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After the special envoy of king city and the messenger of the War God Temple left, Lin Yuerou didn’t receive any other visitors. 

In the hidden chamber under the city lord’s residence, Lin Qingyang had a crazy expression on his face. It kept switching between madness and joy, and he even burst out laughing sometimes. 

Lin Yuerou had told Youyi to search and take away everything he had on him, including his stellarcomm and storage badge. But how could they have expected that he had hidden his last trick in the hidden chamber. 

Lin Qingyang went towards one side of the hidden chamber and lightly pressed a bulge protruding upwards from a wall, and a hidden space appeared. 

"That old man and his f*cking wh*re daughter both looked down upon me. The two considered me a trash and I let them do that. No, what I cannot obtain will be destroyed, I will ruin you all!"

Lin Qingyang gleefully picked up an all new stellarcomm as a ruthless idea entered his mind. 

The next moment, a major news, which would shake the entire Central Continent, appeared on the main forum of the Central Continent. After releasing it, Lin Qingyang started to laugh heartily, feeling pleased with himself. 

"Li Yunmu, you dared to snatch everything I had. I’ll make sure you die a dog’s death."

Whenever the memory of those neatly-cleaned and orderly-folded male clothes in Lin Yuerou’s room appeared in his mind, he would be unable to stop his heart from going crazy. 

Every time he remembered that night when he was imprisoned and his extraordinarily beautiful sister, whom he thought about day and night and who was rightfully his, was forcibly pushed down by Li Yunmu, a trace of unreasonable madness rose in Lin Qingyang’s heart. 

At this moment, in Cloud City Warzone’s official forum there were still many people discussing Li Yunmu, Li Yun, and Li Feng, the three disciples of the mysterious Li Sect. 

If it had been a few days ago, then the news of Li Yun would have suppressed everything else. However, during the past few days, the discussions revolved around only two people: one of them was Li Yunmu and the other was their Heavenly Cloud City’s supreme goddess. 

Because these two people had walked together after the former had left the Tower of Glory.

Why did the goddess invite Li Yunmu to the city lord’s residence? Was it simply to rope him in or did the city lord have any other ideas? Why did he spend the night at the city lord’s residence? 

Many people knew that the city lord didn’t allow any guests to stay overnight at his residence for many years now. Why then did he break his habit and make this sudden exception? This question worried many people. 

No one could have stopped this situation from developing. After all, Lin Yuerou’s status was quite high in the Heavenly Cloud City, and to some extent, her influence was even higher than that of the city lord. 

At this time, the latest news were posted on the official forum. A special envoy of Hanxia City and the messenger of the War God Temple had both entered the city lord’s mansion at separate times, which provided even more authenticity to the news of Li Yunmu staying overnight at the city lord’s residence. 

Otherwise, why would the special envoy as well as the War God Temple’s messenger, who were certainly looking for Li Yunmu, would come to look for him there. 

"F*ck, what kind of bullsh*t is this Li Yunmu pulling, even treating the city lord’s residence as his own property."

Many people had already began to curse when another thought invaded their hearts. 

Even the city lord’s residence was trying to rope in Li Yunmu. This could be considered as proof of the mysterious Li Sect’s existence. This thought then swiftly led to another—they wanted to enter the recently emerged Li Sect! It was a great opportunity in everyone’s eyes, for all the other sects had already accepted sufficient disciples long ago. 

The mysterious Li Sect had just emerged in to the world, so it would certainly need many powerful disciples to keep up appearances. 

While the forums goers were considering this, a new post which caused everyone to become serious appeared. 

"What? The city lord divided his pisces jade pendant into two halves, giving one to Li Yunmu and the other to Lin Yuerou? What does this mean?"

"Yes, if I’m not mistaken all pisces jade pendants in use are in pairs."

"You’re all correct, but the truly important thing isn’t this. According to the information I received, this pisces jade pendant is a treasure, and an extremely important one at that. According to hearsay, it contains a secret dual cultivation technique…"

A loud uproar rose among the people after the post was read through thoroughly. Secret dual cultivation technique? The city lord had appointed their goddess and Li Yunmu to cultivate this dual cultivation technique together?

This time many people’s hearts were crushed. 

However, moments later, a post from the Central Continent’s main network was reposted on the official forum. Regarding it, no one knew how to react. 

Because the poster was surprisingly Lin Qingyang himself. 

"Father has died, the cause of his death being the backlash he received from using a forbidden technique to become a Flux Sage. Facing death’s door, he divided his most valuable treasure, the pisces jade pendant, into two halves and gave one to Lin Yuerou and the other to Li Yunmu…"

Suddenly, the crazy-sounding declaration, which didn’t make any sense before and had no proof, was given some by the repost when no one had expected such a thing. When people noticed the fluxer who was the original poster, they immediately forwarded it, and in the blink of an eye it swept across all the fluxer circles on Central Continent like a wildfire. 

Heavenly Cloud City’s lord had surprisingly entered the sage realm? Why had he never told it to anyone during the last couple years? 

And a majestic Flux Sage fell due to backlash?!

Yet this wasn’t even the most important part. What truly caught people’s attention was the question what level would a treasure be if it was bequeathed by a Flux Sage before his death?

Many people didn’t believe this news, though. They were certain that someone had stolen Lin Qingyang’s stellarcomm and was deliberately spreading rumors. 

In short, the information leaked was extremely frightening. It talked about the city lord, a Flux Sage, the fall of a Flux Sage, Blue Cloud Sect’s goddess, a person who had recently been conferred the title of Heavenly Major General by Hanxia King City, and lastly Lin Qingyang himself. 

The status and influence of none of these people was simple. 

This news was just too outrageous, so the majority of ordinary fluxers simply didn’t believe it. They just laughed it off. But at this moment, the members of countless clans, powers, and organizations spread over the entire Central Continent reported it to their superiors immediately. 

These people didn’t share the masses’ reason for disbelieving the post. All of those who had truly powerful backgrounds knew that Heavenly Cloud City was on the eve of a major upheaval. 

The scale of this matter was unimaginable.

Lin Qingyang had personally revealed the most tightly guarded secret of the city lord’s residence, but why did he act like this? Only those who were well acquainted with the inside information knew that this was certainly related to that piece of the jade pendant. The benefits of owning it were too enormous, to the extent that Lin Qingyang had even divulged all his family’s secrets to the whole world without caring one bit. 

Soon, Lin Qingyang once more picked up his stellarcomm and wrote another message in his crazy tone. Once it reached the forums, all the powers on Central Continent felt as if time had been stopped. 

"Ha ha ha, destroyed, completely destroyed. What I’m unable to get, Li Yunmu, you also won’t be able to obtain... That most valuable jade pendant is the key to the location of some ancient deity’s secret region in seventh dimension."

These short few sentences seemed to have been written by a completely crazy person; however, their contents shook everyone to their core. All the fluxers only saw the final few words—the key to an ancient deity’s secret region. 

No one cared about how this information came out or tried to guess about the internal strife in the city lord’s mansion. Even the fact that the city lord of the Heavenly Cloud City had perished was no longer of much importance. 

All other news fell short of the attractive power of the words "ancient deity’s secret region". These few words worked like magic, attracting the attention of all formidable powers on the Central Continent.