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182 Wild Ambitions

[There are all types of reactions. The only one in your support is from the city lord's mansion which has refused to compromise. Other powers have been silent,] the system replied.
Li Yunmu thought and said with a smile, "That's expected. Apparently, they want to use a major power like Chaotian Sect to draw out my mysterious Li Sect. Besides, the present situation of Heavenly Cloud City isn't that good, I can sense storm clouds approaching."

Chaotian Sect was indeed a terrifying power. However, while he was in the Fifth Dimension, he naturally didn't need to fear it for the time being!

Li Qinghong, on the other hand, was fully occupied by this. She seemed to want to see how Li Yunmu will deal with this kind of major trouble. Previously, Chaotian Sect had called her a traitor and directly chased after her, but now, this burden fell on her master.
"Qinghong, tell me something, if your Chaotian Sect had only asked me to hand you over, this matter would've been settled. But why are they insisting that I must personally go and ask for forgiveness, is their mind full of horsesh*t?"
For the last two days, Li Yunmu's mood had been pretty good, even though he hadn't found the entrance to the secret region.

His cultivation had progressed rapidly, and he was excited him by the fact that the experience and ability points earned by hacking the dimensional beasts at Moro Mountain Tenebrous Hidden Domain were just enormous.

After hacking for two days and nights, the number of experience points, which was originally at forty-six thousand, had increased by twelve thousand. At this rate, as long as he continued to hack for a bit more, the fourth shadow could be soon congealed.

Apart from hacking in the Moro Mountain Tenebrous Hidden Domain, Li Yunmu also didn't allow the dimensional battlefield's space elements remain constant. Now he only used the hack for a few hours and the number of space elements he had accumulated reached an unprecedented amount-9999.

9999 space elements, what did it represent?

Although they couldn't bring any great change, they could allow Li Yunmu to exchange for a topnotch purely body-refining technique. At the moment he didn't lack anything besides a topnotch body-refining technique. As long as he had one and used it together with the blood purifying ability of the Sacred Purifying Pearl, then when the time came, let alone flux energy cultivation, just his body's flesh will attain the pinnacle of the human body.

This would make for an extremely stable foundation to enter the sage layer in the future.

Once Li Yunmu had questioned Ling Shuang, why wasn't she anxious to upgrade her cultivation? At that time, she had only said one line to him When the time comes, you will understand. Right now, he perfectly understood the meaning of her words.

In the world of fluxers, the most important thing wasn't to cultivate quickly but to build a good foundation. The difference between opening all types of flux points and increasing strength comprehensively, tempering the flux skills, and the cornerstone of the crystal armor' congealment was like heaven and earth. 

If one had a purely body-refining technique, then they could build a good foundation when starting on their path to flux cultivation. Once the foundation was built, one could never fill its cracks.

As for increasing the cultivation, during the Flux Disciple layer, it only required a large number of resources and nothing more as long as Li Yunmu had sufficient flux energy crystals, then like Chu Qingyu, he could advance from the lowest layer to silver crystal layer in ten days.
Li Qinghong stabbed a six-clawed lizard which pounced on her and said with a giggle, "It's not that their brain is filled with horsesh*t. I think they have some ideas about your Void Disk, and if they could obtain the jade pendant and battle sage bloodline as well, it would be the best."

When Li Yunmu heard this, he couldn't believe it for a moment. What were the upper echelons of Chaotian Sect thinking? How could they think that he, Li Yunmu, would obediently surrender himself and let their sect deal with him as they wished?

He was a citizen of the Central Continent and not the Holy Spirit Continent. That Chaotian Sect bit more than it could chew.
"Void Disk? Could the Chaotian Sect also have an eye on this supreme treasure?"
"Yes, as a majestic sect, Chaotian Sect naturally has deep reserves. Very long ago, they had dispatched people from their sect all over the six continents to find information about transcending sage treasures, and so they've been coveting the three transcending treasures kept at the Tower of Glory for a long time. Even if they could forget about the newcomer of Barbarian Continent who had obtained one of them, but now that you obtained the Void Disk, those old fellows naturally won't sit idle."

Li Qinghong's good-looking face turned cold at the mention of Chaotian Sect. Not only did she not feel any sense of belonging to this sect, she couldn't help the hatred rising in her heart at the mention of its name.
Lin Jian standing on the other side, also chimed in. "En, before I left Bladewood, I also heard the rumors of Chaotian Sect searching for transcending sage weapons."
"What do they want so many transcending sage weapons for?"

Li Yunmu was rather speechless. Transcending sage weapons, do these people think they are vegetables?

The title of sage level equipment represented that the item had come from the Seventh Dimension and not that it had extremely high power, and the same was true for transcending sage weapons too.

The reason why the latter were called that was pretty simplethey represented the kings among all other sage tools. Every transcending sage item was renowned in all the six continents and possessed the power of a domain.
"They want to gather six transcending sage weapons and attempt constructing a supreme killing spell. Reportedly, if this spell is successful, then Chaotian Sect will possess the ability to resist against transcended powers." Li Qinghong said after some thought. Although she had been the disciple of the sect master, she had been considered as a cultivation furnace from the beginning and so didn't many secrets of the Chaotian Sect.
"A killing spell constructed using six transcending sage tools? Relying on which, they will be able to contend against transcending powers?" Li Yunmu took a deep breath. "This Chaotian Sect has wild ambitions."
"Yes, Chaotian Sect's ancestor's great great grandson, whose name is Ye Qing, has been suppressing his cultivation base for several years because of the two transcending sage treasures in the Tower of Glory. If it wasn't for you, who suddenly appeared out of nowhere, then those two transcending sage items within the Tower of Glory would've certainly fallen into the hands of Chaotian Sect," Li Qinghong's said, astonishing everyone.

At this instant, even Blade Overlord was surprised by Chaotian Sect's wild ambitions.

A supreme transcending power isn't terrifying. It has its own objectives and regulations, like whether to interfere in the worldly matters or not.

A powerful sect with wild ambitions is actually the terrifying one, because this implies that this giant will use all sorts of methods to achieve its goals.

Chaotian Sect was an existence which wasn't governed by any principles!

In a split second, Li Yunmu learned about the power of this sect, and his expression finally became serious. 
"Presently, how many transcending sage tools does Chaotian Sect have?" he suddenly asked.
"When I betrayed the sect, they already had three. In these past two years, I heard they obtained another one. If they aren't concealing anything, then they have four," Li Qinghong answered, not completely certain of her words.

When Li Yunmu heard this, a chill instantly went down his spine. If it was certain that the sect already had four weapons, then it probably also had the fifth one. And if it truly had five, then it only lacked one more. With just one more, not only would they put other sects in a critical situation, even Li Yunmu would be in great trouble.

It was, after all, impossible for Li Yunmu to obediently hand over Li Qinghong and the Void Disk. Not to mention the fact that with the other party's wild ambitions they might even have some plans for his other reserves.