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152 Murder for Money

 "Six deadly targeted arrows? This Li Yunmu truly has astonishing battle prowess, but unfortunately his cultivation is still too low," Wind Moon Manor's golden crystal fluxer sneered. 

Golden-colored flux energy erupted from his whole body; after all, the other party was just a low level fluxer. Even if he possessed formidable flux skills, that would mean nothing. The golden crystal fluxer wanted him to experience just what was called the disparity in strength between two opponents with a large gap in their cultivation. 

The next instant, two blades appeared in both of the leader's hands and his blade energy burst forth, colliding head-on against the six deadly targeted arrows shot by Li Yunmu. 

"Break for me!"


The blade and arrow energies collided, creating a collision within the sky. The golden crystal fluxer was forced to retreat back a few steps by the arrow energy and flux arrow was broken into two. 

However, the second flux arrow had already closed in on him. 

In a split second, the complexion of the golden crystal fluxer changed. Not good, how can his strength be so terrifying! At this instant he realized that he had been mistaken, gravely mistaken. 

Normally the flux arrows shot by a low level fluxers weren't formidable to this extent. This was the first time he'd encountered this type of an event, and also the final time. 

Li Yunmu's six targeted arrows weren't deadly for nothing. The first arrow may have been broken by the enemy, but the second one knocked away his blade energy, while the third heavily slammed against his armor, and the tyrannical thunder energy exploded to create a small crack in it. The fourth arrow followed right behind and directly penetrated the golden crystal flux armor, whereas the fifth arrow's thunder energy entered his body. 

The opponent's body immediately exploded because of this extremely compressed flux arrow. In a moment, the thunder energy dispersed and his internal organs were turned into coke because of it. That was the moment when the sixth arrow arrived. 


With the six arrows arriving one after another, the eight silver crystal fluxers only saw their leader crossing swords with the enemy for an instant before he suddenly exploded and a large amount of blood and flesh scattered everywhere. 


A high level fluxer who had congealed golden crystal armor had been instantly killed by the opponent?!

Everyone's mind went blank. When they finally sobered up, the thoughts of trying to catch Li Yunmu, which they'd had previously, instantly vanished without any trace. They could only think about one thing at the moment, and that was to escape. 

Even a golden crystal fluxer was unable to resist against this opponent's six deadly targeted arrows, then what chance did they, as silver crystal fluxers, had against him?

"Flee, scatter and flee!"

It wasn't clear who said it, but once this loud yell was voiced, the eight silver crystal fluxers who were already terrified to their core began to flee in different directions without any hesitation. Some of them began to run in opposite direction, while the clever ones removed their exoskeleton wing armor and began to descend, hoping to flee toward the mountain forests underneath. 

But none of them were able to escape. 

"Want to run, it's too late for that!" Li Yunmu sneered while watching everyone trying to run away. He closed his eyes once again and drew his five fingers, shooting the arrows far into the distance toward the enemies.

While dealing with silver crystal fluxers, Li Yunmu didn't require many deadly targeted arrows, only one was sufficient. As he thought that, a single flux arrow laced with thunder energy rushed towards a silver crystal fluxer retreating in the sky and reached for his back. 

This arrow seemed to be calculating the change in direction of this person's trajectory, so regardless of how many times he decided to sidestep, in the end, the arrow still slammed heavily against him. 

Afterwards a firework-like explosion happened in the sky, the second one!

What was called attaining the 'Outstanding sixth level? This was! Not only could Li Yunmu successively congeal six flux arrows in an instant, the flux energy compression in every single one of them would have already attained the pinnacle. 

Even if Li Yunmu only possessed the trifling ordinary crystal flux energy, it was sufficient. That is as long as the thunder dark flux energy, which was considered as one of the most destructive type energies, was also added to the mix. 


Yes, Li Yunmu might have needed five continuous arrows to shoot down that golden crystal fluxer previously, then presently, for the silver crystal fluxers, he only needed one arrow to insta-kill them. 

In fact, when he was within the Tower of Glory, he had considered all the silver crystal dimensional beasts as cannon fodder. So then what did he need to speak of human silver crystal fluxers whose physical bodies were even weaker than those of dimensional beasts?

Second arrow, third arrow, fourth arrow…eighth arrow. 

In a blink of an eye, Li Yunmu's five fingers quickly congealed the arrows and shot them without the slightest hesitation. He didn't need to watch attentively or check the position of the enemies. All he needed to do was to carefully sense the subtle changes in the surroundings and wind—that was sufficient for him. 

He shot eight arrows continuously, even at the faster silver crystal fluxer who had already entered the dense forests and escaped two kilometers away. Yet even he was killed, for he didn't get out of the effective range of three kilometers swiftly enough. Li Yunmu's final arrow found him like an omnipotent eye and rushed straight toward him. 

"How is it possible, how can his arrow have such a long range!"

The final thought of the silver crystal fluxer was filled with confusion. 

The effective range of Li Yunmu's arrows was close to three kilometers, which was the result of him lifting thirty minor seals on the underworld raven bow. If it wasn't at least that much, how could it even be called as sage level weapon. 

Li Yunmu didn't need to remove many more, just these thirty levels were enough for the underworld raven sage bow to reveal its formidable power. Moreover, the true sight arrow of the Blind Shot would still reach his enemy even if they had entered the dense forest cover. 

For the Blind Shot, the distance that the flux arrow could reach could be said to be its effective range, since the arrow could kill while within its limits. 

"Go, collect their equipment and weapons for me."

The reflection of Li Yunmu shook once and divided into three. The three shadows quickly swept the battlefield. 

All those silver and golden crystal fluxers who had come in large numbers to capture him were too naive!

[Ding, host has killed nine enemies with higher cultivation base, thus obtaining 986 experience and ability points. Furthermore host has also absorbed 309 blood fiend points.]

[Ding, although host killed eight silver crystal fluxer and one golden crystal fluxer, due to the unavailability of a medium, 3600 space elements had dissipated.]

[Ding, because host killed a golden crystal fluxer for the first time, the opponent dropped a dimensional box before dying.]

After the battle concluded, continuous notifications from the system echoed in Li Yunmu's mind for quite a while. 

"What? How did I get so many experience and ability points from killing humans? And even an extremely rare dimensional box also dropped?"

Li Yunmu was both startled and overjoyed. 

He recalled that when he killed Hou Wu, he received mere twenty-something experience and ability points which could be completely neglected. But right now he killed less than ten people and earned close to 1000 experience and ability points. Although the third dimensional box which was dropped was the most significant treasure. 

Li Yunmu hadn't expected that killing a high level fluxer for the first time would surprisingly cause a dimensional box to drop. Only pity was that the three thousand something space elements had completely dissipated. 

[Only when battling against more than five dimensional life-forms or humans who have three layers higher cultivation base than you will the experience and ability points earned by host be multiplied by the difference between the host's and the other party's cultivation,] the system replied faintly. 

Li Yunmu made a rough estimation. The earnings from each silver crystal fluxer would have been multiplied by three, since the difference between their cultivation bases was that of three layers, and earnings from the golden crystal fluxer would have been multiplied by four. Adding these two, the earnings did indeed approach close to a thousand. 

Soon, three shadows returned after sweeping the battlefield clean. Li Yunmu opened his storage badge and inside went more than thirty pieces of equipment and weapons, with their quality ranging from C to A grade. Li Yunmu was glad that the golden crystal fluxer had used an A grade war blade. 

This was a huge bounty. It was no wonder then that from the ancient times killing people and looting had been one of the best ways to make plenty of money with little investment. However, at the moment Li Yunmu's whole attention was focused on the dimensional box that now rested in his storage badge. 

Third dimensional box—it wasn't easy, but he had finally obtained it.