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"This is the most precious treasure of my Chaotian Sect, presently I am offering it to you."

Li Qinghong and Lin Jian—both of them left their soul imprints within Li Yunmu's sun. 

Before long had passed, Li Qinghong offered Chaotian Sect's most precious treasure, holding it in both her hands. 

What surprised Li Yunmu most was that this item was surprisingly not any material item as he had imagined but a drop of golden blood. 

Li Qinghong had unexpectedly moved her energy and removed it from her body. 

"What is this? Is this the reason why you betrayed Chaotian Sect?"

Li Yunmu did not accept it instantly but asked her about it with curiosity.

"The undying blood of the sungod bird. Two hundred years ago, before Chaotian Sect had been established, a sacred beast, the sungod bird, was born at the peak of Chaotian Mountain, turning it into its territory. 

"The founder of Chaotian Sect with a group of powerful people waged a great battle with this sungod bird for three days and four nights and finally killed this sacred beast. But the group of powerful fluxers had also been reduced to a single survivor. The only person left alive was the founder of Chaotian Sect. 

"He refined this drop of sungod bird's undying blood, and later, when he entered the sage realm, he founded the Chaotian Sect at the place of the battle…" Li Qinghong calmly explained the secret origin of the undying blood, which was considered the most precious treasure of Chaotian Sect. 

At the time, the cultivation base of the founder of Chaotian Sect was only at Nirvana layer, and although he was only a step away from becoming a Flux Sage, how could this step be easy. Among the group of people who had surrounded and killed the sungod bird at that time, the founder of Chaotian Sect was considered weak, and precisely because of this he managed to escape the sacred beast's attention. Thus, he became the most fortunate person in this group and came out alive, obtaining a great serendipity. 

In other words, this drop of sungod bird's undyingsage blood was actually the item which brought about the present Chaotian Sect. 

What a precious treasure!

This was truly a precious treasure, the meaning of which couldn't be described simply. One drop of sage blood could lead to creation of a top tier sect. When Li Yunmu heard the secret history, he sucked in a deep breath. 

This being the case, he was clear that given how mystical this drop of undying sage blood was, it could certainly be considered as a top tier sage level treasure. 

"I really didn't expect that two hundred year ago our Earth had surprisingly given birth to such a formidable sage existence."

When Li Yunmu heard about the story of the drop of blood, his felt as if he could sense the great events happening at that time. During that age, opportunities and risks could be found on every corner, since it was probably the most critical time humans had ever faced. 

Sacred beasts weren't the same as dimensional beasts. They were beings that were born on Earth and thus received the opportunity to evolve because of the higher dimensional energy which had spread all over the Earth when the shooting star hit it. After evolving continuously, they finally entered the sage layer. 

They were powerful, extremely powerful existences, but presently, except for the wildernesses in mountain ranges, sacred beasts which had sage level power were seen quite rarely. After all, as the weapons and technology of humans advanced and made its reappearance, sacred beasts which were native to Earth were surrounded and killed by powerful human experts. 

"As for the reason behind my betrayal of Chaotian Sect, it was related to an internal disagreement. My body constitution had a rarely seen degree of compatibility with the sungod bird's undying sage blood. Then, just because of this, I was allowed to enter Chaotian Sect."

Li Qinghong continued to indifferently narrate the past events, "The sect master accepted me as his personal disciple, and didn't even hesitate to bestow the sect's most precious treasure, the undying sage blood, on me. Swallowing this drop of blood nurtured my body's constitution and helped my cultivation. Initially, everything was going good, and I believed that I was extremely fortunate. But there came a time when I accidentally stumbled upon a secret.

"All the importance given to me wasn't because they sincerely wanted to nuture me, but because they viewed me as a cultivation furnace. They were just waiting for me to cultivate upto a certain level, then, under the name of dual cultivation, the great great grandson of the ancestor of Chaotian Sect would steal my body's constitution. 

"You can imagine how I reacted. After learning about the true facts, I wasn't willing to become someone else's furnace and secretly schemed to leave Chaotian Sect."

Li Yunmu gloomily sighed after hearing everything. Who could have thought that a legendary top tier sect, a place which was considered as a sacred land, might act in such a way. The story of Li Qinghong was a typical example of a sect becoming monstrous. Given her situation, it wasn't a wonder that a talented genius like her had rebelled against the sect. 

"You haven't started regretting it yet, right? Thinking about the fact that by keeping me alive you will provoke a powerful enemy like Chaotian Sect?" Li Qinghong asked after noticing that Li Yunmu had been silent for a long time. 

"Your soul is already bound to my heavenly world. In the future, don't use such tricks on me ever again."

Li Yunmu's one sentence pierced through the other party's cheap tricks. 

"Since this drop of undying blood has a rarely seen compatibility with your body's constitution, you should take it back and continue to use it to nurture your cultivation."

In the end, Li Yunmu decided not to accept this precious treasure offered by the other party. 

"You don't want it? This is sage blood which can bring you back from the dead. And it will also nurture your body, providing great help for your flesh to reach sage layer. It wouldn't be an exaggeration to say that as long as you nurture your constitution with this drop of undying sage blood, the difficult-to-pass-through door of becoming a Flux Sage wil be widely open for you."

Li Qinghong didn't dare to believe, and even Lin Jian looked at Li Yunmu with incredulity. 

He was surprisingly refusing this drop of sungod bird's undying sage blood. 

"I don't want it. There is no need for me, Li Yunmu, to rely on this treasure to become a Flux Sage. Since you both are my subordinates, I don't want you to hold me back in the future. Li Yunmu doesn't need useless people, so properly increase your strength."

Li Yunmu looked towards the two of them and added, "Although your soul imprints are under my control, I will not intervene in your matters or limit your freedom. I only want absolute loyalty, that'll be sufficient for me. In fact, if someday you both become Flux Sages, I will take the initiative to free you myself, but presently I hope your will sincerely serve me." 

"What, you really aren't joking about this right?!"

After Lin Jian had handed over his soul imprint, the arrogance of being the blade overlord was no longer present in his mien. He was now under the control of another person, so how could he show any arrogance. 

Yet now he was tossed a ray of hope, and his eyes began to shine brightly. 

The chances of becoming a Battle Sage were very small. It was more or less simply hopeless. But if Li Yunmu was only speaking about him becoming a Flux Sage, this was not an impossible task, and so Lin Jian became hopeful. 

Given his innate talent and hardworking nature, becoming a Flux Sage was highly possible. 

"That's right, since my cultivation is extremely low, I cannot do everything alone, so I need assistance from the two of you. But by the time you become Flux Sages, I will already be standing above the clouds. At that time, having you by my side will make no difference."

Li Yunmu laughed lightly. His words were filled with enormous self confidence.

But he wasn't bragging. 

As someone who was the master of the system, he only lacked the time to mature and nothing more. And what concerned entering the Flux Sage layer, there was no need for him to rely on undying sage blood. If he cultivated his Devil Dragon Bone Refining Secrets to the peak, his flesh would enter the sage layer anyway. 

The threshold of sage layer wasn't actually any threshold for him. However, other people didn't have the qualifications to know about these matters. 

"Alright, after today, I Lin Jian will become a steadfast follower of yours. If I cannot become a Flux Sage one day, then I will serve you my entire life. Until the day I become a Flux Sage, I won't mention my vengeance."

Lin Jian could sense the confidence behind Li Yunmu's words. At this instant he had surprisingly believed the youth before his eyes and firmly decided to lower his head.

"Alright, since you didn't cut off my chance of becoming a Flux Sage by taking the sage blood, I Li Qinghong will sincerely serve you until the day I become a Flux Sage," Li Qinghong said, unable to make sense of the youth before her. 

"That settles it. I will now deliver the first matter you need to take care of: secretly enter Hanxia King City with my parents and sister and proceed toward my Azure Dragon Heavenly General Mansion. You must escort them into the Heavenly Cloud Steel Castle."