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205 A Drop of the Undying Sage Blood

Although the jade coin given by Lin Yuerou had only assisted Li Yunmu for an instant, it was still sufficient.

Facing this unprecedented crisis, Li Yunmu erupted with Danger Critical Strike, which he hadn't used in a long time.

At one instant he was being beaten into a pulp by the eight rainbow light devil king, unable to retaliate in the slightest, but the next moment he erupted with an unprecedentedly glorious power.

Danger Critical Strike, which hadn't yet appeared after he had reached golden crystal layer, contained thunder dark flux energy, blood fiend dark flux energy, freezing dark flux energy, as well as the purest sungod flame energy.

Golden flux energy, combined with the four types of dark flux energy, burst forth!

Whoosh, whoosh, whoosh, whoosh.

The four shadows moving about in the distance disappeared, because they had been forcefully recalled to Li Yunmu's side. 

This wasn't just one Danger Critical Strike that he was unleashing, but five.

Instantly, five strikes containing every last bit of Li Yunmu's strength struck down toward the terrifying devil king dimensional beast.

An unprecedentedly deadly attack! This was Li Yunmu's most formidable counter.

This counterattack even brought out the soul of the blood fiend cold thunder energy. An extremely muscular barbarian god from ancient, more chaotic times raised his large blade and struck the devil king.

First strike, second strike, third strike, fourth strike, fifth strike!

Five successive strikes filled with extremely deadly energy attack landed on the eight rainbow light devil king.

They weren't flashy attacks, with only the edge of the blade illuminating the plains nearby.

Li Qinghong and the others were terrified and full of trepidation when faced with this disaster. Without caring for their lives, they rushed forth to recover Li Yunmu from the frontline.

After all, since their souls were bound to his heavenly world, they would live only as long as he did. If he lived, they lived, if he died, they died.

The seven of them, at this instant, were ready to use all their secret trump cards to save Li Yunmu from the deadly clutches of the terrifying devil king monster.

However, before they could even reach their master, he burst forth with an unprecedentedly powerful attack. This attack's strength even surpassed the limits of the power allowed within the Fifth Dimension.

One after another black clouds began to congeal up in the sky. Berserk thunder could be seen flashing up there, but the world punishment didn't descend. This was because Li Yunmu still hadn't surpassed this world's power limit, his strength was still within the limits of the Fifth Dimension.

Once everyone saw that the world punishment didn't descend, they breathed a sigh of relief.

As for the terrifying devil king who was hit by the five successive Danger Critical Strikes, seven and a half rainbow lights on his body turned to nothingness. The muscular and sturdy beast's body was cleaved into two by the tyrannical blade energy of the Danger Critical Strike. 


Li Yunmu's body lost all strength, and he knelt down on the ground. Li Yun, Li Feng, and the other two shadows were unable to appear in material form due to having exhausted their energy. This resulted in them returning to being only normals shadows.

"Leave, quickly, this place is extremely dangerous."

After killing the formidable devil king, Li Yunmu swept his hand over the fighting ground to collect some things and immediately ordered Li Qinghong who had reached the spot first to move out.

In fact, even before hearing his instructions, Li Qinghong came forward and placed his hand over her shoulder, then erupted forth with rainbow energy and rushed away from the scene while supporting him.

"Quickly, go, these monsters aren't something we can deal with."

Li Qinghong unleashed Chaotian Eight Steps. Her figure flashed a few times, and she immediately appeared several kilometers away.

Other people didn't remain behind, either, and one after another they escaped with their lives.

This event had sobered them up. Although this wasn't an ordinary devil king level dimensional beast they had encountered, but what really startled them was the might of Li Yunmu's Danger Critical Strike, which had surprisingly cleaved the extremely terrifying devil king at the most crucial time, killing it!

Another frightening part were the eight four rainbow light phantom king monsters by the devil king's side. If they had been ordinary four rainbow light phantom kings, then each of the seven people, almost all of whom were counted among the top twenty most powerful Halted Fluxers, could deal with them one on one with some confidence in coming out the victors.

But the eight four rainbow light phantom kings they'd faced were too unusual.

Thus, for the time being, the squad could only escape crazily while holding Li Yunmu in their arms. However, behind them, the eight phantom kings were pursuing wildly while leading several tens of rainbow crystal dimensional beasts.

Given the eight phantom king dimensional beasts' extremely fast speed, it was clear that they weren't ordinary phantom kings. In half an instant, they had actually managed to close in on the group.

But Blade Overlord and the rest didn't dare to fight them, because in this place, apart from Li Yunmu, none among them could last for more than half instant.

Fortunately, they hadn't run deep into the plains and so were able to quickly exit and enter the valley. Apparently the valley, which was the transfer point, was a great taboo for the phantom kings. They stopped and stayed outside the entry point for a long while, disappearing only after a long while.

"Master, are you alright?" everyone asked the question that's been on their mind's through the whole escape.

"Still alright, although all my strength has been used up. I need to restore my energy."

After learning that he wasn't in mortal danger, everyone breathed a sigh of relief. When they thought about the fact that even a devil king dimensional monster of this King's True Territory was sufficient to exterminate them all, all of them paled.

Heaven only knew how terrifying a twelve rainbow light king would be. Given their current level of strength, it would probably be impossible for even Li Qinghong and Lin Jian to fight against just phantom kings.

"How is this possible, how can there be a place like this in this world which holds so many formidable king class dimensional beasts? "

Among the eight of them, Devil Monkey was the most knowledgeable person about King's True Territory, but even he didn't have the slightest clue regarding his own question.

All of them kept looking at each other in dismay. None of them had ever heard about a secret region which had more terrifying dimensional beasts compared to this King's True Territory.

"Just now, all those nine king class dimensional beasts could be classified as king class monsters without a doubt. After all, the rainbow light emitted from them wasn't false, yet why are they all so powerful? Their strength surpasses the strength of ordinary king class dimensional beasts by several folds."

Li Qinghong was the calmest among the group. She was the first person to regain her cool.

Apart from Li Yunmu, each of the remaining people were extremely experienced and knowledgeable Halted Fluxers, yet none of them had any clue about this place, and all of them felt as if they had seen a ghost.

"Just now, when I killed that devil king using Danger Critical Strike, I was able to obtain these things. You all should take look and see whether you can think of a solution."

Li Yunmu, who had completely exhausted his energy, had taken out some supplementing pills and recovered thirty percent of his total strength.

He opened his hand, and on his palm, a drop of golden-colored blood appeared.

Once this golden-colored drop appeared, it illuminated the entire valley, covering all the objects in a layer of gold.

"Deity blood, surprisingly it is deity blood," Li Qinghong, who was the first person who managed to react, yelled out. She was extremely familiar with such a drop of golden-colored blood essence.

This was because sungod bird's undying sage blood within her body emitted this kind of aura.