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220 Central Continent’s Li Yunmu

After clearing the sixtieth level of the Tower of Glory, the real test began. The stronger maintained their position while the weaker were eliminated. Even the twelve proud children of heavens viewed as the strongest by the three largest betting companies began to face more difficulties after reaching this stage. They had to invest a great deal of effort and sweat to clear the next levels. Each successive one was a closely fought contest.

Time continued to pass, and afternoon descended into dusk.

The people who had betted heavily were keeping a close watch on the latest rankings. At five in the morning the next day, the first person who crossed the sixty-fifth level was announced!

Ye Qing!

It was still Ye Qing from Chaotian Sect who was having the last laugh.

Stepping into the seventieth level didn't only test a person's combat strength. Their weapons and other tools, flux cultivation battle skills, secret techniques, and even the resources at their disposal were also tested.

If someone didn't have that, how could they dare to claim that they would certainly clear the seventieth level?

In the Flux Disciple Realm, the main thing tested was whether they had a firm and enormous foundation. Ye Qing was disdained by many, but behind him stood the mammoth named Chaotian Sect which had prepared for this event for a long time.

Thus, everyone suddenly discovered that in the last ten levels, Ye Qing seemed to be gradually distancing himself from the others.

The second person to step into the sixty-fifth level was late by a full hour compared to Ye Qing, reaching the target at six in the morning. But no one had expected this person.

It wasn't Xie Qianxue or Yan Xing, it was Zhongshan Anling.

Dang, the latecomer stands above!

One stone creates a thousand ripples. All the spectators felt great regret. Northern Continent's fifth largest family, Zhongshan Clan, finally hammered the meaning of resources and power of a major clan into the mind of all the spectators.

But what shocked all of the spectators was that barely a few seconds later, Tower of Glory made another announcement. Xie Qianxue came after Zhongshan Anling and obtained the third position.

Everyone exclaimed at this newcomer female fluxer's power. She was really worthy of being called a disciple of a battle sage. She was just too frightening.

However, it wasn't over yet. Not even a minute had passed since Xie Qianxue reached the aim when the fourth person ascended past the sixty-fifth level—and it was Ling Shuang!

It was actually Ling Shuang!

A person whom no one had expected. She was only half a minute late compared to Xie Qianxue and only a minute later than Zhongshan Anling.

These three people had surprisingly reached more or less at the same time. The difference between them was minimal, and the spectators were reminded the meaning of the words "Battle Sage's Disciple".

Xie Qianxue and Ling Shuang were both rookie fluxers, but they were barely slower than Zhongshan Anling.

Extreme Devil Path sect's Yan Xing, one of the most popular candidates for winning this competition, came fifth. His outstanding name stood fourth among the most formidable Flux Disciples, but he had surprisingly been pushed this low.

The sixth person was Ren Sujun.

The seventh person was Devil. No one had expected him to reach this stage. It completely betrayed everyone's expectations. Although he was the second most formidable Halted Fluxer, he was inferior compared to the first rank Xiye Hanbei. Yet that didn't stop Devil from climbing up this high.

The eighth person was Tyrant Jiang. Apparently even if he'd had a fortuitous encounter, his foundation was inferior. He probably hadn't yet had enough time to solidify it into something better than his original one.

As for the ninth person, everyone kept waiting for them until nine in the morning. At that time, news came that Gongzi Nangong had retired at the sixty-fourth level, renouncing the competition.

After leaving the tower, he was almost caught by his enemies, but he had been prepared and was able to escape to the Fifth Dimension. Reportedly he had used a life-saving treasure. All Halted Fluxers had many methods to save their lives, let alone Gongzi Nangong himself who was a famous one.

The spectators were in a commotion. The third most powerful Halted Fluxer had surprisingly been unable to reach the sixty-fifth level. From this, it could be clearly seen that the difficulty increased greatly with each successive level.

At ten in the morning, Qing Yue finally obtained the ninth rank. This youngest competitor, the holy daughter of seagod, who had been calmly competing without any eye-catching movements also ascended to the sixty-fifth level.

In a short while, many people looked into Qing Yue's origins and learned to their surprise that she was one of the seagod's two moons and Hai Yue's younger sister. Instantly, they understood that this proud daughter of heavens' reason for being part of this contest couldn't be simple.

Only nine of the twelve people reached the sixty-fifth level. The other three, including Gongzi Nangong, withdrew from the Tower of Glory after stopping at the sixty-fourth level.

Apparently all the formidable experts cherished their lives very much and had a clear understanding of their abilities. They hadn't let their fame get to their heads and lost their lives inside the tower.

The final ranking had already come out. Everyone in the six continents found that the atmosphere had become quite repressive because the moment of truth was just around the corner. And it was dealing with the most difficult levels of the tower.

"Chaotian Sect's preparations are perfect. Ye Qing is moving in the first place, leaving all the others behind in dust. Who could stop him?"

"Yes, take a look at the odds on him. All the betting companies have adjusted the odds of him winning to the highest. Even if you bet on him now, there won't be much profit."

Sure enough, all people knew that Ye Qing possessed formidable resources and some trump card. Chaotian Sect had been preparing for a long time, so he would certainly be the first one to clear the seventieth level. No one could stop him.

The smile of victory on the faces of Chaotian Sect's members was becoming brighter with each passing instant.

The situation was in their favor. After today, Ye Qing's name would rock the six continents, and at the same time, after clearing the seventieth level, the final transcending sage treasure will also fall in his hands.

Although the other continents could clearly see Chaotian Sect's wild ambitions, they had discovered them a little too late. The hastily arranged disciples without much preparation, how could they stop Ye Qing?

As time continued to pass and it was close to three in the afternoon, everyone calculated that Ye Qing was about to clear the seventieth level anytime now. However, at this moment, Tower of Glory suddenly announced three successive notifications to the six continents.

"Congratulations to Central Continent's Li Yunmu for clearing the seventieth level of Tower of Glory with a cultivation of golden crystal layer. You are bestowed with supreme glory in this world"

The notifications from the fluxer association's Tower of Glory vibrated the communication device of every Flux Disciple, and many people subconsciously thought that Ye Qing had finally won.

Those who had betted on him at the start began to shout with excitement, what a fucking profit.

However, after a moment, a thought struck them. Why had fluxer association sent them three notifications?

It was completely irrational. Each of the twelve people had a cultivation of rainbow crystal layer. Even if they cleared the seventieth level, at most there would be two notifications.

So why was the news repeated three times? Some people who had managed to calm down looked at the notification carefully, and their expressions became very strange!

Li Yunmu, it was Li Yunmu. They looked again, and it was still Li Yunmu!

The name didn't change even after they checked the message for the third time. It still remained Li Yunmu! And not Ye Qing.


Instantly, all the people who were paying close attention to the contest felt as if a formidable dimensional beast had trampled across their heart.

The first person to cross the seventieth level of Tower of Glory was surprisingly not Ye Qing, nor anyone else from the eleven others, but a complete outsider—Li Yunmu.