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178 Unremarkable Whetstone

"That's right, if Beastial Sage made the information about Azure Dragon Gauntlets public, then we'll have to hold the skies from falling on our heads."

Li Yunmu had already understood something.

Presently the flux energy was considered paramount, and the strong preyed on the weak . Every person who wants to rise quickly must have the determination to cut through all obstacles.

Every Halted Fluxer faced this, including Devil. He, Li Yunmu, was also the same. The amount of resources was finite, and the amount of the best resources was even smaller. If he didn't have the resolve to seize the meat from the lion's den, then how could he ever be regarded as a formidable fluxer. In that case, even if he had powerful battle prowess, he would still be considered as a weak-minded person.

He collected Azure Dragon Tyrannical Gauntlets back into his heavenly world. Right now wasn't a suitable time to merge them with his king crystal armor, because there were still some other treasures he wanted to get appraised.

Next, Li Yunmu took out the second item, which was a fist-sized crystal that was shaped like a crane.

"Summoning Crane Crystal, there's only one of this item in this world."

This treasure didn't require appraisal from Old Hou and was identified by Li Qinghong and Lin Jian.

"Summoning Crane Crystal. What is it used for?" Li Yunmu asked.

"It is very useful. This summoning crane crystal can step across dimensional planes and spread information without being restricted by the dimensional fields. It isn't a sage level item but a transcending sage level item. Every major clan and organization places a great importance on it, because transmitting information is always of great importance."

"This item was created from the spirit of an extremely rare and unique life-form of the Sixth Dimension which can move across worlds. After the refining was complete, it became one of its type treasure. I hadn't expected that the Bestial Sage would really bestow such a precious treasure on Zhang Tianhang," Old Hou lamented.

"What is its price?"

"It's a treasure which has a price but no market, since there is no one who wants to sell it."

Hearing this information, Li Yunmu's heart skipped a beat. With this summoning crane crystal, he would never be deaf and blind again. Regardless of where he was, he could rely on this summoning crane crystal to receive information about outside world.

"What about this blood pearl, it was also obtained from Zhang Tianhang's body."

Li Yunmu took out the third item.

This time, Old Hou took it and observed it for a long while. He then took a deep breath and said, "Sacred Purifying Pearl. It is also a sage level item, and an extremely precious treasure. The Bestial Sage must have poured half of his wealth on this Zhang Tianhang. However, this person still remained a trash and so everything fell into your hands."

Another sage level item!

This time, even Li Qinghong and Lin Jian were completely astonished by Li Yunmu's harvest in the battle.

Who could have expected that Bestial Sage would bestow so many treasures to Zhang Tianhang, a trifling golden crystal fluxer. If this information had been known by other fluxers, then probably most of them would have taken the risk to kill him and this great harvest wouldn't have fallen into Li Yunmu's hands.

"Sacred Purifying Pearl? But given its appearance it seems more like a demonic pearl."

"You're mistaken, it is the blood essence of a formidable life-form which requires sacrificial refining to be used. After absorbing this formidable life-form's blood essence, one's body will be strengthened. This item also has another name, it is known as "Sacred Sage Pearl" by everyone. As long as the person who refines it cultivates a formidable body refining technique, then the chances of his flesh breaking through to sage layer will be greatly increased. It is a precious treasure even among sage level items."

So this was the case.

Li Yunmu subconsciously glanced towards Li Qinghong. Apparently this Sacred Purifying Pearl had similar effects as the undying sage blood which she possessed.

The difference between the two was that one would certainly get you to enter the sage layer, while also possessing the mystical ability to bring you back to life, whereas the other one would only increase the chances of entering sage layer.

Still, if this pearl was used by some fluxer who cultivated a body refining technique, their flesh would most probably break through to the sage layer, and so this was an extremely precious sage level treasure.

Li Yunmu's Devil Dragon Bone Refining Secrets, if cultivated to the pinnacle, they would similarly allow his flesh to break through to the sage layer. But if this pearl was used as well, then his cultivation speed would increase even more. It needn't be said that not one person could ignore this Sacred Purifying Pearl, and Li Yunmu instantly collected it back into his heavenly world without saying anything.

"I still have another unknown item."

Li Yunmu finally took out a piece of pitch black whetstone.

"Blade intent stone, it is a naturally formed blade intent stone!"

At this moment, Lin Jian became so excited that he couldn't help but cry out.

"Yes, naturally formed blade intent stone is an extremely precious natural treasure for those who cultivate blade skills. It can assist the blade users in condensing their own blade intent."

Old Hou sighed again.

This was also a sage treasure, all of the last few treasures taken out by Li Yunmu were sage level ones.

Although this blade intent stone could be considered as useless for people who used other weapons, but for those who used blades, this was the most precious treasure. No wonder Lin Jian became so excited after looking at it.

Li Yunmu was also a blade user. However, he didn't need this blade intent stone, because the blood fiend energy was absolutely hegemonic and he didn't need a second type of blade killing intent.

He didn't hesitate and immediately threw this naturally formed blade intent stone to Lin Jian.

"For me?"

The latter's entire body trembled. He had never anticipated that Li Yunmu would hand over the most precious treasure for a blade users to him.

"Yes, only when the blade overlord has this whetstone, only then would he be considered as a true blade overlord. Keep working hard."

Li Yunmu faintly laughed. Even he didn't knew from which fluxer had he obtained this unremarkable whetstone from. If the system hadn't pointed out that it was extraordinary, then he certainly would've treated it as an ordinary item.

"Good, very good. With this whetstone, my chances of becoming a Flux Sage will increase greatly. Mere words cannot express my gratitude."

Lin Jian suddenly calmed down and bowed towards Li Yunmu with extreme seriousness.

His hatred required formidable strength to get revenge. When Li Yunmu handed over this naturally formed blade intent stone to him without any hesitation, the hopes of vengeance were again reignited.

First time, the desire to follow this youth took form in Lin Jian's heart. Li Qinghong, who was standing on the side, also was stunned when she saw this.

Undying sage blood, he didn't want and returned it to her, and he also didn't take the naturally formed blade intent stone but gave it to Lin Jian!

After Li Qinghong entered the Chaotian Sect and was treated as a furnace, the feeling of complete paranoia had took hold of her mind. If Li Yunmu hadn't been a blade user, she might have accepted it as reason. But suddenly she discovered that she couldn't see through this person Li Yunmu. The trace of sincerity accidently shown by him made her feel extremely strange and weird. 

"Good then, all the battle spoils have been appraised. Old Hou, this time, I must again trouble you with something. My mysterious Li Sect requires a large amount of stable flux crystals. These are two hundred million dimensional coins, so I'll have to trouble you to carry out this transaction secretly."

Li Yunmu wasn't polite.

After having done all sorts of secret transactions, both sides had reached a certain mutual agreement. Li Yunmu no longer had the means to accomplish this task, so he could only rely on Old Hou's Good News Pavilion to accomplish it.

Although Li Yunmu didn't trust Old Hou fully, but he was certain that this old man wouldn't miss the opportunity. Besides, the trifling Hou family really couldn't afford the price of betraying Li Yunmu.

The matters were then soon dealt with, and the three people secretly entered the largest black market of the Virtual Dimension World. This time, before setting for Moro Mountain Tenebrous Hidden Domain, Li Yunmu learned from his lesson and knew that he needed a dimensional space eye from the black market.

Otherwise, if he entered the wilderness, he would once again instantly lose his eyes, and he didn't want to suffer from a sudden attack like last time.