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146 Messenger from War God Temple

The brightly glowing sun swelled to the size of a grindstone and kept releasing trace after trace of imposing energy, illuminating the entire heavenly world. Li Yunmu then felt a gentle power rising within his body, and he knew this was the genuine heavenly world's power. 

One sun!

He hadn't expected that his heavenly world would finally enter the first rank. His sun was only the size of a grindstone, which was quite far from the enormous seven stars of the flux ancestor, its volume reaching only one tenth of the ancestor's stars, but it was still a huge step forward for Li Yunmu. 

Now that his heavenly world had entered the one star rank, he could be considered to have touched the threshold of World Master, though he could only be considered green at the moment. He still had a long way to go. 

Somewhere deep within Li Yunmu there was a wild sensation that if he wanted to truly enter the ranks of one star World Masters, then he must increase the landmass of his heavenly world by ten times. 

Presently, his world was close to 13 000 sq.m. in size. Given that the transformation happened at 10 000 sq.m, if his speculations weren't wrong, then his heavenly world must attain the area of at least one million square meters. In other words, the diameter of the area should be exactly one kilometer.

This was difficult, extremely difficult, but Li Yunmu knew that his benefits would also be enormous. 

"System, what is the extent of the world power that I can currently utilize outside?" 

[The amount of world power which host can utilize outside is roughly equal to an all out attack from an initial stage golden crystal fluxer.]

After remaining silent for a few seconds, the system revealed its calculations. 

Li Yunmu's mind went dizzy, and his hands started shaking. 

He could absorb an all out attack from an initial stage golden crystal fluxer! What did this signify? It meant that he could launch a fist with its power equivalent to that of an initial stage golden crystal fluxer's all out attack. 

When the heavenly world's power absorbed damage, it could be said that there wouldn't be any trace left; however, if Li Yunmu used his heavenly world's power to attack, then his secret might be exposed. 

Thus, Li Yunmu didn't intend to use this power to attack unless it was absolutely necessary. Otherwise, it would be like openly declaring to others that he possessed a heavenly world. 

This time, the generous profits from hunting rooster dragons had doubled his confidence. After the transformation in the heavenly world, he certainly possessed the strength to walk tall in the Fifth Dimension. If the triple layer defense of Admiralty Cover, King's crystal armor, and Iron Body were added into the mix, then unless a rainbow crystal fluxer attacked him, he wouldn't feel threatened. 

Furthermore, if the golden crystal fluxers that attacked him didn't have at least a B grade killing skill, he wouldn't even need to move. His opponents would simply be unable to break his defense. 

Li Yunmu walked to the springhead in the center and curiously drank a bit of water to check its quality. The results were somewhat disappointing, this wasn't a spirit spring. 

A heavenly world with one sun couldn't produce spirit grade water. Although it was sweet in flavor, but it was still ordinary water. If one insisted on finding a real difference between this water compared to that in the outside world, then it would be that this water was completely pure, without any contamination. 

However, this was still quite an exciting event. In the future, Li Yunmu would no longer need to rely on the outside world for the supply of water, even if the spring wasn't very large, only one meter in diameter. 

The starlight of the many small stars and the recently congealed enormous sun gave birth to the springhead. As it slowly absorbed more of it, it gradually began to rise up. 

Li Yunmu was completely exhausted after hunting rooster dragons for the whole night. He laid down on the small grass and immediately went to sleep.

At this time, two groups of visitors arrived at the city lord's residence of Heavenly Cloud City. 

The first group of visitors had come from the Hanxia King City. The entire Central Continent had altogether one central city, three king cities, and seven secondary grade cities. 

The latter all controlled huge territories, scattered among nearly a thousand small cities which were freely spread across the entire Central Continent. However, the region which housed the true authority of the central continent, where the truly formidable people gathered, wasn't that of the secondary cities. 

It belonged to the three king cities and the central city. All the fluxers and resources at the top of the pyramid of Central Continent gathered at each of the king cities. 

Although the city lord of the Heavenly Cloud City was a border lord and ruled over the lives of countless people in a large territory, the idea of revolt had never entered his mind. After all, the most formidable people in the hierarchy of humanity were almost entirely concentrated in the three king cities. 

For example, Li Yunmu was conferred the title of one of the thirty-six heavenly major generals by the Hanxia King City soon after he advanced past the fifteenth level in the Tower of Glory. 

This time, the visitor from Hanxia City was a special envoy that was a Flux Master. He led a squad of King Guard troops to protect Li Yunmu while they brought him to report to Hanxia City. 

The envoy had heard that after coming out of the Tower of Glory, Li Yunmu was received by the people of the city lord's mansion and had come directly here. 

The person who welcomed this group was Lin Yuerou. 

In front of her, a Temporal Flux Master, even the special envoy of king city had to put aside his arrogant expression. This was not because Lin Yuerou was the daughter of the city lord, but because she was a heavenly genius who had already entered the Temporal layer before she was even twenty years old. Not to mention that she was supported by a sect.

Only the top tier clans with their formidable reserves could contend against the influence of sects. Each one of them had a Flux Sage sitting on top of it. Besides, Heavenly Cloud City had control over one hundred thirty-six small cities, but it only had three sects: Blue Cloud Sect, Heavenly Moon Sect, and Ling Shuang's Sword Sect. 

In the end, the trip of this king city's special envoy was completely in vain, because Li Yunmu had long ago returned to the Fifth Dimension. When the special envoy received this news, he was stunned. He hadn't expected that Lin Yuerou would receive the special envoy on Li Yunmu's behalf. 

"I wonder what is the relationship between Miss Lin and Heavenly General Li," the special envoy asked suspiciously. 

"My father betrothed me to Li Yunmu."

Lin Yuerou hesitated for a heartbeat before answering, and her cheeks colored slightly, which was an unusual sight. She didn't know why her heart, which had at first somewhat resisted accepting Li Yunmu, had undergone a subtle transformation. 

"Ha ha, congratulations."

The special envoy of the king city paused for a moment, and then revealed a hint of an indescribable smile. 

Before long, the delegation from War God Temple also arrived. This delegation included only a twenty-year-old woman whose entire body emitted coldness. She had a cultivation base of Temporal stage. 

The presence excuded by her was completely different from that of Lin Yuerou. A vorpal broadsword hung on her back, brimming with the aura of slaughter. Everyone whom she passed by took note to get farther away from her. Even the special envoy's complexion darkened under the pressure excuded by this woman. 

She the representative of War God Temple, not War Shrine but War God Temple itself!

If War Shrine could be considered as a huge monster in terms of power and influence, than War God Temple was its core force. Every person coming from there had heaven defying battle prowess, and given their combat potential, their chances of entering the sage layer were very high. 

"This is Li Yunmu's qualifications to enter trial by fire. He has three months' time to prepare. Since he isn't present at the city lord's mansion, then I will give it to you, to pass it to him."

War God Temple's envoy threw a sealed letter towards Lin Yuerou. 

It was just an ordinary, traditional letter. Any person who picked it up could falsely claim it as their own, but none dared to do so. This was because this letter was issued by theWar God Temple, so those who dared vanished from the world without a trace. 

Lin Yuerou's expression turned serious. A formless strength surged through her hands and she caught the letter easily, but her body was forced to retreat a few steps and cracks, resembling a spider web, spread over the ancient cyan-colored bricks under her feet. 

Everyone's hearts sank. The people from War God Shrine were too powerful, and their type of power produced a sense of dread in everyone around them. 

In terms of innate talent, Lin Yuerou who had entered the Temporal layer before she reached twenty was clearly more talented compared to the woman from War God Temple. But if one was judging in terms of combat strength… This woman had made Lin Yuerou retreat three steps with just a letter written on ordinary paper. 

From this exchange, the ferociousness of every person coming from War God Temple was clearly proved!

"I will deliver it to him," Lin Yuerou said with a nod. 

"Alright. You're not too bad yourself; however, your nature is too soft, you're not suitable to enter War God Temple."

The woman carrying an executioner's broadsword on her back immediately turned around after completing her mission and departed without wasting any more time. 

Even the special envoy of the king city wasn't worth her attention, because the people of War God Temple didn't care about status. The only thing that mattered to them was combat strength and not innate talent or comprehension skills. 

The two parties left as suddenly as they arrived. After they left, Lin Yuerou contemplated what had happened for some time while looking downwards. Once she came to a decision, she instructed the old servant of the city lord's residence, "You're permitted to employ the Secret Heavens. Immediately leave for a trip to the Setting Sun Garrison and deliver this letter to Li Yunmu. Remember to not reveal its content to anyone."

"Don't worry, young miss. I know what to do."

This old man was an old housekeeper of the city lord's mansion. He had been in this position for more than ten years, handling matters for the city lord, so naturally he had some ability. Moreover, Secret Heavens was a secret power among the fluxers. Every member of the Secret Heavens had at least congealed a golden crystal flux armor, while the boss was always a rainbow crystal fluxer who had congealed his rainbow.