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141 One Customer Shouldn“t Bother Two Shopkeepers

Formidable killing intent, formidable defense, formidable blade skills!

At this moment, while Li Yunmu’s group of three was busy wiping out the pride of rooster dragons, in the forest underneath, there was a human squad spectating the battle in the sky with astonishment. 

This squad was comprised of four people who were around twenty-years-old. The leader of them was a youth whose age didn’t cross twenty-three. All of the members were covered in silver crystal flux armor and had opened all of the fourteen points of silver crystal layer.

In other words, every one of this group of people had extraordinary strength. Each of them had a cultivation of peak silver crystal layer. At this moment though they were using special tools to watch Li Yunmu’s battle from more than ten miles away. 

If some experienced fluxer discovered this squad, he certainly wouldn’t find it difficult to recognize them even in the middle of night. Or that what they were trying was extremely dangerous.

They were dimensional monster hunters!

This was a four man squad of dimensional monster hunters. They possessed plentiful survival experience in the dimensional battlefield, had comparatively formidable cultivation strength, and even had all sorts of special equipment and weapons to chase and kill dimensional beasts. Clearly, the squad’s aim tonight had been to hunt a rooster dragon. 

But they were hunters, so they certainly couldn’t go on a bloodbath like Li Yunmu. They would usually wait patiently throughout the night until the best chance to attack. Only when a rooster dragon separated from the pride would they rush in to capture or kill him. 

It wouldn’t be the slightest exaggeration to say that with the members of their battle squad as well as their professional equipment, successfully hunting two or three rooster dragons in one night was nothing more than a dream. 

However, at this moment, they encountered three unprecedented rule breakers. The trio had no outward signs to recognise them by, and were full of mysteries and acted extremely savagely. 

At this moment, Li Yunmu and other two’s actions left this squad of three male and one female dimensional hunters completely dumbfounded. 

"Heavens, when did such fierce people appear on our six continents, who are they?"

All of them glanced at each other with confusion on their faces. 

It wasn’t that they were inexperienced, rather, these fluxers didn’t belong to the Central Continent. They were Neptune’s people from Northern Ocean Continent. 

Perhaps they had heard the name of Li Yunmu from the fluxer association, but they didn’t pay any attention to it and didn’t remember it. This was identical to how an average slum dweller wouldn’t care much about a celebrity. 


Another rooster dragon corpse fell heavily to the ground. Even though the squad was ten kilometers away from it, but they could still sense the earth shaking a little. 

"Thirty-fifth, these three people have already killed thirty-five rooster dragons. The amount they will get for them…"

All of the squad subconsciously gulped down saliva. 

They couldn’t count the coins, and neither did they want to. The earnings of these three in one night would be equal to a month’s great business for them, while acting with such cautiousness.

But was it over?

Naturally, that wasn’t the case. Soon the squad saw an even more startling scene. The last formidable rooster dragon was surrounded by all three people and they began to beat him up with fists. 

After the three of them punched him more than ten times, the beast had lost most of its energy and become motionless. One of the trio then forcibly collected it into his storage badge. 

Identical flux energy strength, as well as terrifying defense and formidable skills. And those wings which surpassed the experts in Temporal layer in flying. On top of that, they possessed some item with enormous dimensional space that could easily collect a living dimensional beast. 

Frightening, these three people are really frightening!

Although there were a few rooster dragon corpses that had fallen in front of the squad, its members simply didn’t have the courage to go pick them up. They could only watch as the three young fluxers collected their harvest and rapidly flew away.

"Did you record it?" the leader of the squad asked with a serious expression. 

"I tried to, but since they were so far away from us and it’s nighttime, everything’s fuzzy. Their true features and characteristics cannot be seen," the only female in the squad answered. 

"Unnecessary. Given the ability of these people, they certainly won’t be nobodies."

"Wew, fortunately they didn’t discover us. Let’s move!"

Li Yunmu truly hadn’t discovered the existence of this squad of dimensional hunters, since the system wasn’t omnipotent. The other party had been observing from more than ten kilometers away, and the system couldn’t monitor such a large area. 

But this wasn’t important, what mattered was that Li Yunmu’s blood had began to boil. Thirty-five rooster dragon corpses and one live rooster dragon should fetch him quite a fortune. 

He quickly led the two shadows away and found a mountain to descend upon. There, he entered the virtual dimension. 

That’s right, since he had reaped the rewards, he must change them to real money. 

Li Yunmu once again went to the Good News Pavilion. The old man quickly rushed out from the rear garden and welcomed him. From his appearance, it was clear that he had been sleeping and was just woken up by the shopkeeper. However, there wasn’t the slightest trace of resentment on the face of the old man, instead he happily asked, "Little brother, looking at your expression, it seems that you’ve gotten something good again?"

"That’s right, but I’m not sure whether you’ll be able to take my business this time."

Li Yunmu smiled slightly. His mood was extremely good, given that he had discovered the territory of rooster dragons and even hunted some down. Since that was the case, why shouldn’t he be in a good mood.

"Tell me then. Since we have opened a business, naturally we have sufficient capital. Little brother, you shouldn’t underestimate our small shop," the old man said, with a faint smile. 

Li Yunmu nodded but didn’t say anything. Since the other party had the confidence, then he was relieved.

In fact, the Good News Pavilion wasn’t the best shop in business for selling rooster dragons. However, one customer shouldn't bother two shopkeepers. As to what concerned the price, Li Yunmu was convinced that no one would decline a person like him who had killed a large number of rooster dragons. 

Although Li Yunmu didn’t know what kind of strange abilities other fluxers had, he was certain that there wasn’t anyone who could kill as many rooster dragons as he had. This was taking into consideration everyone within Heavenly Cloud Steel Castle, even the rainbow crystal fluxers—for none of them could be his equals.

Li Yunmu went to where there was some empty space and waved his hand towards the ground. Immediately, a complete corpse of a rooster dragon appeared in front of him. 


"Attacked by arrows of a ranged attacker, with successive arrows hitting the same wound. Furthermore, there are also traces of destructive type thunder energy." Once he saw the corpse, the expression of the old man changed. "A range attacker who possesses thunder attribute dark flux energy..."

"Old man, you know too much. I want a price,"Li Yunmu said, moving directly to the point. 

"1.25 million," the old man quoted the price without any hesitation. 

"Alright, here are twenty-three more. The payment will be same as before, I only want flux crystals."

Li Yunmu waved his hand, and instantly the entire courtyard was filled with the corpses of rooster dragons. When the old man saw this scene, he opened his mouth to say something, but no words came out of his mouth.