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181 Chaotian Sect’s Time Limi

By the time Li Yunmu finally entered the Moro Mountain Tenebrous Hidden Domain to look for the secret region's entrance as pointed by the rune pages obtained from dwarf witch clan, it was already the next day. The news of him leading the two Halted Fluxers, Li Qinghong and Lin Jian, to collect the wagers at the three largest betting companies had spread like wildfire.

Although this news wasn't a big matter to the fluxer community, but within the Fifth Dimension, this news caused great waves.
"Blade Overlord Lin Jian? The person who is ranked ninth on the Halted Fluxer strength list and who was born in the transcended power Bladewood of the Higher Dimensional Continent? This kind of pinnacle character? Did he really agree to become Li Yunmu's follower?"

Many fluxers who received this information were full of incredulity. Not only speaking about his strength, that Blade Overlord Lin Jian's name had been extinguished, disappearing from the formal records at the fluxer badge library terminal.

And now this formidable person had been resurrected?

However, the important part was not his coming back to life, but that he had changed allegiance and become a follower of Li Yunmu.

Many fluxers who received this information were instantly left astounded. Who was the Blade Overlord? He was an extremely proud person, otherwise how would he have received the title of Blade Overlord of the Fifth Dimension.

However when people entered the Central Continent's main fluxer network, opened the largest fluxer information portals and websites, they discovered with a quick search that many large government information portals had all formally authenticated this information.

This was because yesterday there had indeed been many people who had seen the trio appearing together in the Virtual Dimension.
"Lies, I don't believe it. Blade Overlord has been the role model of our generation, how can he be willing to turn into a mere follower of that Li Yunmu."
"I also don't dare to believe it, but it's actually true. The moment I heard this information, I felt the order of the world collapsing."
"It's bogus. Li Yunmu became famous due to his battle at the Setting Sun Mountain Range where he had killed more than two hundred high level fluxers. But although he is formidable, he still is a fluxer with a low cultivation, how is it possible for him to turn Blade Overlord, this level of Halted Fluxer senior, into his follower."

In a short while, more and more people expressed their disbelief. But once the high-standing people of the three largest betting companies personally confirmed that they had indeed encountered Li Yunmu, Li Qinghong, and Lin Jian together, everyone was finally forced to believe in this impossible fact.

"My god, what formidable battle prowess does this Li Yunmu have that he could even make Blade Overlord and Li Qinghong become his followers? I cannot even begin to imagine."

"Completely hopeless, even the Frightful Dragon Li Qinghong, this powerful female battle goddess became Li Yunmu's follower? How is it possible!!"
"Yes, I also don't dare to believe it. Blade Overlord becoming Li Yunmu's follower is something I can barely accept, but as for Li Qinghong, the formidable battle goddess of the Fifth Dimension. Damn it, from the beginning, I was even secretly in love with her, but now I'm afraid that she must've become Li Yunmu's woman."
"What the f*ck, I didn't pay any attention to this Li Yunmu previously, even if he had cleared the fifteenth level of Tower of Glory, I had only heard his name and nothing more. However, given that the city lord of Heavenly Cloud City betrothed Lin Yuerou to him, and I abhor this person. Isn't he supposed to be the future husband of Lin Yuerou? How can he still dare to have plans on Li Qinghong when he already has Lin Yuerou?"

In a moment, the debate pertaining to Li Yunmu was picked up by the majority of fluxers on the Central Continent. Furthermore, because of the Blade Overlord and Li Qinghong becoming his followers, the fluxers of the other five continents also gradually became aware that this year an extremely formidable person had appeared among the newcomers of the Central Continent.

However, as the news about Li Yunmu had started to lose their novelty and everyone said what they wanted to, suddenly, a news which shocked the whole fluxer world came from the side of the Holy Spirit Continent.
A top tier sect, Chaotioan Sect, commanded that within three days, Li Yunmu must hand over Li Qinghong to them. Furthermore, he must personally come to apologise to them, otherwise Chaotian Sect will formally issue a must kill order for him.

Once this news was transmitted, the whole world instantly began to rumble!

Among the loudest and most angry were the fluxers of Heavenly Cloud City!

Regardless of whatever was said, even if Li Yunmu had offended the majority of powers in the Central Continent, he was still considered as a person of their Heavenly Cloud City. It didn't matter what hubbub he was creating or how many people were envious of him, he was still a newcomer who had come from their Heavenly Cloud City.

Li Yunmu's recent actions had been perhaps unacceptable to the fluxers of other regions of the Central Continent, but for the fluxers of Heavenly Cloud City, this matter had brought them great glory. The feeling of being from the same region and being proud for his deeds was something which was difficult for the fluxers of other regions to comprehend.

And today, this bullsh*t Chaotian Sect of Holy Spirit Continent surprisingly dared to act so domineering and arrogant. They couldn't personally catch Li Qinghong so they wanted to rely on Li Yunmu by forcing him to hand her over?

Naturally, with their enormous power, Chaotian Sect did indeed have the qualifications to act tyrannically. But this Chaotian Sect shouldn't have asked for Li Yunmu to personally come to their sect at Holy Spirit Continent and apologise. This was really too excessive, if their former time limit order could be said to be extremely domineering.

The latter was, however, just unreasonable!

Instantly, large number of fluxers within the territory of Heavenly Cloud City, one after another, requested the three great sects of their city to personally step in and let Chaotian Sect know that their Heavenly Cloud City wasn't sectless.

However, even though large number of fluxer requested this for half a day, there was no reaction.

The fluxers of Heavenly Cloud City suddenly discovered that their present situation was quite strange. Their three great sectsThe Sword Sect, Blue Cloud Sect, and Heavenly Moon Sect were surprisingly not replying.

What kind of situation was this? These type of circumstances were seen extremely rarely. Would Li Yunmu not receive the grace of the three sects? No one knew what was happening here.

The first day of the three day time limit quickly passed by.

Every power in the Heavenly Cloud City, from the clans in their citadels to sects, had no reaction, as if all of them had gone deaf and blind.

Only Lin Yuerou who represented the city lord's mansion had personally stepped out to contend against Chaotian Sect. But it was useless, Heavenly Cloud City's lord had perished, and Lin Yuerou's personal power was too weak.
"What is going on here? Is some major change going to happen in our Heavenly Cloud City?"
This time, unpleasant thoughts began to rise in the minds of many fluxers.
[Host, Chaotian Sect has again reiterated the three day time limit. You still have two days time.]
At this moment, the person at the center of the commotion, Li Yunmu, was still searching for the entrance to the secret region together with the two Halted Fluxers. He did not care one bit about anything happening in the outside world.

He was focused on the fact that he only had seven rune pages, which was quite far from having all ten. Even though the system with its in-depth analysis had provided him with seven coordinates which had the highest probability of the secret entrance being located, there was little success.
In two days, Li Yunmu had already went through two of them, but his luck was somewhat bad and so he hadn't found the true location. At this time, when he heard the system's notification, he carelessly asked, "Oh, how did everyone respond to it?"