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The more Li Yunmu thought about it, the more confused he became.

Muscle Marrow Body Refining Secrets could transform his innate talent and body structure and boost his comprehensive ability. Due to this, it was extremely important to him.

This was especially so now when he was trying to break through to rainbow crystal layer and needed a large amount of active rainbow crystals. It was usually very difficult to encounter even one rainbow crystal dimensional beast, so where would he be able to find them in great numbers? Heavens only knew how long it would take him.

The improvement in his comprehensive ability was also an important factor here. The increase in proficiency completely depended upon the person's perceptiveness. If their comprehension was high, then they could easily become proficient with battle skills, but if their comprehension was low, then it would take them twice the effort.

However, this body refining techniques' effects on the body were a little weak. If Li Yunmu chose it, then it would decrease his speed when rushing toward the sage layer, so he didn't dare to choose it.

Great Sun Body Refining Secrets was the ideal cultivation method in Li Yunmu's mind, because of its formidable power. The effects on the body were pretty good, and it was also extremely compatible with Chaotian Sect's Great Sun Secret Method, which Li Qinghong had grasped.

Since the opponent had decided to invade his territory, why shouldn't he dare to steal their sect's secret technique?

However, this Great Sun Body Refining Secrets had a fatal flaw. It was relatively incompatible with the Sacred Purifying Pearl. There existed a secret barrier between them.

Great Sun was inclined toward the yang nature, while Sacred Purifying Pearl was partial toward the yin nature.

This being the case, Li Yunmu could only choose the Blood Tyrant Body Refining Secrets. Yet he really wanted all three of the supreme cultivation methods.

"F*ck, if I could get my hands on all three cultivation methods, that would be good," he said crazily said.

[It is possible. If host doesn't want to renounce any of these cultivation methods, then you can combine them into one!]

Li Yunmu was left gobsmacked. The system's reply was unexpectedly extremely certain. He had just babbled out what came to his mind, yet he was unexpectedly presented with this ideal outcome.

"System, you aren't trying to trick me, are you? Is there really possible?"

Li Yunmu didn't dare to believe it.

[Confirming again. If host doesn't want to renounce any of the three cultivation methods, then you can use a certain amount of space elements and combine the cultivation methods into one,]the system replied.

"How much?"

Li Yunmu, of course, knew that there was no such thing as a free lunch in this world. If he wanted to get something, then he had to be willing to pay the price. He thus asked the system to elaborate on that price.

[If you want to merge two cultivation methods together, then you must offer two thousand space elements. If you want to merge three, then you must offer three thousand space elements.]

"Then what if I want to merge four, or maybe even more?" Li Yunmu asked with a shine in his eyes, seemingly having suddenly understood something.

[You cannot combine more than three cultivation methods. If host insists on combining more , then the cultivation method produced by the forceful combination can only give mediocre results.]

"Mediocre results would just mean that it is trash."

Li Yunmu understood what the system was talking about. He inspected the amount of space elements he had now, and it was luckily three thousand something. This was just the right amount for his needs.

Almost without thinking, he offered the three thousand space elements and combined the three skills.

[Ding, you are about to use up three thousand space elements to combine Muscle Marrow Body Refining Secrets, Great Sun Body Refining Secrets, and Blood Tyrant Body Refining Secrets to produce S grade Great Sun Tyrant Body Muscle Marrow Secrets. Because you have only offered 9,999 space elements, you can only obtain first ten levels of S grade Great Sun Tyrant Body Muscle Marrow Secrets. If host will want to continue cultivating to the rest of the ninety levels, then you will need to offer more space elements.]

Another notification was given out by the system.

When Li Yunmu heard it, excitement began to rage in his heart. This was an S grade cultivation method! F*ck your mother, so this was how an S grade cultivation method was produced. He finally understood how it worked.

Formidable, too f*cking formidable!

There was nothing more to say. Li Yunmu now only had the first ten levels of the supreme S grade cultivation method, but since this was a genuine supreme skill, its first ten level were comparable to thirty levels of an A grade skill.

"Yes, definitely yes."

Li Yunmu clenched his teeth and firmly chose to merge.

The next instant a progress bar appeared within his consciousness sea.

1%, 7%, 19%, 37%, 76%, 100%, merging complete. 

Li Yunmu waited for a full half an hour, and finally the progress bar became full. Instantly, the rest of the thirty six A grade skills within his sea of consciousness disappeared.

The only one left was an extremely dazzling golden globe - Great Sun Tyrant Body Muscle Marrow Secrets.

Li Yunmu commanded it with his thoughts, and it was pulled into his hands. After the globe entered his body, complex information began to flood into his mind, little by little.

[Congratulations host, you have successfully grasped the essence of Great Sun Tyrant Body Muscle Marrow Secrets. Do you wish to consume ten thousand ability points and cultivate its first level?]

Ten thousand ability points!

Li Yunmu became apprehensive. This amount was too enormous! Ten thousand ability points for the first level… Yet excitement still rose within his heart.

The higher the cost of cultivating, the more it authenticated the fierceness of this S grade Great Sun Tyrant Body Muscle Marrow Secrets. Fortunately, he had already accumulated one hundred fifty thousand ability points.

If he didn't use them now, then when will he use them!


Ten thousand ability points were spent like water, and Li Yunmu felt a trace of heat slowly rising up at the center of his chest.

His mind began to rise higher and higher, breaking out of the black mountain, breaking the hidden domain's black cloud. While rising upwards, he gradually reached the empty sky and left the blue dome of heaven.

When it happened, he was welcomed by a red light from the depths of the cosmos. This light then began to burn even brighter and finally transformed into a red sun. At this time, within Li Yunmu's world, there seemed to be nothing except this ancient enormous sun.

"Great sun."

A grand yet emotionless voiced came from the depths of the sky and echoed within his ears.

Suddenly, Li Yunmu sobered up. He discovered that his consciousness had once more returned to his body. However, he discovered a small pigeon-egg-sized red sun at the center of his chest.

"This Great Sun Tyrant Body Muscle Marrow Secrets is really miraculous," he exclaimed.

He knew that that the cultivation method he had created by merging three different techniques would absolutely surpass any godly sage technique of the present world, even if he didn't have the slightest idea of how powerful they were. He was completely certain of it in his heart, because of the majestic spectacle his consciousness had witnessed just a moment ago.