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214 Matching Goals

"Your Lordship Azure Dragon, our master has requested to meet you," the leading woman said with a sweet smile.
"Who is your master?"
"Exactly the one you're thinking about," the woman amicably answered. She wasn't that old, around thirty-five.
As for her strength, it was deep and immeasurable. She had probably already entered the Nirvana layer. A person possessing this sort of strength would be considered as a formidable expert regardless of wherever they went; however this woman had still chosen to follow someone else.
As for the master she was talking about, there couldn't be many people who deserve to be called such. In this world, those who were capable of converting experts one step away from entering the sage layer into their willing followers weren't numerous.
There wasn't any entity apart from a Battle Sage who could pull this off.
Li Yunmu didn't expect that even after he chose the transfer point several thousand miles away, in Vega City, to avoid being detected by that Lower Domain Sage of Heavenly Cloud City's fluxer guild, he would still attract the gaze of a half deity on himself.
However, he breathed a sigh of relief when he heard the woman's words. He was clear that if the person inviting him was the female battle sage, then he wasn't in any danger. He certainly didn't have anything which a majestic defender goddess of the Central Continent would covet.
As for the pisces jade pendant, he was convinced that a battle sage, especially one who was serving the Central Continent, would have already found out that it wasn't in his possession. Besides, given the enormous foundation which the female battle sage had built for herself, the key to the deity's secret region might not even be worth her attention.
She stood at the pinnacle of the continent, and people who had attained this level looked at objects with eyes which were greatly different from those of ordinary sages.

Li Yunmu quickly weighed his options, and then nodded in agreement. He quickly followed after the squad of female warriors toward the transfer point.
"Her Ladyship Vega requested to meet with this person? Who is he?"
Many people were startled.
Fluxers were even more startled compared to ordinary people, because a Flux Disciple who had forced a battle sage to pay attention to him would really be extraordinary. However, Li Yunmu was covered by his golden crystal flux armor from head to toe, so no one was able to recognize him.
"Your Ladyship, I have brought Li Yunmu."
Before a lot of time passed, the woman led Li Yunmu into a hall and respectfully reported to her master.
Li Yunmu's heart began to thump loudly. This was the first time he was looking at a pinnacle existence in the hierarchy of the human society. He slowly raised his head to take a look, and his heart filled with shock.
He couldn't see the genuine appearance of the legendary person before him, because she adorned a battle suit which covered her entire body while emitting gentle but extremely bright flames.

"Li Yunmu pays his respect to Her Ladyship Vega."
Facing a battle sage, Li Yunmu promptly kowtowed. She was a supreme powerhouse, the defender goddess of the Central Continent. She hadn't established an independent sect like other battle sages, and neither had she taken the path to cultivate in seclusion, only staying true to her principles.
This was true selflessness which commanded reverence. Li Yunmu was filled with extreme admiration, and he wasn't the only one, every person in the Central Continent was filled with incomparable respect toward this goddess.
Without her protection, Central Continent probably wouldn't be so peaceful and secure.
Li Yunmu hadn't expected that the day when he would lay his eyes on the legendary defender goddess would come so quickly, and even less that she would be the one who would personally invite him.
"En, you really don't possess battle sage blood, which is unexpected."
Although Li Yunmu couldn't see the genuine appearance of this cordial female battle sage, but he could hear her voice—and it was very gentle. She seemed quite young from her voice, but Li Yunmu was aware that from the time she had become a Battle Sage, thirteen years had passed with her defending the Central Continent.
In other words, Battle Sage Vega should be forty-one. However, since she was a battle sage, her appearance and body would remain the same as it was when she was twenty-eight years old.
"This junior was only an ordinary person, but because of a fortuitous encounter he gained some success." Li Yunmu paused for a moment, then asked with some hesitation, "I wonder how did Your Ladyship discover my hidden identity?"
Although Battle Sages had all sorts of powers and abilities, that still didn't explain how the other party had instantly discovered him just by relying on an imprint left on a statue. Even Battle Sages shouldn't possess this sort of terrifying ability.
"There is a protection of a sage level power on you. When you entered Vega City, this kind of power alerted me."
Li Yunmu startled upon hearing this, and was left completely speechless. It was the presence of the little female ancestor which caught the attention of Her Ladyship Vega. Although the little female ancestor moved in the void between two planes, where even battle sages couldn't sense her existence, she would usually stay by Li Yunmu's side, affecting him with her presence.
Flux Sages were considered to be extremely sensitive, let alone battle sages who were considered to be equal to quasi deities.
Battle Sage Vega laughed faintly.
"Fortunately, you, Azure Dragon came here yourself, for I have some matters in which I need your assistance. I was originally thinking of sending someone to the Fifth Dimension to ask for your assistance, so encountering you here can be considered some kind of karma."
"Your Ladyship, you only need to say once. However, I am afraid that this Li Yunmu may not be qualified of your trust, since my strength is currently quite trivial."
Li Yunmu was surprised on hearing the goddesses' words. What kind of matter would require Battle Sage Vega to seek Li Yunmu's assistance?
"I have two tasks for you. The first one is to snatch the Refining Pagoda from the hands of Chaotian Sect. Second one is to obtain the qualifications for the Continental Battle."
The transfer point in the Vega City's plaza lit up gain, and Li Yunmu walked out of it. His mind was still in a daze. He hadn't expected that the two tasks which Battle Sage Vega needed him to accomplish would be same as one's he was aiming for himself.
The first task was to snatch the Refining Pagoda before it fell into the hands of Chaotian Sect, yet the formidable Battle Sage Vega hadn't expected that this had actually been the aim of his return. He took the risk of coming back to Earth just to accomplish this. His motive was to simply bring harm to Chaotian Sect, even if he wouldn't achieve any great benefit for himself.
He hadn't hesitated to take any risk just to obtain the Refining Pagoda before Ye Qing of Chaotian Sect.
This sort of exchange couldn't be considered by a normal Flux Disciple, but being the stubborn person that he was, Li Yunmu didn't want Chaotian Sect to obtain six transcending sage weapons. That powerful enemy of his would then become the seventh transcending power in the six continents, and he would face many problems in the future.
Battle Sage Vega had the same idea as him, but her aim was completely different, she was more concerned about the general situation of the Central Continent.
The Holy Spirit Continent already had one transcending power Heavenly Divine Religion. If the ambitious Chaotian Sect attained the status of a transcending power, then it would create difficulties for the whole Central Continent.
As for the second task, to participate in the Continental Battle, this instantly caught Li Yunmu's attention. He had heard of the Continental Battle previously, but he hadn't known what sort of benefits, one would obtain from it. He also hadn't understood why were there qualifications to enter arranged by the six continents.
But he would've accomplished this second task anyway. It was mentioned in the letter of invitation from War God Temple that he must obtain the minimum qualifications needed to participate in the Continental Battle.
Because of all this, Li Yunmu was in a daze. Both tasks entrusted to him by Battle Sage Vega were actually something he would have needed to accomplish anyway. As for the reward, Battle Sage Vega had right away handed him a treasure, one that even the system wouldn't be able to decline, let alone Li Yunmu himself.