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164 The Appearance of the King Grade Armor

From the time Large Beard had started leading this dimensional heavy cannon squad, he had killed countless famous and outstanding heavenly geniuses. However, this invincible squad which could kill even a god, if god obstructed their path, seemed to have gone blind when facing this monster Li Yunmu. The fact which caused most anxiousness to him was that this prejudgement firing system whose technology was said to transcend dimensions had completely lost its effectiveness. 

What would happen when this person trained this battle skill until Flux Master or even Flux Sage realm?

Everyone on the scene felt that at this moment Li Yunmu was simply like a battle sage level power in the Fifth Dimension. Within it, no one could rival him. 

"There is no need to wait for locking on him to fire, just start bombarding the surroundings of his silhouette. We don't need to hit the person himself, only to break the special rhythm of his footwork."

Gu Chengfeng was indeed someone worthy of being called a Halted Fluxer who had suppressed his cultivation for a long time to remain within the Fifth Dimension. 

His current strength and experience far surpassed ordinary rainbow crystal fluxers, and he immediately found a way to break Li Yunmu's Insect Step. 

If we can't hit you, then we will bombard the surroundings. At least the shockwaves produced from the bombardment should be able to influence the rhythm of your footwork, eh?

But Large Beard's subordinates suddenly discovered absolute despair. 

"Sir, the opponent barely remains in one location for an instant, and the surplus energy of the dimensional heavy cannon isn't sufficient to break his formidable defense."

"Just now, my shot accidently hit him, but he is still jumping around."

"Not good, quickly retreat, he is too close to us."

Suddenly, the soldiers of the dimensional heavy cannon squad felt that their enemy wasn't a human, but a terrifying monster. 

This person, how many defensive flux methods had he cultivated until now?

No one could guess that. 

Li Yunmu, who was charging towards Gu Chengfeng without being influenced by the bombardment, suddenly halted without any prior sign of planning to do so. 

He spread his fingers and brought out a multicolored battle. 


Six deadly targeted arrows! It showed up that he once again shot six deadly targeted arrows!

The leader of the dimensional heavy cannon squad, towards whom this arrow was shot, hadn't expected that Li Yunmu's guts would be so enormous. Who would halt and suddenly try to kill the enemy leader while being bombarded by several dimensional heavy cannons? 

"Hmph, I've been on guard against this deadly bow skill from the start."

Large Beard didn't try to dodge the true strike arrows. Not that he could have though, since they were unimaginably fast.

Deep within, he already knew that regardless of whatever he did to dodge, this arrow would still hit him. However, the lesson learned from the two hundred fluxers killed by Li Yunmu in the jungle wasn't completely useless. 

He had known for a long time that the enemy was an extremely fierce close combat fighter as well as a ruthless long distance attacker. So why wouldn't he be on guard against him?

The next instant two soldiers on the side of Large Beard moved in and erected two golden shields in front of him. The person himself also took out another shield like that and placed it right in front of his body. 

The three shields stacked on top of each other formed three layers of defense. After adding the defense of Large Beard's own golden crystal armor in the equation, let alone speaking of six deadly targeted arrows, even if it had been the legendary seven deadly targeted arrows, facing this deployment, they would also be left completely useless and could only harbor a grudge. 

"Gaia Nanometer Strong Shield!"

Li Yunmu soon recognized that the opponent used a three-face gaia shield in response to his six targeted deadly arrow skill. 

But so what? The enemy was just daydreaming.

This time, it wasn't only one Li Yunmu who had shot the six deadly targeted arrows. Instead four of him had shot four waves in sync with each other. 

In the limited field of vision of other people, it would appear as if Li Yunmu's body had spasmed violently. Then, instantly, he shot six target deadly arrows filled with thunder energy in a blink with his body leaving afterimages from his speed. 

These arrows soon reached their target.


The arrows hit the shields, creating an explosion. The gaia shield's nanotechnology defense was perfect for every situation. Apart from possessing formidable defense, it also had the ability to restore itself. As long as it had a large amount of nano pores, it could restore itself to perfect state within the short time of two seconds. 

With the three stacked gaia shields defending him, Large Beard was completely carefree. He was certain the enemy wouldn't be able to harm him, but he soon realized the flaw in this expectations. 

Li Yunmu hadn't shot just six deadly targeted arrows, but twenty-four of them. The thunder accumulated within this volley of endless arrows exploded incessantly. 

The three-layer gaia shield was instantly turned to fragments. The shields couldn't last even the two seconds required for them to restore themselves. Large Beard and the two soldiers soon followed in their footsteps and were blown to pieces on the spot. 

Horror raged in everyone who saw this hearts. The formidable power of these six targeted arrows, how could it not cross the limit of this dimension?

"Impossible, this sort of power level has already surpassed the limits of the Fifth Dimension, why aren't you punished by the world?"

Gu Chengfeng's terror rose from Li Yunmu's deadly bow skill. 

The hearts of other two rainbow crystal fluxers also turned cold instantly. How could such freak exist in this world?

Everything revealed by Li Yunmu surpassed their imagination. But what followed afterwards terrified them even more. 

In order to kill the commander Large Beard, Li Yunmu had finally paused for a moment. It provided an extremely outstanding opportunity which was immediately grabbed by seven dimensional heavy cannon soldiers. 

Many cannon shots slammed heavily against Li Yunmu's crystal armor. 

Instantly, everyone saw Li Yunmu's crystal armor being shredded into pieces for the first time in public, thus revealing his completely unguarded chest. 

"Good, Sir Large Beard's death will not be in vain. We were finally able to hit him."

After all, the attack included continuous energy beams from seven dimensional heavy cannons. It must be known that just one cannon shot was sufficient to kill an initial stage golden crystal fluxer, so no one thought that Li Yunmu would still be able to support himself after taking seven cannon shots head-on. 

However, the next instant, they saw a black light flash and his ordinary crystal armor, which was blown into pieces just now, was restored to normal. 

Not dead, even seven cannon shots were still insufficient to kill him?! Moreover, his crystal armor had congealed again

Suddenly, an extremely terrifying thought entered Gu Chengfeng's mind. He subconsciously yelled out, "King's crystal armor, it's the king grade crystal armor and not the ordinary crystal flux armor!"

Hearing his yell, the remaining people gave up all hope.

King grade crystal armor?

Why don't you go to hell? Even if it could be forgiven that as an ordinary crystal fluxer you had heaven defying battle prowess, but you also had to congeal king grade crystal armor? Then even if we ignored that fact that you congealed this king grade crystal armor, but you motherf*cker still dared to pretend that you were adorning the lowest level ordinary crystal flux armour? 

The effect of this discovery was extremely profound, to the extent that everyone who had sent their fluxers to capture him felt deep regret in their hearts. Against this kind of disbalanced and monstrously powerful existence, did they really have any chance of succeeding?

Skies are prohibited, ground is sealed! But this person's battle strength could still be compared to that of a battle sage of this dimension. That's right, this instant, Li Yunmu was like a battle sage born in the Fifth Dimension, powerful enough to break all order. 

"Ohh, seems like my king crystal armor cannot be concealed any longer."

When Li Yunmu walked out from the wreckage caused by the bombardment, his king crystal armor finally revealed its true appearance and shone like a multicolored divine light, dazzling everyone.