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232 Discarding and Re-cultivating Collectively

Thirty drops of divine blood!

Everyone collected back the deadly spell and looked at the thirty drops of golden blood hovering over the ground!

At this time, Mist Fiend rushed forward with extreme speed. In front of everyone's eyes, the thirty drops suddenly vanished, disappearing into the divine blood devil king's stomach.

"What the f*ck!"

Barbarian Niu almost fainted. He was an evolved human from the Desolate Continent and was innately compatible with formidable bloodlines as well as possessed formidable flesh.

Divine blood was a treasure in the eyes of others, but not extremely important for the group. However, Barbarian Niu did not have the same feeling regarding it. Since he was was an evolved human from the Desolate Continent, that blood was nothing less than a heaven-bestowed treasure to him.

However, the devil king nurtured by his master had swallowed all the divine blood in one breath.

"Uhmm, don't be anxious. There are still many king class dimensional beasts left."

Li Yunmu also hadn't expected that Mist Fiend would act in such a way. Before he could manage to order anything, the thirty drops of divine blood were already devoured. 

At this moment, if one didn't cut open Mist Fiend's stomach, there was no other way to get those blood drops out. It would be delusional to think there was a way to make it spit them out.

"Yeah, right… Right..."

Barbarian Niu could only scowl miserably as he was forced to accept the reality of the situation. However, Li Yunmu's words were true. He didn't need to get anxious since there was still a lot of divine blood to be obtained.

Everyone gazed at Mist Fiend with weird looks, expecting a transformation after it had devoured more than thirty drops of divine blood. However, nothing happened. No matter for how long they observed it, there were no changes. 

Even thirty drops of divine blood couldn't transform it to a four-winged devil king? Instantly, Li Yunmu felt great regret. However, since it had already happened, there was nothing that could be done about it.

Apart from a divine crystal, they also harvested several hundred high level flux crystals. Among them, there were more than two hundred silver crystals, sixty golden crystals, and twenty-six rainbow crystals, twenty-six phantom king crystals, and three devil king crystals.

After Li Yunmu collected the flux crystals, his gaze fell on Li Qinghong.

"Alright, I'll take the gamble."

She clearly knew that this was the time to make her decision. Abandoning all hesitation once Li Yunmu looked at her, she firmly decided to stick with her choice.

She instantly sat down, cross-legged.

The next instant, she reversed the circuits of seventy-two flux points.

A large amount of flux energy was emitted from her body. At the sight of it, the eyes of other followers went wide. Among the seven of them, Li Qinghong was indeed the most formidable.

However, no one had expected that the master of Frightful Imperial Spear would be so decisive. Once she decided to abolish her cultivation, she immediately did it.

"Blade Overlord."

Li Yunmu's eyes fell on Lin Jian.

Blade Overlord took a deep breath and then, without saying anything, followed in Li Qinghong's footsteps and abolished his cultivation!

Li Yunmu also didn't say anything more. Under his command, the six shadows entered the surrounding fields with the goal of hunting down ordinary crystal dimensional beasts.

Within this King's True Territory, ordinary crystal layer monsters were fewer in numbers compared silver crystal and above layer monsters. But as long as the group was willing to search a bit, there were enough of them.

Quickly, the three dimensional eyes who were on the lookout found a not too large group of ordinary crystal monsters at a stone forest on the west side. All of them were soon killed, which provided Li Yunmu with seventy-nine ordinary crystals. This amount was going to be sufficient for the time being.

Li Qinghong had upper pinnacle grade innate talent, which was the highest in the group. Her innate talent was two points, so when she re-cultivated after abolishing her cultivation, she only needed twenty-four ordinary crystals.

Blade Overlord Lin Jian had lower pinnacle grade innate talent, which was three points. The total number of ordinary crystals he needed reached thirty-six.

Li Yunmu shifted his gaze and asked, "Barbarian Niu, what's your innate talent?"

"I-I only have upper high grade innate talent, four points,"Barbarian Niu said, feeling embarrassed.

Upper high grade innate talent could be considered as quite amazing among normal Flux Disciples, but unfortunately for him, within the group of Li Yunmu's Halted Fluxers, he would be ranked among the least talented.

Apart from Barbarian Niu, all the others had pinnacle grade innate talent. If that wasn't the case, they wouldn't have entered the top twenty of the most powerful Halted Fluxers, none of whom were mediocre.

"You're also counted as one of us, so don't speak nonsense and immediately discard your cultivation," Li Yunmu said, implying that refusal wasn't an option. 

Originally, he wanted to slowly assist his followers in re-cultivating in batches of two. The problem with that plan, however, was that there wasn't much time left.

In only a month and ten days, they had to re-cultivate at a great speed.

A light flashed in Demon's eyes. He hadn't expected that he would be chosen by Li Yunmu to be among the first batch of people who were to abolish their cultivation and re-cultivate. He immediately sat down on the ground and crossed his legs, then discarded his cultivation as Barbarian Niu had done moments ago.

The people who weren't chosen were Underworld Hand, Devil Monkey, and Flowing Cloud. They were now looking at the four people sitting on the ground and discarding their cultivation with complicated gazes.

None of them were stupid. They clearly understood Li Yunmu's intentions.

Li Qinghong had a rarely seen compatibility with Chaotian sacred beast's undying sage blood. She was also the most formidable among them, as well as had the highest innate talent.

Li Yunmu placing the most emphasis on nurturing her was absolutely normal.

As for Lin Jian, he was once affiliated with a transcending power. Regardless of whether it was his experience, innate talent, or perception—all of them were extraordinary. Moreover, he had left Bladewood of his own volition and wasn't considered a traitor, so he still had three flux cultivation battle skills from that transcending power. He had also already congealed the framework of his blade energy and had extraordinary battle prowess.

Thus, Lin Jian being Li Yunmu's second choice for nurturing was also understable.

Barbarian Niu, however, only had upper high grade innate talent. The reason why Li Yunmu had chosen him was because they were currently in a King's True Territory which contained a surplus of divine blood.

With this divine blood, he could not only discard his cultivation, but also refine his flesh. It would be an opportunity for him to force out his previous bloodline and gain something greater.

Although Barbarian Niu would have to pay a higher price when discarding his cultivation than others, since he could refine his body using the divine blood, he also stood to gain the most. As an evolved human of the Desolate Continent, when he awakened, he could choose a bloodline to strengthen his body.

This innate ability to refine a bloodline was unique to the Desolate Continent. It didn't matter whether it was fair or not, since the transformation which created the change in the surroundings was the same.

Desolate Continent didn't have any Battle Sages, it only had Barbarian Kings.

But the number of Barbarian Kings it had was much lower than the number of Battle Sages. In fact, because the innate ability of Desolate Continent's evolved humans allowed them to merge a formidable bloodline with their body, thus providing them with an advantage, they had to face a great barrier in the future everywhere.

It was difficult to say whether this bloodline refining innate ability which provided them superiority in the early stages was a bane or a boon.

For those with lower talent, it was probably a blessing. But for people who had the potential to reach the top in the future, this was a misfortune. The path of these evolved humans was even more difficult than that of normal fluxers.

As for why Li Yunmu had chosen Demon, it was also because of the divine blood. Demon's innate talent was slightly lower compared to Underworld Hand's. If Li Yunmu had chosen purely on the basis of innate talent, then he would've certainly chosen Underworld Hand first.

However, if seagod's people's innately awakened ability to summon sea beasts was also included in the calculation, the choice would become different.

Li Yunmu had already seen the sea beast which Demon could summon. It was a powerful sea creature which could move both on land and sea, which made it rare even among the seagod's people. The reason why Li Yunmu had chosen Demon was naturally to nurture his sea beast together with him.

As long as they had sufficient divine blood, Demon's sea beast could definitely be nurtured into a creature transformed by divine blood and wouldn't be much different from the king class dimensional beasts of this King's True Territory.

Underworld Hand, Devil Monkey, and Flowing Cloud naturally understood Li Yunmu's thinking. None of them was a greenhorn, so they found it completely fair that they hadn't been chosen. The choices were made based on everyone's battle potential, so no one had any complaints.