flux energy from one of the five kings they had killed. He had also refined his body using a drop of divine blood which had improved the toughness of his flesh by a substantial margin.

The direction he had chosen for strengthening his armor was agility!

After the five strengthenings, his Heavenly Blade Deadly Technique had become filled with power and shocking agility. After he bitterly cultivated using the blade intent whetstone Li Yunmu had given him, Lin Jian's heavenly blade intent had become profound.

After successfully grasping a blade technique, he had become an exceptional blade master who could kill enemies with a higher cultivation than his. Not only was his blade fast, even the movement speed with which his legs burst forth was terrifying.

The last person was Demon. The increase in his strength was the smallest among the four of them. Because he had already been cultivating a dark flux energy, he only received baptism by divine blood which had substantially improved his body.

When he had to strengthen his devil king armor five times, he didn't choose the brain region or the heart region, and neither was it the chest region for defence or leg region for agility. He had instead chosen to improve the energy reduction provided by the devil king armor.

This greatly reduced the usage of his flux energy. Because of it, he could now summon not just one sea beast using the innate ability of seagod's evolved humans but four at the same time.

All four beasts had been summoned by Demon and nurtured by divine blood. Due to this, not only had Demon's personal strength become even more formidable, he now also had four sea devil apes whom he could summon. All of them had also been transformed by divine blood and thus become much more powerful.

Although they couldn't compare to devil kings, each of these divine blood sea devil apes had the strength to kill people on the level Chaotian's Sect previous six elites like Northern Black Wind.

When these four sea devil apes joined hands with Demon, they formed a monstrously powerful team.

The four of followers had greatly transformed during the month. Before they might have just come close to being considered as those at the peak of the Fifth Dimension, but right now their names were cemented among the ranks of Overlords.

In just one month, without any outsiders knowing about it, Li Yunmu had nurtured his four Halted Fluxer followers into tyrannical existences with the assistance of King's True Territory.

These four were his followers, but if they were to fight and Li Yunmu did not use his eight shadows, the outcome wouldn't be a pretty one. Although they wouldn't be able to break his defense, he also wouldn't be capable of gaining victory over them. This was how much they had improved in such a short amount of time.

"These two fifth dimensional armors are for you two. Merge with them."

Li Yunmu took out two dimensional armors and gifted them to Barbarian Niu and Demon.