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202 Great Courage

As the fight went on, the other ape gods joined in, but the four shadows were able to completely ignore their presence and continue with their attacks.

Unbreakable, unbreakable, unbreakable, unbreakable, the defense remained unbreakable!

This was terrifying!

When Underworld Hand, Demon, Flowing Cloud, and others saw the the combat strength displayed by Li Yunmu's four shadows identical to his own, their hair immediately stood up from being faced with such an abnormal situation.

Li Yunmu was monstrous enough by himself, so if four king shadows were able to display 100% of his strength, then that would make it five monsters in one.

At this moment, Underworld Hand finally understood why when they had exchanged blows previously he felt as if he'd been attacked by five layers of enormous strength. No wonder that even a Halted Fluxer like him who had cultivated a rare cultivation method was still blown away by one fist.

It apparently hadn't been a fist launched by Li Yunmu alone but one launched in sync by five of him and thus contained five layers of energy.

Li Qinghong and the others kept watching everything from a distance.

Their minds were blank as they followed with their eyes Li Yun, Li Feng, and the other two shadows as they cut down the limbs of god apes. The shadows kept on using their continuous strike while being attacked by the whole group of the formidable beasts.

This time, Li Yunmu's four shadows didn't simply display his absolute defense but also his offensive strength which had increased substantially in the recent days.

With the extremely pure sungod flame energy surrounding the blood fiend cold thunder blade, the deadly power of the skills unleashed by the four shadows reached the pinnacle of strength at this level.

The spectators made some rough estimations inwardly. When confronted with the sungod flame energy laced blood fiend cold thunder blade, even if they had rainbow layer armor with the protective cover, they could only rely on it for five to seven strikes.

Once the seven strikes were taken, the sungod flame energy would melt their rainbow energy protective cover, and with just the crystal armor without the protective energy cover, they probably wouldn't be able to stand against the successively increasing might of the blood fiend cold thunder blade.

The group instantly became aware that Li Yunmu's strength had increased by leaps and bounds compared to the when he was at Setting Sun Mountain Range.

In time, more than a hundred thirty ape gods were defeated by Li Yunmu.

Regardless of how crazily the beasts had attacked, they were unable to injure the enemy in the slightest, which brought forth the sensation of fear and powerlessness within them. Instantly, an unusually strong ape god howled out while facing toward the sky.

It began to guide the remaining thirty or so of his kind to flee.

A group of ape gods were escaping…

If other fluxers were to see this scene, then their mouths would certainly fall open from shock. After all, a group of ape gods couldn't be threatened by anything within the Fifth Dimension.

"Stop them, your mission is just to stall them. Stop as many as you can!" Li Yunmu commanded, and his seven followers immediately came out of hiding, rushing to obstruct the fleeing beasts.

If Li Qinghong and the group had been facing a group of more than one hundred thirty ape gods, they could only hope to escape. But when the seven of them were facing only thirty or so the beasts who had already lost their morale, the Halted Fluxeres could even put up a fight against them, not to mention that Li Yunmu only wanted them to stall the beasts.

In the end, in their first battle after entering the King's True Territory, Li Yunmu's four shadows had chopped off the limbs of one hundred thirty two ape gods while being surrounded by that same group of savage rainbow crystal dimensional beasts.

Only three of those beasts were able to escape the encirclement.

Li Yunmu wasn't afraid of mutilating the ape gods by chopping off their six limbs because their bloodline was extremely strong. If they only ate some supplements, their six limbs would grow back in no time.

It wouldn't be the slightest exaggeration to say that as long as the brain of an ape god was intact, they couldn't be regarded as truly dead. This was the reason why ape gods were so fearless.

As for why the captured ape gods were sold for a terrifying price of one billion, that was due to their bloodline genes which possessed the formidable regeneration ability.

If the ape gods' genes were infused into human soldiers, then although it would still be impossible for them to regrow lost limbs, the strength of their bodies and their healing ability would increase by more than ten times.

The Central Continent had a squad of thirty thousand men which was formed the Ape God Gene Corps. These corps were actually made up of those who had undergone successful genetic modifications with the use of ape god genes.

Once ape gods' genetic armor and advanced technological weapons were added to the mix, this Ape God Gene Corps could threaten even Flux Disciples if the numbers of the two forces was equal.

In fact, they could even kill a Flux Master if they managed to surround him or her.

From this, it was clear that advanced dimensional technology coupled with genetic modification using the genes of formidable dimensional beasts, could allow even a squad of ordinary people to display a terrifying combat strength.

Li Yunmu made the seven people put all the ape gods with damaged bodies into his heavenly world.

This time's harvest was enormous, far surpassing everyone's imagination.

"Master, by relying on the strength of this group of ape gods, almost no one in the Fifth Dimension will be capable of stopping us. We would even possess the necessary capital to ascend to the Sixth Dimension if we decided to do so in the future."

A bloodthirsty glint passed through the eyes of Underworld Hand.

Ascending dimensions!

It was the sore point in every Halted Fluxer's heart, and also their deepest desire.

It wasn't that they didn't possess the qualifications to ascend but that they didn't dare to do so. If they actually ascended to the Sixth Dimension, they would not only have to fight Transcending Flux Masters, but also confront the formidable Temporal Flux Masters. Or maybe even Nirvana layer ones who were just one step from entering the sage layer. That's why even if Halted Fluxers had great talent and were the peak cultivators in the Fifth Dimension, they still didn't have any certainty to survive in the Sixth Dimension.

However, they could now see a hint of hope in Li Yunmu, because he was the only one among all of them who possessed a heavenly world. As long as he had it, there was hope. And now he had also gathered a group of formidable people by his side.

"I heard it's a known fact within the fluxer world that Xiye Hanbei has a heavenly world, is that right?" Li Yunmu suddenly asked.

"Yes, reportedly half a year ago his heavenly world condensed the second sun. According to my estimations, after remaining within the Fifth Dimension for another half a year, he will certainly ascend to the Sixth Dimension," Li Qinghong answered after thinking about it for a moment.

"Second sun, a Flux Disciple has already condensed a two sun heavenly world."

Li Yunmu hadn't even dared to think about accomplishing it, yet Xiye Hanbei had already done it. This man was certainly a formidable one.

"Master needn't show false modesty. With everyone's effort, we should be able to advance master's heavenly world to two suns within a year. At that time we'll only need for master to congeal those suns, and we'll no longer need to stay within the Fifth Dimension for the rest of our lives."

Underworld Hand and the others filled with excitement at this moment.

Who would want to suppress their cultivation and waste their resources, talent, and life? And Li Yunmu was their only hope to ascend at this point in time.

Li Yunmu suddenly said, "Your current strength is still far from sufficient. I have a great idea, let's see if you have the courage to accomplish it or not."