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155 Life is a Gamble

Among the twenty people, Li Yunmu surprisingly found some familiar names, like Chu Qingyu. Wait, what the heck?

Tang Ruochen? What the f*ck?

Xie Qianxue? What the f*ck is really going on here? He could understand the previous few familiar names wagering on him, but this Xie Qianxue was a proud daughter of heavens who had the pinnacle grade innate talent. They had never met, so how did she determine that he could kill a hundred people?

Li Yunmu didn't stay around for long and soon went towards the third largest betting company. The wagers there were quite strange. The business only offered one bet, and that was which power would capture Li Yunmu in the end.

The power on which most people had betted upon was the Colossal Lion City's Lu family. 

"Lu family? Colossal Lion City's Lu family? Which family is this that could surprisingly push down even the Heavenly Cloud City's fluxer association's lord?" Li Yunmu asked in puzzlement. 

[Replying to host, Colossal Lion City is one of the ten major citadels under Dawnlight Capital City. The Lu family is considered as the most powerful clan of Colossal Lion City, and are more powerful compared to Heavenly Dragon City. Apart from this, the Lu Family has a tamer flux master who can control enormous lion beasts. These pets are extremely ferocious and possesses great tracking abilities, so everyone betting on the Lu family is quite normal,] the system aptly replied. 

All the above information was clearly sorted out from the excessive information obtained by the system from the main star network. 

Enormous lions were a breed of ferocious beasts from the Fifth Dimension. They were at golden crystal layer, and yet, surprisingly, the Lu family could train them as their mounts. It was no wonder then that everyone was betting on them. 

When listening to this, Li Yunmu only sneered. After all, apart from rainbow crystal fluxers, he didn't need to worry about anyone else in the Fifth Dimension. Regardless of whether this Lu family used a squad of their enormous lions acting as mounts or pulled up any other nonsense, as long as they dared to come, he would completely crush them all to death. 

After obtaining information about the wagers placed on him by the three largest betting firms, Li Yunmu didn't wait anymore. He went directly to the Good News Pavilion again. 

When the old man saw Li Yunmu for the third time in a few days, his face instantly lit up. It was completely out of his expectations that at this crucial time, when this person was being hunted by every power on the Central Continent, he would still dare to enter the Virtual Dimension World. This youth's guts were already out of this world. 

"Old man, I still have some goods to sell you. I don't have much time right now, so quickly give me a price."

Li Yunmu didn't continue with formal greetings and went straight toward the rear courtyard. He waved his hand once, and two live rooster dragons who had the strength of thirty-ninth grade as well as nine weapons of different grades appeared in front of the old man.

The old shopkeeper was well aware of the youth's situation, so he didn't waste time speaking nonsense and immediately began to appraise the items. 

The two thirty-ninth grade rooster dragons were sold according to the original price of sixty-five million per head. Altogether that was one hundred thirty million dimensional coins. 

As for the A grade war blade, the old shopkeeper personally appraised it for a long while and finally, clenching his teeth, gave a price of seventy million.

He then carefully observed Li Yunmu's expression and tried to probe, "What? The price isn't suitable?"

"It isn't that you are not sincere, but this amount of money is still not sufficient."

Li Yunmu's sigh almost made the old man cough out blood. More than two hundred million, but this was still not enough. What would then be enough for this person?

"If you urgently need some funds, I can quickly transfer three hundred million more from the Good News Pavilion. Before I could have transferred more, but yesterday night, after purchasing your rooster dragons, our side has become more or less empty, too,"the old shopkeeper said to Li Yunmu with his eyes shining brightly. 

"On what condition?"Li Yunmu was startled for a moment, then shortly after he started to laugh. "Old man, don't tell me that you aren't afraid that I will die next moment and your three hundred million will turn into dust in a blink of an eye?"

"Ha ha, given that you still have the confidence to enter the Virtual Dimension, I'm sure that you, little brother, can weather this calamity." The old shopkeeper laughed lightly. "My Good News Pavilion doesn't have any conditions, we only want the friendship of Li Yunmu." 

A serious gamble!

Li Yunmu wanted to bet, and the old shopkeeper also wanted to bet. Li Yunmu wanted to use the future fight as an opportunity to advance himself, while the old shopkeeper also evidently wanted to create a safety net for his family's future. 

Li Yunmu finally understood that no one could be underestimated. He pondered it for a moment and then nodded his head to agree.

"As long as it won't go against my principles and I have the ability, I will agree."

"Alright then."

The old man squinted for a second, then immediately added Li Yunmu as a beneficiary. 

Li Yunmu had never expected that he would be able to obtain such a large sum of money so quickly and easily. After the five hundred million were transferred to him, he once again went to the three largest firms. 

He quickly quickly created an anonymous cash account and made an unprecedentedly large bet, dividing the five hundred thirty million dimensional coins among the three largest betting firms. 

However, some of his funds, sixty million something coins, couldn't be put on the wagers because he had already reached the betting limit within all the main establishments. 

This didn't matter though, because the amount of four hundred seventy million was high enough. Li Yunmu also didn't feel like finding another betting firm which had inferior reputation and lacked public trust. 

After completing everything, he immediately logged out from the network and returned to the cave, which was a hundred meters under the ground, and silently started a fire to grill some meat. 

Right now, it was still too early for him to become the hunter. He needed to wait until the arrival of night. Only under the shield of darkness could the three shadows assist him in battle with their full strength.

Furthermore, only at night would all the fluxers rushing about in search of him get tired and enter his mountain zone. At that time, even if they wanted to escape, they wouldn't be able to do so. 

If a lion fights a rabbit, it still must use its full strength. Not to mention that Li Yunmu's enemy was composed of sixteen hundred high level fluxers, all of which represented a major power or clan standing behind them. Heavens only knew what sort of extraordinary dimensional treasure weapons they'd possess. For all he knew, some might even have sage level weapons. 

Li Yunmu didn't dare to underestimate the enemy, but under the darkness of night, he and his shadows were the masters. 

After a moment of silence, the system said, [Host, you must not underestimate the enemy. According to the system's speculation, based on the data gathered, since the three large betting companies have offered such large wagers, they certainly will intervene at the crucial times to control the outcome of the fight.]

"En, I expect that."

Li Yunmu knew what sort of background the three big powers controlling the three largest betting corporations of the Central Continents had.

The big players entering this kind of betting business certainly possessed an enormous background. Behind the tycoons who ran these three largest betting corporations of Central Continent stood the true top notch clans of the three king cities. If something unexpected happens, than they would certainly send someone to take care of the situation. 

Li Yunmu nodded but didn't say anything. The atmosphere in the cave turned grave on the eve of this unprecedentedly large scale battle, taking away the prior calmness. Each minute and second passed in extreme slowness, until the color of the sky gradually started to darken.