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180 Swift Progress

Li Yunmu and the two Halted Fluxers were rushing toward Moro Mountain Tenebrous Hidden Domain, hoping to reach it before the night fell. In time, they descended on a mountain top. 

Li Yunmu actually wasn't very clear about the definition of the hidden domains in the wilderness of the dimensions. However, Li Qinghong and Lin Jian, these two Halted Fluxers, were extremely familiar with them. 

Hidden Domains were regions which possessed extraordinary similarity to the true Fifth Dimension. Thus, the Moro Mountain Tenebrous Hidden Domain was filled with many dimensional beasts who had passed over from the true Fifth Dimension. 

Because of this extremely high concentration of dimensional beasts, this was an extremely dangerous region. It wasn't no wonder then that at that time Liu Noujie had earnestly tried to stop Li Yunmu from coming here. 

Whoosh, whoosh whoosh… The three of them found a mountain peak and dropped from the sky. 

Li Yunmu took a deep breath and instantly sensed that the atmosphere here was quite oppressive. The sky was gray, having lost its usual blue color. The ground was covered by a layer of black soil, which was filled with endless stifling sensation. 

Even the mountains, trees, flowers, and plants were all black. This dimensional field seemed to have only one colour, and it was black. 

Suddenly, when the three of them descended, a sharp hissing sound came from one of the black trees.


The Frightful Imperial Spear in Li Qinghong's hand moved once and instantly erupted with rainbow flux energy which rushed toward the origin of the sound with incomparable accuracy. 


The spearhead of the Frightful Imperial Spear, which carried a terrifying amount of flux energy, hit a hard object, producing sparks. 

A twenty meter something two-horned devil python showed up, seemingly having decided that they were its prey. 

Li Qinghong's spear had hit its huge head, but the hard armor there had surprisingly blocked an attack from a Halted Fluxer. 


The trio had just entered this dimensional field, and a two-horned devil python had already attacked them. This dimensional field was extremely terrifying. 

"It hasn't died yet, should I kill it?"

Li Qinghong's forehead wrinkled. The two-horned devil python was clearly a dimensional beast from the true Fifth Dimension and its strength was at golden crystal layer. However relying on its innately formidable physical body, it could even challenge a Halted Fluxer. 

Liu Noujie's words were correct. If a fluxer wanted to come here, then their cultivation must at least be at rainbow crystal layer, and they still needed a squad. Otherwise, alone, the person simply wouldn't be able to enter the depths of this hidden domain and could only stroll around the outer layer. 

The only exception was someone like Li Yunmu who possessed three shadows and had a powerful defense which would allow him to overcome the threat of the majority of dimensional beasts here. 

The point where Li Yunmu's group had descended wasn't the outer region, though. They had directly dropped from the sky to the deepest part of the Moro Mountain Tenebrous Hidden Domain. 

"No need, let my shadow clan deal with it."

Once Li Yunmu said these words, the shadow behind his body immediately rose from the ground and divided into three. Immediately, Li Yun, Li Feng, and Li Tian charged towards the two-horned devil python and started using Violent Blade from three directions. 

First strike, second strike, third strike… Ninth strike… The devil python, even if it had a formidable body, couldn't last for more than three minutes under the concentrated offense of the three shadows and was finally chopped down. 

Li Yunmu immediately earned four times the experience and ability points he'd get normally, because he had now just killed a monster which was four layers higher than him, and obtained one hundred eighty-eight points. 

"Ample experience points, it really deserved to be called a formidable life-form of the true Fifth Dimension."

Li Yunmu inwardly sighed. When Lin Jian and Li Qinghong saw the three shadows, a hint of envy and fear appeared on their faces. 

The impression left by these three life-forms summoned by Li Yunmu using secondary flux energy was extremely profound. The reason why Li Qinghong had been captured by Li Yunmu was because she had lost her ability to escape after one of the three shadows unleashed the Wind God Tornado Kick on her. It had kicked her with great power against which she couldn't resist, thus causing her defeat. 

Otherwise, with her astonishing combat strength of the sixth most formidable Halted Fluxer and her powerful Frightful Imperial Spear, Li Yunmu would have had no chance of winning when fighting alone.

"Since the night has fallen, let's rest for sometime and then search for the entrance of the secret region later."

After killing the devil python, Li Yunmu found a level hill and decided to set his camp there. 

The three shadows, however, didn't come back but rushed out to kill monsters in three directions of the mountain, with Li Yunmu serving as the center of the triangle. 

Li Qinghong nodded, taking the responsibility for cooking their meal. Lin Jian in the meantime took out the whetstone and sat down at Li Yunmu's side to protect him. 

Time passed by slowly, so Li Yunmu took out his Sacred Purifying Pearl and immediately started to refine it. After approximately three hours had passed, the pearl was refined and merged with his heart. 

The heart is the region of the human body which handles the most blood. The Sacred Purifying Pearl had absorbed the blood essence of a formidable life-form and so could completely purify the blood passing through the human heart, thus strengthening the limits of the human body's constitution. 

The flesh is a natural prison in itself, and opening the flux points is just one of the methods to break the natural limits on the human body. The other way was by absorbing an even more formidable purified blood essence to extract the pure blood and refine the body using it. It's the only genuine shortcut which allows the flesh to break through to the sage layer. 

When Li Yunmu refined and merged the Sacred Purifying Pearl with his heart, he instantly felt different. 

Not far away, Li Yun and the other shadows killed a split-tooth beast. The next moment, Li Yunmu sensed how from the enormous corpse a blood-red thread, thin as hair, suddenly condensed and shot directly toward his mind. 

This thread of blood essence then permeated the Sacred Purifying Pearl in his heart and then was purified. After this, it scattered and entered the countless arteries which carried the blood through his body. 


Li Yunmu didn't know whether it had been an illusion or it had really happened. Yet he could, for certain, feel that his body's strength had instantly increased while there was also a sensation as if his blood was boiling. 

Sacred Purifying Pearl, also known as Sacred Sage Pearl, was truly worthy of being called a treasure among the sage level treasures. Although it couldn't compare to Chaotian Sect's sungod bird's undying sage blood essence, but it was even more pure, and so more suitable to Li Yunmu. 

What a powerful effect!

Li Yun and the other two shadows continued with their tasks and killed several tens of dimensional monsters in the surroundings. One after another traces of blood essence were absorbed by Li Yunmu's body and the increase in his strength became even clearer. 

In just half an hour, according to the system's data concerning the strength of his flesh, it had surprisingly grown by several pounds.

This amount couldn't be considered great, but it was the effect of only half an hour. If Li Yunmu continued with this for a whole day, then as long as the origin blood essence of the dimensional beasts he killed was sufficiently formidable, then because of their accumulation, his strength might grow by even a hundred pounds. It was no wonder then that this Sacred Purifying Pearl could greatly increase a fluxer's chances to become a Flux Sage. 

Zhang Tianhang had certainly been a trash. Even though he had been bestowed such a powerful treasure, his combat strength was still so weak. 

I can see that master only lacks a purely body refining technique. If he had a top notch one compatible with him, then its cultivation would certainly greatly improve, Lin Jian, who was protecting Li Yunmu while he was cultivating, fearfully thought in his heart. 

The three shadow clones combined with the Sacred Purifying Pearl and a top notch body refining technique would improve his cultivation at the speed as if it was being pulled by three chariots.