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216 Bestial Sage“s Death

In the palace hall in Vega City, after all the female warriors had dispersed, the leader of the squad asked, "Your Ladyship, this time you personally took action and also gifted the Azure Dragon Pearl to Li Yunmu. Can he really obtain an entry for the Central Continent?"

"There have recently been some problems with War God Temple's Zhan Wuya. I must create as many way outs for Central Continent as I can. The more of them there are, the better it will be for us."

Li Yunmu had started from the beginning once more. Last time, he had removed up to the fiftieth level of seals on the underworld raven sage bow and had relied on it as well as the three shadows who had the same level of strength as him to go up.

On his path to the twenty-eighth level, he had obtained great harvests and had not only obtained the Void Disk but also a small batch of treasures by exhausting the tower badges he had earned.

Since then, his cultivation base and his strength had increased, so he no longer needed to rely on the underworld ravens and could overcome the obstacles on his own.

Seventieth level was very difficult to reach. But he was now a Golden Crystal Flux Disciple, and his Great Sun Tyrant Body Muscle Marrow Secrets had also reached a minor threshold, which made his flesh monstrously powerful. In addition to all these, he also had another basis for his confidence—the world power of his heavenly world had also risen greatly.

On top of that, he now also had two parts of Azure Dragon Deity Suit.

At the twenty-ninth level, there was a large group of silver crystal dimensional beasts, fifty golden crystal flux monsters, and five rainbow crystal monsters.

But they were completely ineffective in front of Li Yunmu's formidable power. One person and four shadows completely crushed them by relying on just their physical strength.

The little Mist Fiend Devil King acted as if it had been invited to a feast. It advanced forward and began to violently gobble down the corpses of high level dimensional beasts.

One, two, three, ten, thirty, fifty—and it still continued to eat. Its small body was like a bottomless pit which couldn't be filled.

The more it ate, the more its body increased. And it took only an hour to gobbled down all the monster on that level.

Li Yunmu discovered that the little devil king's height had increased to thirty centimeters from the original then. He grew three times in size! This sort of growth was visible even to the naked eye.

"System, present what level of power it has reached," Li Yunmu said.

[Grade thirty-two.]

"Dang, so fierce?"

Power grade was the classification of monsters based on the compiled data. Every ten grades represented a layer. Attaining thirty-second grade meant that the devil king's strength had increased by a grade since it had come out of its egg. The little devil king had matured to a silver crystal monster in the wink of an eye.

Furthermore, it was a Mist Fiend here who possessed the strength of silver crystal monsters. According to the system, it now had sufficient strength to kill a rainbow crystal layer ordinary beast with one claw attack.

Fierce, too fierce!

Li Yunmu advanced to the thirtieth level, which was another threshold.

As he had determined in his previous time here, this level couldn't be cleared just by relying on a large number of underworld ravens, because a four rainbow light phantom king appeared as the final Boss of this threshold level.

Although it didn't possess divine blood, it was still a king class dimensional beast. Yet even though it was extremely savage, Li Yunmu whose strength had greatly increased from that time was even more so.

One punch which contained the full strength of his flesh, then another one, and one more, that was all. Li Yunmu glanced with disdain at the phantom king he had killed with his physical strength alone.

Thirtieth level, cleared easily!

But the drop rate of tower badges from this Boss was pathetically low, because Li Yunmu had already stepped into the golden crystal layer.

The Mist Fiend Devil King once again ate all the corpses, and its body grew in size. The little devil king was digesting as fast as it was eating.

After half an hour, its height had increased to half a meter. When it finished eating the corpse of the phantom king, its height increased again, reaching seventy centimeters.

The corpses of powerful monsters were really beneficial to it.

Grade forty-six!

After feasting on the corpses of this level, the Devil King possessed the strength of golden crystal monsters. Given its divine blood, it could easily beat a rainbow crystal fluxer, turning them into its food.

At the thirty-first level, Li Yunmu didn't attack personally but pointed for the Devil King to advanced. It charged forward with a loud howl.

It had extremely fast attack and movement speed, a body which possessed profound defenses, and a pair of devilish wings, with which he could already fly at low altitude.

Using its extremely fast attack speed, the Devil King clawed all the monsters of the thirty-first level to death, completely crushing them one after another. 

Li Yunmu was startled.

This was the strength of an eight rainbow light devil king who had transformed because of divine blood?

It still hadn't matured to the level of eight rainbow light devil king, but it could already go on a massacre in a group of rainbow crystal monsters.

Thirty-first level was finished quickly with only the Mist Fiend attacking. However, it wasn't like the little Devil King hadn't paid the price—its whole body was full of injuries. More than a hundred wounds, both large and small, covered its body, and one of its wings was broken.

But soon, as the Mist Fiend nibbled on a monster corpse, the injuries on the Devil King's body quickly healed up.

Furthermore, the broken devilish wing on its back returned to normal.

For the time first time, Li Yunmu witnessed the significance of transformation caused by divine blood!

The objects obtained from the special dimensional box certainly couldn't be underestimated.

After the thirty-first level, Mist Fiend had attained grade fifty in terms of strength. As it continued to gain more strength, the speed at which it matured slowed down, since it needed more powerful monsters to feast upon.

After attaining the strength of a rainbow crystal layer, Mist Fiend became even more terrifying. It continued to lead the charge as far as the thirty-ninth level.

Finally, after eating all the corpses on the nine levels, a single rainbow light ignited on the Devil King's body. It had finally accumulated sufficient power to congeal a single rainbow light. But it was still far from reaching all eight rainbow lights.

Its strength finally fixed at grade fifty and didn't change. It was making rapid progress at the moment, and the target of congealing eight rainbow lights was already within its sight.

Just when Li Yunmu was advancing toward the forty-first level, an earth shattering matter occured in the outside world, shaking all six continents. Bestial Sage, who had already become a domain sage and could summon formidable sage beasts, perished!

This information swept through Earth like a great tsunami.

A sage level power occupied a major position on any continent, so what needed to be said about a domain sage one? How could people not feel extremely astonished at the fall of someone like that?

Who was the culprit? Who could have killed Senior Domain Sage?

He could summon sage beasts, so he far surpassed ordinary domain sages. Apart from battle sages, there was no one who could alarm him!

But no one knew how Bestial Sage had perished.

It was only possible if a battle sage had made a move, so everyone entered a state of shock. Some battle sage had actually made a move?

This sort of quasi deity level existences usually didn't make any moves, because if they took any action, that would mean some great event which would affect all the six continents.

Everyone on the six continents was talking about this extremely shocking event. Some said that Bestial Sage died at some historical runes in the Seventh Dimension. Others claimed that he died at some extremely terrifying mythical region. There were also those who said he had been killed by some group of domain sages who had acted together because he was running around without any fear.

If Li Yunmu would have received this information about the death of Bestial Sage, he would have certainly been stunned. Because he would've realized the origin of the Azure Dragon Pearl which was gifted to him by Battle Sage Vega.

She had personally attacked and killed an unusually formidable Senior Domain Sage in order to obtain the second component of Azure Dragon Deity Suit and had silenced him so as to prevent him from divulging the secret of Li Yunmu possessing two components of his supreme battlesuit. She had done all this just so that he accomplish the two tasks entrusted by her?

If someone knew the truth about this matter and had some brain, they could instantly smell a hint of an extremely terrifying events to come, because Battle Sage Vega hadn't attacked for Li Yunmu but for the future of the entire Central Continent.