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170 Two Halted Fluxers

Chaotian Sect, established on the Chaotian Mountain of the Holy Spirit Continent, occupied the highest mountain peak in this region.

"Young master, I received two pieces of news from the Central Continent. One is good, one is bad."

On the second highest peak of the Chaotian Mountain, an old man could be seen calmly walking toward a youth sitting on a seat facing the rising sun.

"En, I want to hear the good news first."

The youth didn't turn around but still looked at the rising sun, as if trying to gain some insight from it.

"Li Qinghong has died," the old man replied.

"Died? Who killed her?"

"A newcomer fluxer from the Central Continent."

"Who is he?"

Finally, a hint of fluctuation appeared in the unwavering tone of the youth. A newcomer fluxer had killed Li Qinghong. It seemed that more and more formidable newcomers were appearing on the Central Continent this year.

"His name is Li Yunmu!"

"That ordinary crystal fluxer who cleared the fifteenth level of the Tower of Glory?"

"I didn't expect young master to have paid attention to such a person."

"He couldn't have killed Li Qinghong, and this also isn't a good news either. The person, I, Ye Qing, wanted had been killed by someone else, this is not something I'm happy to hear."

"He has the ability to kill Li Qinghong. If young master hears the bad news, I think you will understand the situation completely."

The old man still remained calm and composed.  

"The two transcending sage weapons in the Tower of Glory have been obtained by Li Yunmu."


Ye Qing couldn't remain seated anymore. He stood up, straightening his body, and the morning sunlight showered him in its rays, creating a slender shadow on the ground. The young man took a deep breath and asked, "Is it the Void Disk that was obtained from the tower?"

"Yes, it is."

Once the old man's words entered the young man's ears, without any noise, cracks instantly appeared on the slab of limestone under his feet.

"Void Disk belongs to him… This means he cleared the twenty-fifth level of the Tower of Glory with the cultivation of ordinary crystal layer. He cannot be allowed to live, definitely cannot be allowed to live.

Ye Qing's breathing became unsteady, and he said with extreme hatred, "Li Yunmu, you dared to snatch two things that belong to me, Ye Qing. Very good, this truly is a good news."

"Young master, pay attention to your mental state," the old man reminded him.

"Pah… Uncle Tong, I will pay attention. However, the two years I spent suppressing my cultivation have now become completely useless."

The next instant Ye Qing's presence began to rise, and a dimensional passage from the heavens began to open up in the clouds. The bridge to the Sixth Dimension began to descend quickly.

But at this time, Uncle Tong grabbed Ye Qing's arm, and Ye Qing's presence swiftly returned to normal. The dimensional passage, which had only half opened, immediately disappeared.

After some time, it was as if nothing had happened here.

"Young master, if you ascend dimensions, it will be a great wastage. Our Chaotian Sect still needs your hands on the Truth Pagoda," Uncle Tong said calmly. 

"Good, good, only one Li Yunmu! Given the present situation, I also won't keep you in the dark, Uncle Tong. Li Qinghong wouldn't have died so easily. If my guess is right, she's presently in Li Yunmu's hands."

After getting over his intense impulse to ascend dimensions, Li Qing quietly said something astonishing. 

"What? But her name has already disappeared from the fluxer badge library terminal." 

"It matters not. When she betrayed our sect, she ran away with the most valuable treasure of our sect!"

"Halted fluxers, you're all pretty good. Why haven't you died yet? I underestimated the lot of you."

When Li Yunmu entered his heavenly world, he only saw a mountain of corpses and the spoils of war. However, his gaze soon fell on a red-clothed woman who was standing erect like a rod.

"My loss was real. You harbor three clones on your body and even possess a heavenly world at such a young age. You're one of the extremely fortunate ones."

Li Qinghong looked directly at Li Yunmu, without any hint of fear.

"That's right, I've been extremely lucky. Gu Chengfeng died, but you didn't. Give me a reason why I shouldn't kill you a second time," Li Yunmu said faintly.

Although he didn't know what method Li Qinghong had used to surprisingly return from the dead and unbeknownst to him discover his greatest secret, it didn't really matter. They were inside his heavenly world now, where he was akin to a god. The amount of world energy he could utilize here was much greater compared to the outside world. His opponent couldn't escape regardless of what methods she tried.

"There's also you, Halted Fluxer Lin Jian. You don't need to continue acting dead. Within my heavenly world, no abnormality can be hidden from me. You shouldn't have any ideas of getting an opportunity to kill me."

Li Yunmu suddenly made a grab towards a body lying in the pile of corpses. 

Instantly, a completely alive person, who'd been previously hiding among the dead, was raised in the air.

"My dead master hadn't deceived me. Heavenly worlds are really extremely fascinating and mystical. Apparently none of my actions were concealed from you?" Lin Jian said coldly.

"Tell me a reason why I shouldn't kill the two of you a second time."

Li Yunmu didn't talk any nonsense with them. These Halted Fluxers were cunning as foxes, and even that Gu Chengfeng had had hundreds of tricks at his disposal.

If Li Yunmu didn't have Wings of the Wind, he wouldn't have been able to chase his enemy down. Furthermore, if he had hesitated even a bit about whether to use up the ten thousand points for Deity Execution, then Gu Chengfeng would've been able to escape with his life.

Thus, Li Yunmu didn't have any good thoughts regarding these two Halted Fluxers standing in front of him.

"I have my sect's most precious treasure," Li Qinghong said after some thinking.

"I don't need that. My mysterious Li Sect doesn't lack any treasures,"Li Yunmu stated, ignoring her words.

"You need it, especially since you possess the battle sage bloodline and the key to the deity's secret region. If you'll have this extremely precious life saving treasure, then you'll also be able to conceal your death like I did just now," Li Qinghong said with a smile, as if not believing his words.

Li Yunmu's interest was piqued. Extremely precious life saving treasure, moreover it wasn't a one time use item. This being the case, he couldn't deny that he was excited.

"And what about you?"

Li Yunmu didn't argue with Li Qinghong for the time being and shifted his line of sight to Lin Jian.

"I only had a one use life saving treasure which I used just now," Lin Jian said after a moment of silence. No wonder Li Qinghong was so unperturbed. He also understood now that once he had entered Li Yunmu's heavenly world, there was no path of retreat.

Li Yunmu hadn't expected that this famous Blade Overlord would surprisingly turn out to be so poor. There was no reason for him to let this person live, unlike Li Qinghong.

Life saving treasures were extremely important, but Li Qinghong's life was already in his grasp, so she couldn't play any clever tricks in front of him. These two people couldn't be allowed to remain alive.   

Li Yunmu thought of something and a majestic hand appeared in the sky of the heavenly world, rushing to suppress the two people.

"Wait, I will really offer you my Chaotian Sect's most precious treasure, and we both can also serve you."

"That's right, I only request you to let me live as well. I can offer you Soul Refining Technique for your heavenly world, just let me live."