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In the blink of an eye, time passed and a month went by.

During this month, the upheaval in the six continents became even more chaotic. More and more powers, clans, and secret organizations did their utmost to enquire about the changes happening to Earth. 

As more and more people obtained bits and pieces of information about what was to come, all sorts of powers in the six continents began to move. Even those which had concealed themselves in the wilderness began to raise their heads. 

One after another, formidable people revealed themselves, and new clan chosen ones displayed their strength. Only at this time did the normal people discover that there were numerous powers which had concealed themselves on Earth. 

Due to lots of powers acting behind the curtain and creating chaos, Earth became akin to a person with their insides twisted. Every day, someone would be killed, and every day, there would be ten or more cases of revenge.

Even so, nobody stopped competing. Sometimes even the clans of major cities would bet their everything in order to gain that indistinct chance to be at the forefront of the upcoming changes. 

Because of that, more and more people cleared the Control Line, the seventieth level of the Tower of Glory. With varying methods and external support, many managed to pass through this threshold.

In a month's time, starting from the time Li Yunmu's batch became the first people to cross the seventieth level, probably close to three hundred new stars with outstanding talents had obtained the qualifications. 

Naturally, the number of Flux Disciples who had died for this cause and would now remain for all eternity within the Tower of Glory continued to increase. Due to it, more and more treasures of all sorts appeared in the tower stele up for trading.

The majority of people who died were in possession of one or more unusual treasures. They had come here full of hope, and each one of them had something with which they expected to succeed. That something was the reason why they had dared to gamble their lives and various powers backed them. 

"I'm really unlucky to have been born at the wrong time. If I had known that such change was about to happen, I would have suppressed my cultivation and grabbed this opportunity."

This was the regret of a Flux Master who had recently ascended to the Sixth Dimension. 

And his regret mirrored the thoughts of many Flux Masters. Now, however, the chaos happening on Earth was completely unrelated to them. 

This time, it wasn't Flux Masters who took the leading role, and neither was it Flux Sages, but Flux Disciples who were the lowest level of power. 

"This elder brother, could you reveal some information about the secret behind the upcoming changes?"

"Yes, I heard that the major powers of all continents are killing people in desperation. We ordinary fluxers do not seek to compete with you, only to know what is happening."

On the online platforms of all of the six continents, ordinary and mediocre fluxers were using all sorts of methods, even resorting to begging, to find some information about the secret that everyone was aware of but did not know what it was. 

But those who knew about the situation did not reveal anything. All the people who had the qualifications to know something had made an unvoiced tacit agreement to remain tight-lipped. 

This was because they didn't want to attract more competition. Even if it was extremely fierce now, it could always become worse. 

Yet basically every person on Earth already knew that the struggle was due to Earth being on the verge of some huge changes. 

Every person knew that something was about to change, but they didn't know what that change would be. They weren't explained in what way would the future become different.

"Three hundred and twenty-six people. Not long ago, another three crossed the Control Line!"

"Forget about it. By now, I've become thoroughly annoyed by the notification of supreme glory announced by the fluxer association. All these people who are crossing the Control Line are nothing. Most of them were only able to do so while relying on external support and aren't that domineering themselves."

Passing the Control Line originally meant that whoever did so could go anywhere in the Fifth Dimension. But right then, with so many people clearing the seventieth level, it had lost all of its meaning. 

Thus, the fluxer community came up with a new and more domineering title to describe people who stood at the peak of Fifth Dimension. 

That title was "Overlord".

Until now, those Flux Disciples who were considered to be Overlords by the majority only numbered thirty in all the six continents. 

These thirty Overlords were publicly acknowledged as the most powerful Flux Disciples. To join them was even more difficult that passing through the Control Line, which was being crossed by more and more Flux Disciples lately. Those who were considered as Overlords were seen as the greatest of the great and were seen as incomparably formidable. 

Included among them were people like Li Yunmu, Zhongshan Anling, Ling Shuang, Devil, Ye Qing, and the group of people who had cleared the Control Line on the first day. 

As for Xiye Hanbei, Hai Yue, Man Tian, and people like them, there wasn't any need to say anything, because they had cleared the seventieth level long ago. 

It could be said that this newly formed list of Overlords contained the names of all the Flux Disciples who were seen as the most powerful people at their level. Even those Flux Disciples who were cultivating secretly were to be added to this list, the numbers wouldn't change by much. 

"Did you all notice that Xiye Hanbei, Man Tian, Li Yunmu, Zhongshan Anling, Tyrant Jiang and the rest of them had all not appeared publicly for a long time now."

"Oh yes. I noticed long ago that among the thirty Overlords, apart from Ye Qing, Lu Bu, Ruyan Lanshi, and a few more, the others seem to have vanished. Nobody can say if they were assassinated or just are in hiding."

"That shouldn't be the case. It's more likely that all of them are just secretly cultivating in the Fifth Dimension to prepare for the final part of the race." 

"Ha ha, I don't know about others, but in the past two days, our organization has obtained information about three Overlords."

"What the f*ck, is that true? In any case, is it related to the secret pertaining to the changes on Earth? This elder brother, please keep on speaking, allow us to join in on the fun."

"All right. Anyway, we only stumbled upon this information accidently. The first person to have appeared recently is Devil. He is said to have shown up at the Northern Continent, where his tracks were accidentally discovered by some nobody. But he then swiftly concealed himself again."

"Dang, Devil still has the guts to appear in the real world? Even sage level people are being killed now. He must have enormous guts ."

"Then what about the second person?" someone asked impatiently.

"The second Overlord is Ji Wuxin, someone saw her entering the Higher Dimensional Continent's Bladewood," the first person answered, continuing to flaunt his knowledge.

"Ji Wuxin? How is she related to that transcending power?"

In a short while, many people were left stunned. Ji Wuxin was affiliated to War God Temple, but she had went to Bladewood at this crucial time. This information shocked people. When someone deliberately enquired about the matter of her leaving War God Temple, the answer regarding it startled them.

"The third person is Li Yunmu. Yesterday, he had secretly appeared in the Northern Continent with his followers."

When others heard this, they were instantly surprised. Li Yunmu had also appeared? Wasn't he hiding in the Moro Mountain Tenebrous Hidden Domain and cultivating secretly? 

Many powers suspected that Li Yunmu's group had found some secret region in the hidden domain. Many people had then entered the hidden domain to investigate, bu apart from many corpses, they didn't discover anything. 

Today, though, many people learned that Li Yunmu had appeared in the real world. All of them found it extremely bizarre. Why was he courting death? 

It made no sense for him to return to Earth at such a dangerous time.