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159 Halted Fluxers

"Weak, too weak, this little bit of power is unable to even penetrate my fifth layer of armor, the Devil Dragon Bone Armor."

The next instant the shadow behind Li Yunmu's body shook a little, and immediately it divided into three shadowy figures whose faces could not be seen. They heavily slammed their fists towards the three golden crystal fluxers who were joining hands.

"World Killing Fist."

Unless it was a desperate situation, Li Yunmu would not use his full strength to launch this skill of his. After all, it would reveal that he possessed world power, but dead people couldn't reveal anything. 

The three golden fluxers had never expected that even after joining hands they wouldn't be able to break Li Yunmu's defense. Though what surpassed their imaginations even more was that Li Yunmu's shadow suddenly came alive and began to fight. And it wasn't alone either, having divided into three, each of which then launched a fist towards one of the trio. 


Due to the suddenness of the attack as well as the descent of world power, which seemed to be able to seal the whole world, the trio basically had no chance to evade. 

One explosion resounded after another.

A sound similar to a world being crushed echoed and the bodies of two golden crystal fluxers disintegrated on the spot, certifying their death beyond the shadow of doubt. However, a divine light rose from the body of the last fluxer, a light that belonged to a protection talisman. 

These kind of talismans were more or less the same as the protective jade coin which Lin Yuerou had given Li Yunmu. However, only those who had entered the Sage realm had the ability to manufacture such things. As for what stage of attack could these talismans protect against, that would depend on the strength of the Flux Sage and whether he was willing to use resources on manufacturing it. 

The golden crystal fluxer who had endured the World Killing Fist had clearly activated the divine light protective talisman to save his life at the most crucial time. 

This meant that there was a Flux Sage behind his back or, perhaps, he had some connection to one. Naturally, these two theories wouldn't hold if he had obtained this treasure by some accident. 

This kind of situation was within Li Yunmu's expectations. After all, among all the people sent by the powers from all over the Central Continent to capture him, someone possessing a diving light protective talisman wasn't the least bit strange. 

But so what? Since Li Yunmu had dared to use world power to attack, then naturally he would not allow this person to remain alive. 

The fourth killing fist was used, coming straight for the golden crystal fluxer. This attack was unleashed by Li Yunmu himself.


This time a second divine light protective talisman was revealed by the opponent. 

Yes, using two divine light protective talismans continuously, this person was certainly a descendent of a Flux Sage. Otherwise there was no way he could have been bestowed two such precious treasures, for Flux Sages saw all other cultivators as no more than ants crawling about.

"I want to see how many divine light protective talismans you have."

The next instant Li Yunmu and his three shadows took out their blood fiend cold thunder blades and ruthlessly sliced down from above, towards the golden crystal fluxer who had already ran a dozen meters away. 

Ultra Aurora Killing Justice!

This was Aurora Killing Justice after he had utilized his full strength to slash down. Instantly, four extremely sharp blade energies, laced together with a hint of both freezing energy and thunder, went after the opponent. 


The third divine light protective talisman appeared, but the next three extremely fierce blade energies ruthlessly stamped on the back of the fluxer's back. 

The first attack could only break down more than half of the golden crystal armor before exhausting itself. The second energy wave came right after and instantly finished off the armor. The third attack then sliced the fluxer, who had the protection of a Flux Sage, into two. 

Under Ultra Aurora Killing Justice's attack mixed with thunder dark flux energy's destructive power, the fluxer's body, which had lost the defense of its golden crystal armor, was like paper. 

Even after using three divine light protective talismans in succession, this golden crystal fluxer still hadn't managed to flee more than thirty meters away before being cut down. It was exactly as his group had bellowed in rage previously, Li Yunmu was really a freak of nature. 

He couldn't be judged by normal standards. 

Three divine light protective talismans were still unable to defend a person's life. Suddenly, the face of a middle-aged man, who should be the Flux Sage behind him, condensed out of the corpse. 

This person attentively looked at Li Yunmu for few seconds before finally disappearing. 

But so what if he was a Flux Sage, this was the Fifth Dimension!

Anyone with a strength higher than rainbow crystal layer was barred from entering here. As long as a person wasn't a true deity, then they would still have to follow the rules of the Fifth Dimension. 

Li Yunmu didn't have many misgivings and waved his hand right away, collecting the bodies of the two golden crystal fluxers into his heavenly world. After this was done, he walked to the corpse of that golden crystal fluxer who had received the protection of the sage, and soon, he found three extraordinary items on him. 

First one was a treasure weapon of the Fifth Dimension, a pair of katars.

Li Yunmu had never expected that after Li Qinghong, he would find more fifth dimensional treasure weapons on someone else as well. It was really no wonder then that the trade of killing and looting corpses had flourished since ages ago. As long as one had strength, his earnings would be magnificent. 

The second item was a blood pearl which was emitting some mysterious light. This was certainly another extraordinary item, however Li Yunmu couldn't appraise it. 

The third item was a crane-shaped crystal which was only as big as a child's fist. Li Yunmu didn't know what kind of item it was, but he was aware that it would also be worth an outstanding amount of money. 

Li Yunmu searched the corpse for the fluxer badge, which was already broken, to learn the dead man's name. 

"Zhang Tianhang? This name sounds somewhat familiar."

Compared to all the golden crystal fluxers Li Yunmu had killed previously, this person was certainly a wealthy third generation. No, it would be better to call him a sage's third generation.

His entire body was overflowing with wealth. Among the three items he carried on him, there wasn't even one which was ordinary. Unfortunately, after the vitality of fluxer was stilled, the small space provided by the fluxer badge had broken down immediately. 

Otherwise, Li Yunmu, who had killed so many fluxers dispatched by various powers of the Central Continent, would have had the chance to become truly wealthy. Really, what a pity. 

Naturally, this was also the reason why this large scale operation's objective was to capture Li Yunmu and not kill him. All the powers were afraid of losing the contents inside his fluxer badge. 

So there were both merits and demerits to this property of the fluxer badge. 

After sweeping the battlefield completely, the three shadows shook once and united, returning to wait patiently as Li Yunmu's shadow.

Li Yunmu then repeatedly burst forth with Insect Step, rushing towards another hunting ground. 

"One hundred fifty-six kills!"

"Zhang Tianhang also dead?"

"It cannot be, according to rumors, the Flux Sage ancestor of his family had passed down three divine light protective talismans to him. Because of them, this guy had ran around the Fifth Dimension quite arrogantly. Apart from those fluxers who were staying in the Fifth Dimension by suppressing their cultivation base, he didn't care about provoking anyone else."

"Ha ha, you all heard right. He didn't dare to provoke those who had suppressed their cultivation bases, but Li Yunmu has already killed two such people, so why would he mind the Sage Ancestor behind him?"

"Good, good! This moron finally provoked someone more ruthless than him. It seems this Li Yunmu will also be turning into one of those who suppress their cultivation to stay within the Fifth Dimension."

"It not only seems so, it will be so. He's already killed so many fluxers with powerful backgrounds, so we can already consider him as one of those Halted Fluxers."