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215 Striving for the Peak

The reason why neither Li Yunmu nor the system could refuse this object was because it was the core component of Azure Dragon Deity Suit - Azure Dragon Pearl.

Among the five components of the battle suit, it was the most important one. If Azure Dragon Gauntlets formed the armor for the arm, then Azure Dragon Pearl was the source of the killing energy supplied by the Azure Dragon Battle Suit.

It was extremely important!

Battle Sage Vega's move was too ruthless.

Li Yunmu simply couldn't refuse and agreed without hesitation. Who would've known that Azure Dragon Pearl was actually in the hands of Battle Sage Vega.

Based on what she did with it, she clearly knew that Li Yunmu had obtained the Azure Dragon Gauntlets.

Thus, he didn't say anything unnecessary and agreed right away. Her two tasks went along with his current aims, and he would also obtain a component of the supreme battle suit if he did as she told, so why should he hesitate?

"System, why do you think Battle Sage Vega gave me the Azure Dragon Pearl?" he asked once he returned to Vega City.

Even sage level powerhouses were trying to find this Azure Dragon Pearl zealously, yet Battle Sage Vega had handed it to Li Yunmu without much hesitation. Because of this, he now had two components of Azure Dragon Deity Suit in his hands.

[Two possibilities emerge in objective analysis. First, she was afraid that you didn't possess enough strength and would fail to accomplish the two tasks entrusted by her, so she gifted you the Azure Dragon Pearl to allow you to unleash the deadly power of Azure Dragon Gauntlets,] the system said, after a moment of silence.

"There is this possibility, but that wouldn't explain how could she gift a precious treasure like this to me so easily."

[That may be because of the second possibility. She wants to nurture you, so when you become powerful enough, you will become a battle sage level powerhouse of the Central Continent.]

From the system's second option, cold sweat broke out on Li Yunmu's back. He felt that the system was just babbling nonsense.

[Given that we don't have all the information, there is still a third unexpected possibility,] the system added.

"What unexpected possibility?"

[Given the importance of Continental Battle and disrupting Chaotian Sect's plan to obtain six transcending sage tools, it is highly possible that she decided that Central Continent is more important that the Azure Dragon Pearl,] the system indifferently voiced its third conjecture.

However, because it didn't have sufficient information, it couldn't provide a certain answer. This was only a speculation.

Yet Li Yunmu's sixth sense told him that this third possibility was perhaps the most realistic one as to why Battle Sage Vega would gift the Azure Dragon Pearl to him.

He had no proof or assured information, though, this was just his intuition.

Battle Sage Vega was chasing after the Dual Star Supreme Battlesuit and Northern Continent's Frontline God was in possession of two components of the Azure Dragon Deity Suit, thus the Azure Dragon Pearl could be said to be useless for her. That's why, if she could get two important tasks, which would impact the situation of the whole Central Continent, accomplished by gifting it to Li Yunmu, that would be more meaningful.

After mulling for a bit, Li Yunmu understood that there were only these three possibilities which might have been the reason behind why Battle Sage Vega gifted him the Azure Dragon Pearl. Other than them, there could be no other possibilities.

Li Yunmu simply didn't believe that the other party possessed this sort of benevolence. Her intent could be simple or complex, but that action simply couldn't be just for his benefit.

After having a meeting with Battle Sage Vega, Li Yunmu wasn't afraid that he would be attacked within Vega City, so he quickly went to the fluxer association and once again entered the heavenly world of Flux Ancestor.

He silently entered the Tower of Glory.

At this instant, on the Holy Spirit Continent, Chaotian Sect announced to the world that its main peak's elite disciple Ye Qing will challenge the tower tomorrow.

Within a short while, Ye Qing's fame had shot up because of Chaotian Sect's boosting. All the fluxers in the six continents began to guess how likely he was to actually clear the seventieth level.

After all, in the past two years, no fluxer had been able to clear the seventieth level.

"Given how public Chaotian Sect is about it, I think Ye Qing will certainly accomplish it. Since Chaotian Sect has nurtured him secretly and entrusted all of its secret trump cards to him, the seventieth level should be smashed by him."

The majority of fluxers mostly held this kind of opinion.

"Ha ha, Chaotian Sect's plan is very good. At this stage, they're doing their utmost to boost Ye Qing's fame, probably they have their eyes on the qualifications for the Continental Battle."

In the depths of a vast ocean on the southern part, there was an enormous city on the ocean floor. Man Tian and the others had received Hai Yue's invitation and had come to take a tour of this enormous city on the floor of the ocean.

Desolate Continent and Northern Continent were both filled with evolved humans. They always had good relations between each other, and the five people here represented the top young experts of both continents.

At this moment, they had obtained the information regarding the recent activities of Chaotian Sect on the Holy Spirit Continent. One the gathered people, a youth whose entire body emitted cold and who had a green wolf imprinted on his forehead, spoke up with a sneer He was called Green Wolf, which was obviously his nickname.

This group of people made up of the most powerful of the Flux Disciples on both continents naturally were aware of Ye Qing's true strength. Their thoughts ran in the same vein as Li Qinghong's, that this person had average personal strength but was bestowed enormous treasures by Chaotian Sect.

However, when the group saw the unusual activities of Chaotian Sect, sparing no price in boosting his fame, Man Tian, Hai Yue, and the others felt that something was off.

"According to rumors, Ye Qing is the second great grandson of Chaotian Sect's ancestor. However, even if there is a relation between them, the upper tiers couldn't be blinded to this degree. You all tell me, do you think Ye Qing still has some secret trump card which we don't know about?" Hai Yue suddenly said.

"Yes, this possibility cannot be eliminated. We can underestimate Ye Qing, but we cannot underestimate an upper tier sect. Ye Qing must have some kind of secret which we don't know about. It's very like that it's why Chaotian Sect is backing him so wholeheartedly in his attempts to obtain the qualifications for the Continental Battle," a woman with green eyes, which always seemed to be jumping around, said with a gloomy expression.

"That's okay. Your words may be correct, Hai Yue and Qing Yue. The number of competitors has increased by one. But the Continental Battle is imminent. Wew, how many more of these monsters will come out now, " said another person, which had a stature of a mountain, Zhuang Han.

He was three meters tall, and his enormous stature was a rare sight even in Desolate Continent.

"I have a premonition that there will be great movement from the Holy Spirit Continent, so Central Continent will have no choice but to defend. Given Xiye Hanbei's temper, he will certainly not represent Central Continent, even if he would be able to get an entry with his strength."

However, they didn't need to worry about this person. Without the support of any power in any of the six continents, he wouldn't be able to advance too far by relying on just his own strength.

"Then the opponent from Central Continent will be Zhan Wuya?"

A figure of a person suddenly flashed within Hai Yue's mind. "Apart from Zhan Wuya, there is one more person who can obtain the qualifications at the most crucial time."

"Are you talking about Li Yunmu?"

Others were astonished.

"It's possible. His strength hasn't yet reached the level of Continental Battle yet, but there is still a month left till it starts," she replied.

"There isn't a high possibility that he'll be able to catch up. The time since he started cultivating is too short."

Others didn't attach too much importance to this matter. All of them felt that Hai Yue was being needlessly overcautious.

"I instead feel that there are two others from the Central Continent whom we should pay close attention to."


"Ling Shuang and Xie Qianxue."

"These two women are also impossible. They also haven't spent much time cultivating, just like Li Yunmu. It's impossible for them to build their foundation so quickly."

"No, the two of them are different from Li Yunmu. Both of them are disciples of Battle Sages."

"We mustn't forget about Devil, either. From the start, he has always been hiding. I'm thinking he is making some great plan. He didn't even hesitate to discard his own cultivation, so he probably wants to display the deadly power of Azure Dragon Leg Guards."

"Higher Dimensional Continent's Bladewood, Northern Continent's Frontline Heaven, Divine Religion—probably all of them will send someone. This time, the qualifications for the Continental Battle have become of great importance. Everyone wants to seize an entry, so it's possible that even the transcending powers won't sit quietly and will show themselves."