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149 Sixth Level, Outstanding Realm

"I’m looking for you to ask about something. Yesterday, you saw an ordinary crystal fluxer being delivered to your Setting Sun Garrison right. Hmm, he should be of roughly this height and held this type of weapons…"

Today, one followed by another, several groups of fluxers came to Setting Sun Garrison, this remote, small camp. All those who arrived here would first ask for supplies, and then would anxiously search for every small merchant, making discreet enquiries about an ordinary crystal fluxer. 

They didn’t provide any name and were discreet while enquiring, because regardless of anything, Li Yunmu was still someone who was conferred the title of Heavenly Major General by Hanxia King City. 

However, these peddlers of the Setting Sun Garrison Camp would express complete oblivion towards the enquiries made by these high level fluxers. It wasn’t that they didn’t want to inform them, but that they really hadn’t encountered him. 

All of them now had single question in their hearts, who was this low level fluxer that had surprisingly created such a commotion among such a number of fluxers, which resulted in all of them trying to track his whereabouts. The small time peddlers were then even more shocked when they saw six or seven rainbow crystal fluxers transferring over. 

Even the pinnacle existences in the Fifth Dimension had also started moving, and it wasn’t just one or two of them. According to past conventions, rainbow crystal fluxers should be cultivating secretly right now, to prepare for ascending to a higher dimensions. Ordinarily they wouldn’t be out, showing up to any gatherings. 

There was one middle-aged man who ran a small supplies store who was slightly apprehensive in his heart. He was the only one here who knew the truth, because yesterday night he had been the one to provide supplies to that low level fluxer. 

Facing the numerous fluxers coming one after another and offering higher and higher amounts for their enquiries, the middle-aged man hesitated slightly, but remained unmoved in the end.

This was not because of fear, but simply because last night, that youth had generously given him one dimensional crystal to settle the bill. Moreover, He’d seen respect for people like him who defended the frontline in the youth’s eyes. That’s why the middle-aged man firmly decided that he mustn’t reveal the youth’s whereabouts regardless of whatever happened. 

Still, when he saw the growing numbers of silver and golden crystal fluxers that reach his garrison, his heart couldn’t help but grow anxious. He had a feeling that even without him saying a word a large scale capture expedition was about to be initiated. 

Li Yunmu, who was the fugitive which everyone was setting out to hunt, was currently calmly lying on the ground and sleeping. 

This region fell under dimensional wilderness and so there wasn’t any dimensional space eyes in the vicinity which could act as communication links. Li Yunmu’s stellarcomm didn’t receive any news because of it and he wasn’t aware of the the great event which had spurred the majority of fluxers in the Central Continent to action. 

Truthfully, given his nature, perhaps he wouldn’t care even if he knew. 

There is an old saying that goes "Those who already have many debts won’t care about a few more. Since Li Yunmu was already being monitored by a Flux Sage, facing a large group of fluxers trying to capture him was just a child’s play. 

After congealing the first sun, the land in his heavenly world had become full of life. He easily supplemented his lack of rest with one good sleep and woke up completely refreshed. 

He then discovered that the grass which had barely germinated yesterday night had already reached the height of one inch, after being nurtured by the gentle sun’s energy for most of the day. 

After surveying his surroundings once, Li Yunmu was highly satisfied that this grass would now be a part of his heavenly world. He walked to the springhead in the middle and washed his face, then started a fire on the ground and began to cook some meat. 

Only after eating his fill did he stand up.

While he was sleeping, he had received the profits of hacking for the first time in the monster battlefield by third shadow. The number of his space elements had increased to two thousand.

Even more significant thing was that the results of this third shadow, Li Tian, practicing battle skills to increase proficiency were truly extraordinary. 

Archery Foundation Skill had finally reached the sixth level - Outstanding. This was the first time that any of his skills had attained the sixth level. 

After reaching it, Li Yunmu’s comprehension of Archery Foundation Skill and accuracy had become even more terrifying. There was also a new ability added for advancing this far. It was called "Blind Shot".

As the name implied, he would be shooting blind with this skill. He would have to close both his eyes and just rely on his outstanding comprehension of archery and judgment based on his other senses. 

All the external interferences would be blocked with the closing of his eyes, and the arrow would be shot relying solely on his senses. So basically, he wouldn’t be influenced by the surrounding conditions and would shoot a true sight arrow whose range would even surpass his field of vision. 

"Dang, this Blind Shot is a little troublesome."

Li Yunmu exclaimed inwardly. This ability seemed just so-so from its name, but it could be considered godly for a ranged attacker. 

One true sight arrow whose range would surpass his field of vision? 

What was so true about it?

This meant that it wouldn’t suffer from any external deceptions or any other outside influences; the shot would be like an instinctual attack. Sometimes, the objects and creatures seen by the eyes are not real, and many a time, the movements detected by the ear may just be deliberately created by people.

Given these facts, this newly appeared ability "Blind Shot" was truly tyrannical. Regardless of whatever tricks one was using, including illusions, Li Yunmu could now sense the real target and shoot them with the true sight arrow. 

"Interesting, interesting."

Li Yunmu hadn’t expected that there would be such a great event after the Archery Foundation Skill reached the sixth level. 

What does being outstanding mean? It means to stand out from among your peers. Li Yunmu’s Archery Foundation Skill had now surpassed the level of humanity’s archery skills by far. 

After experiencing this, Li Yunmu’s anticipation to see his other skills gained from reaching sixth level became even greater. 

Li Tian’s harvests at the monster battlefield this time weren’t only limited to the Archery Foundation Skill. After accumulating proficiency points for many days, the Violent Blade and Insect Step had also attained the Perfect realm at the fifth level. 

The number of strikes of Violent Blade were once more increased by three, and the total number of stacked strikes reached twenty-seven. With such an amount, the formidable power of these continuous strikes had attained a level which even Li Yunmu couldn’t imagine. 

After attaining the perfect state, Violent Blade not only increased in power but the flaws in its forms also became minute. What is perfection? That’s being beyond just skillful. Regarding Violent Blade attaining perfection, the system had previously told something to Li Yunmu. 

Sometime ago, Ling Shuang was casually able to break the skill’s set at first strike. But that was in the past now, Violent Blade had just reached the fifth level. 

If Li Yunmu once again encountered Ling Shuang, and she hadn’t broken through to next layer, then his Violent Blade would certainly be able to suppress her. 

Insect Step had also reached the perfection state, but there wasn’t any great transformation to it. Apart from the fact that he could now burst out with instant acceleration five times in a row, the only other change was that the distance covered when he did was amplified again. When Li Yunmu used instant acceleration Insect Step, he would now be able to cover a distance of twenty-five meters. 

If he used it continuously all five times, then he would move past a distance of one hundred twenty-five meters. This ability had already reached this degree without Li Yunmu even realizing it. 

[Host, the system detected that many high level fluxers have appeared in the Fifth Dimension and are searching for you,] the system said aptly this time.