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"Hey hey, have you heard? Chaotian Sect has moved to deal with Li Yunmu."

"I know, I was surfing on Holy Spirit Continent's main network. This time Chaotian Sect is very serious about killing Li Yunmu. Not even one morning passed, and they already sent a summons, ordering all the core disciples adventuring in wilderness to return back."

"Yeah, I also just returned from there. As I saw, they even called back people like Flowing Cloud, Thousand Kill, North Black Wind, as well as Flame Devil back to the sect."

"This move is a little terrifying. Thousand Kill, Flame Devil, all these people are extremely formidable existences. This time Li Yunmu has little hope."

"The information gathered by you all is greatly lacking. According to one of my friends who is also a disciple of Chaotian Sect, this time Chaotian Sect didn't only call back Flame Devil and them, but they also dispatched the four great halted fluxers."

"Ha ha, last time, more than two thousand people were dispatched from the Central Continent. But still, Li Yunmu, this terrifying existence, had slaughtered more than two hundred of them, resulting in all the powers being forced to recall their troops, so as to prevent them from being slaughtered. So what is this Chaotian Sect? As I see, as long as these people dare to provoke Li Yunmu, they will also be destroyed."

"Ha ha, foolish child, do you even know what kind of existences are these people, Flame Dragon, Thousand Kill Mo, North Black Wind, Flowing Cloud and others? If you don't know, then first return to your courtyard and question your fellow students, they will certainly teach you about these people's origins."

"Li Qinghong and Blade Overlord were also formidable, but in the end, didn't both of them still become Li Yunmu's followers? So who can say what the end result will be."

Some time after Chaotian Sect's swift and decisive actions to gather its disciples, fluxers started discussing what will happen next. And it wasn't the past time of those from the Central continent alone, either. Fluxers from all the six continents began arguing over whether it'll be Chation sect with its formidable power, or Li Yunmu with his heaven defying battle prowess that will have the last laugh.

But soon, this debate became lopsided. It happened after one person expressed his views on the Southern Continent's main stellar network.

This person, who had personally appeared to give his evaluation, was none other than the World Slaughterer who was publicly acknowledged as the most powerful Halted Fluxer in Fifth Dimension.

World Slaughterer was naturally the nickname bestowed upon him by everyone. His real name was Xiye Hanbai, but most people knew him as the most powerful Halted Fluxer, World Slaughterer!

This was not for any other reason but because Xiye Hanbai was extremely formidable.

Compared to his accomplishments and glorious deeds, Li Yunmu's accomplishments paled in comparison. Many people even joked that as long as he wanted to, he could alone kill all the fluxers in the Fifth Dimension.

Naturally, this was only an exaggeration, but undoubtedly, there was also some truth to it. Xiye Hanbai was a truly unrivaled existence within the Fifth Dimension.

If Li Yunmu could be said to be an existence approaching that of world battle sage, then Xiye Hanbai could really be considered as the battle sage of the Fifth Sage.

When all is said and done, his strength can be gauged by the fact War God Temple had sent him the invitation to enter the trial by fire three times, yet he had declined it each and every time. When the Southern Continent's Nine Sun Palace had dispatched a large number of their members to hunt him down, the outcome was that they were completely exterminated. 

Three years ago, with a cultivation of silver crystal layer and without using any sage weapons, Xiye Hanbai had cleared the first thirty-five levels of the Tower of Glory. To this day, his record remained unbroken.

The fact worth paying attention here was that he hadn't used any external assistance.

There were also many-maybe even too many-accomplishments to list, each of which had shaken the entire fluxer world.

The final, most important thing was that this Xiye Hanbai had once in a century exceptional innate talent. It wasn't pinnacle grade but rather exceptional grade!

All the above mentioned facts were sufficient to prove that with his strength, he could easily be considered as the most powerful person within the Fifth Dimension. Even the second ranked Devil could only flee if he saw the figure of Xiye Hanbai.

The most powerful fluxer within the Fifth Dimension was that powerful!

When faced with him, the second most powerful person Devil couldn't even considering fighting back. So once he expressed his views, they instantly dropped a curtain on this debate.

"If Li Yunmu doesn't manage to greatly increase his strength within a short time, then it will certainly be unfortunate. I hope he can survive this calamity."
This was the evaluation of Xiye Hanbai.

Greatly increase his strength!?

Many people instantly grabbed Xiye Hanbai's few words but very important words. If an ordinary person had said about greatly increasing one's strength, then they would've meant the usual increase in strength.

However, when these words were said by Xiye Hanbai, then they certainly couldn't have a simple meaning. Within a short time, Chaotian Sect had already made its move.

Could Li Yunmu then greatly increase his strength as Xiye Hanbai had said? No one believed this, because the increase he required was just too enormous.

This time, none of the betting companies of any continents offered a bet on Chaotian Sect's must-kill order, because this was a sect's affair.

Offering wagers on a sect's matter could be seen as a provocation to the sect.

The reason why Chaotian Sect was so domineering and unreasonable was because it was an enormously powerful existence, considered as one of the top ten most powerful sects in the world.

Given Xiye Hanbai's opinion, many people instantly foresaw Li Yunmu's judgment day.

In the Devil Ox Valley Battlefield, some people were talking.

"Noujie, what's the matter with you today? Are you alright? You haven't been yourself the whole day," Luo Jin said. He had healed from his serious injuries after receiving assistance from the fluxer association.

They were currently in the wilderness, so they naturally didn't have any idea about Choatian Sect's must-kill order for Li Yunmu, but today Liu Noujie was frequently making mistakes and getting distracted.

"I'm alright, I just need some rest."
Liu Noujie laughed. After that she didn't enter the battle but just gazed towards the direction of Moro Mountain Tenebrous Hidden Domain with slight hesitation on her face.

One privately owned dimensional space eye, which was flying in the sky in stealth mode, had secretly provided signal to her stellarcomm.

During the previous large scale hunt and capture operation, she was only worried that Li Yunmu was in danger, but after Chaotian Sect had made its move, she couldn't help but think of rushing into Moro Mountain Tenebrous Hidden Domain.

With her understanding of Li Yunmu's nature, she was certain that he could only go to one place.

In a certain secret place, Ling Shuang was training. This secret region was classified as Sword Sect's private place. Li Yunmu had created great waves in the outside world, but she was engaged in her sect's bitter cultivation.

However, Li Yunmu had complete knowledge regarding the outside world. When Ling Shuang thought about it, her hand suddenly paused, and she stopped.

"Senior sister, what's the matter?" two elegant females hastily asked.

"It's a small affair, one of my friends encountered great trouble on the outside. I want to go assist him in battle," Ling Shuang said bluntly.

"Eh? Is the friend senior sister talking about Li Yunmu? I hadn't expected that he would be senior sister's friend."

"Yes, I heard that Chaotian Sect made moves against him. I want to experience that North Black Wind's true strength once."
A desire to battle flashed across Ling Shuang's face.

Chaotian Sect was a powerful sect which many powers were afraid of provoking. But this didn't include Sword Sect, because it had a Battle Sage.

There weren't many people in the Sword Sect, so they should be lower than even some third rate power with a hundred people. But as long as her master was around, no one would dare to look down upon her Sword Sect, not even transcending powers.