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6%, 17%, 43%, 97%... After few minutes, the third shadow was congealed successfully. 

"In the future, you will be called Li Tian."

Clearly, Li Yunmu didn’t have any talent in naming. Heaven, earth, wind, cloud, presently only Li De remained out of these. 

However, the names weren’t important. What mattered was that the number of Li Yunmu’s shadows had increased by one. From now on he would have one more duplicate, whether it was normal hacking or dimensional battlefield for space elements. His efficiency would increase in whatever he did. 

Quickly, Li Yunmu used his newest shadow’s data and synchronized it with an avatar on the dimensional battlefield. However, while configuring the avatar, he didn’t set Li Tian’s body structure to be perfect as he’d done before. After all, Li Yun was built like this, and Li Feng was also built like this. If he established Li Tian’s avatar with more or less the same body stature...

People may become suspicious of cloning. 

Umm… Height should be set at 1.78 m, body weight around 70 kg, beautiful looks. Okay, avatar established. 

The next instant, Li Tian entered the dimensional monster battlefield. Li Yunmu chose that he should fight in the monster battlefield. His choice of weaponry was: primary weapon - bow, secondary weapon - blade. 

Equipment was once again that of an armored soldier. 

The main priority for Li Yunmu right now was to increase the proficiency of his Archery Foundation. 

That’s right, he had realized that to get closer to the War God class, for the time being, he didn’t need to be proficient in all sorts of fighting styles. What mattered to him was to be proficient in both close combat and long-distance fighting. If he could master these two different styles, then he wouldn’t have any obvious weak points. 

Besides, the attacks of ranged attackers used the compressed flux energy arrows. Due to this, the penetrating and explosive power of such attacks was naturally more formidable compared to those of close combat. 

For example, while hunting the rooster dragons, Li Yunmu naturally didn’t miss the fact that long-distance fighting was much more effective. 

In the morning, Li Yun and Li Feng automatically entered the dimensional battlefield, as was their usual schedule. Li Tian, on the other hand, went to the monster battlefield to earn proficiency points for flux skills.


Li Yunmu was pleasantly surprised by the amount, which had appeared in the notifications once the third was by his side, that was required to congeal the fourth shadow. 

This time, the experience points required weren’t increased ten times, to one million experience points, rather only to two hundred thousand. This was five times less than what Li Yunmu had imagined, so he was quite happy. 

The next instant he entered the Virtual Dimension World and unhurriedly walked towards the Good News Pavilion. Once the old shopkeeper saw Li Yunmu, his face lit up. 

He had an extremely hard time imagining that just six or seven hours after settling the previous business this person would once again make a visit. 

"You’ve brought the same goods as last night?" the old shopkeeper cautiously asked, with a strange solemnity to his voice. 

"Yes, do you have the funds ready?"

Li Yunmu laughed. 

"Yes yes, fortunately you gave me the reminder last night to be mentally prepared. At that time I commanded people to prepare the funds right away."

The old shopkeeper revealed a bitter smile. He had never anticipated that the efficiency of this youth would be so terrifying. 

Yes, it really frightened this old man who had seen many things in his time. In less than ten hours, this person had hunted down another group of rooster dragons? Moreover, from the looks of it, the amount of goods this time was even higher than the last time. 

There was no need to say anything, the deal was what mattered. Without saying anything, the old man hurried the transaction. 

Li Yunmu arrived within the rear courtyard and swept his hand out. Instantly, the place filled with corpses of rooster dragons. There weren't many of them though, only one hundred seventy-nine. 

"Let’s complete the deal."

There was no change in Li Yunmu’s expression, but the old man, as well as his partners, were so shocked from seeing these many corpses of silver crystal layer hegemons of the sky that they couldn’t speak for a long time. 

"Did you kill all of them last night?"

"You shouldn’t ask other questions, old man. You’re being excessive."

"Ok ok ok, it was my mistake. Someone bring first-rate food and wine. You all quickly settle this bill, don’t waste little brother’s precious time."

Old man cheerfully smiled and loudly commanded his staff at once. 

After half an hour, many partners hurriedly rushed in to settle the bill. Out of the one hundred seventy-nine rooster dragon corpses, ninety-three were completely intact. All of them were shot down by a ranged attacker. The price of every one of these was still at 1.35 million. As for the rest, incomplete rooster dragon corpses, their bill was settled at a price of 1.05 million pet unit. 

Li Yunmu once again received an enormous amount of money, obtaining flux crystals worth two hundred fifteen million. 

However, all of this was just the start. 

There was even more profit that was soon to come. Next, under the old man’s gaze which was filled with expectation, Li Yunmu threw out fifteen live rooster dragons. This wasn’t all he had, because he left two most powerful, thirty-ninth grade ones in his heavenly world. 

Among the rooster dragons which were captured alive, every one of them was stronger compared to those that were killed. The majority of the captured ones possessed strength between thirty-fifth to thirty-eighth grade. 

The final price for these fifteen living rooster dragons reached upto nine hundred million. Even the number of trunks loaded with flux crystal crossed ten. 

The old man had to admit that this transaction would be counted as top tier business even at the Heavenly Dragon Pavilion controlled by Heavenly Dragon Tang family. He’d had to transfer the funds from all his shop’s branches to complete this deal. 

After collecting the flux crystals, Li Yunmu immediately departed. However, before leaving, he left a line which allowed the old shopkeeper to breath a sigh of relief. 

"I won’t be hunting again for the time being."

This wasn’t because he didn’t want to, but rather because all the rooster dragon prides in the Setting Sun Garrison domain had already been cleaned out by him in one night. There may be some smaller prides remaining, but since searching for them would be very time-consuming, Li Yunmu naturally wouldn’t waste time on it like a fool. In a split second, he once again logged out of the Virtual Dimension World. 

Soon after, with an aching heart, he poured out more than a dozen trunks loaded with flux crystals worth eleven hundred million into his heavenly world.

He had to say that this heavenly world was a bottomless pit, the number of resources it required was beyond counting. It was no wonder then that even a person like Heavenly Cloud City’s lord, with his position and resources, had never had the idea of using an origin dimensional stone. 

The most important part about this was that obtaining an origin dimensional stone required a gargantuan opportunity. Besides that, even if you obtained it, your heavenly world may not necessarily expand. 

Probably only the genuinely top class powerful clans and sects possessed the resources to nurture a heavenly world into a true world. 

Li Yunmu had nothing compared to those clans and sects. If he didn’t possess the system, he wouldn’t have dared to play with it. 

After the flux crystals worth eleven hundred millions were poured on the ground, the landmass began to expand even more fiercely compared to last time, 2000 sq.m., 3000 sq.m., 4000 sq.m., 7000 sq.m., 10000 sq.m….

When the area of the heavenly world expanded to 10,000 sq.m., suddenly, a sta-r in the starry sky began to glow brighter than the rest. Their light suppressed all the other stars. 

After a long while, when Li Yunmu’s vision was again restored to normal, he discovered that a great transformation had happened in the originally lifeless heavenly world. 

The land had grown to 13,000 sq.m., and emerald green grass started sprouting under the gentle illumination of that star. In the middle of the originally barren land, a small spring began trickling. 

This mystical transformation was simply a miracle!The way Li Yunmu gives names is based on these elements, in Chinese they are: Tian, De, Feng, Yun.