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130 Deity Execution Skill

Following the system’s independent decision to merge the witch fiend’s energy with Li Yunmu, a ball of underworld blood fiend’s flux energy floated out from his storage badge and gradually assimilated into his body. 


The blood fiend’s energy freely dispersed through Li Yunmu’s body. When the thunder energy buried in him sensed this familiar power which had the same origin, it instantly transformed into a thunder snake and began to swim around, trying to come out. 

"Under the sages, everyone is powerless like ants. You’re just a trifling low level cultivator, that’s all. In this whole world, there won’t be anyone who wouldn’t be excited on finding someone with battle sage bloodline to obtain the opportunity to become a battle sage. If I had been in place of that lord sage, perhaps you wouldn’t be alive now…"

Tang Baichen sneered while attentively watching Li Yunmu who seemed to have gone berserk. What a joke, a trifling low level cultivator also dared to stand in front of a sage. 

When a sage decides to do something, what does he not dare to do. Really ignorant people are fearless!

Just on the basis of this one point, Tang Baichen didn’t believe that this Li Yunmu really had some mysterious sect standing behind him. However, who knew what sister Yuerou was thinking when she surprisingly went to receive him and invited him to the city lord’s mansion. Not only that, she also allowed this trifling low level cultivator to enter their group. 

That’s right, today Tang Baichen hadn’t come to accept Li Yunmu’s entrance into their group, rather he just wanted to expose the truth about this person. 

Because his family’s Tang Ruochen had come in contact with this third disciple of the so called mysterious Li Sect long ago, the Tang family had already conducted an extremely thorough and detailed investigation about him. 

Their internal investigation report had revealed that although this Li Yunmu possessed battle sage’s bloodline, there wasn’t even a shadow of some battle sage acting as his backer, let alone speak of some mysterious sect. He had only inherited some good fortune bestowed upon him by his deceased ancestors. 

There was a high possibility that Li Sect’s battle sage may have fallen in some higher dimension long ago. 

Following this logic, everything made complete sense. This line of thought answered all loopholes, like why did Li Yunmu possessed skills like Violent Blade or Insect Step or other flux cultivation battle skills, but he himself didn’t have any knowledge about the fluxer world. 

Today, Tang Baichen had personally come to expose the web of lies created by this person. For a moment, Tang Baichen and Lin Qingyang’s gazes met, and both of smiled in a meaningful way towards each other. 

Their plan was moving without any problem. Even they hadn’t expected that it would be so easy to make Li Yunmu go berserk. Since the other party had lost his reason because of anger, then they just needed to add some oil to this fire to guide this battle sage’s descendant to the path of his doom. 

However, Tang Baichen still hadn’t taken the last step before he saw the smile on Lin Qingyang’s face suddenly turning into alarm. 

Brother Tang, be careful, Lin Qingyang could only warn subconsciously, but it was too late!

Li Yunmu, who was already enraged and had merged with the blood fiend’s energy just now, instantly emitted a terrifying aura and endless killing intent. In the meantime, his whole body was wrapped around by the energy of the blood fiend.

"Since you also have plans for the battle sage bloodline bullsh*t in my body, then you also go and die…"

Suddenly, a war blade with cold thunder wrapped around it appeared in Li Yunmu’s hand. The next moment, endless killing intent enveloped everyone present on the scene.


A huge projection of an enormous dragon, which appeared like a barbarous god from ancient times, manifested behind him. It accompanied Li Yunmu’s overflowing anger and rushed towards Tang Baichen. 

This enormous projection was tightly wrapped around the thunder blade in Li Yunmu’s hand, which suddenly slashed towards Tang Baichen.

"Not good, this is Deity Executioner!"

The expression of Lin Yuerou, the strongest person present on the scene suddenly changed. By the time she managed to respond, it was too late. 

She was just few meters away, but at this moment, in front of Deity Executioner, these few meters were like the distance between heaven and earth. The blood fiend’s energy filled with frantic killing intent instantly slashed through the space between Li Yunmu and Tang Baichen. 

With Lin Yuerou’s temporal layer strength, she could have broken it, but she was late by half a second. The enormous projection behind Li Yunmu’s body had already slashed towards the shocked and distracted Tang Baichen. 

The blade was similar to the projection, it didn’t leave any traces behind. It instantly chopped at Tang Baichen, cleaving through the distance. 

Tang Baichen truly deserved to be counted as one of the most powerful among the newcomers. In a split second, he became aware that his and Lin Qingyang’s plan had gone awry. 

A golden light shone brightly and golden crystal flux armor covered his body. However, even its formidable defence as well as rainbow crystal flux energy’s body protecting cover wasn’t of any use. 

The slash of the enormous projection contained Li Yunmu’s endless killing intent. When the image of the blade reached Tang Baichen, his golden crystal flux armor became useless, and so did his rainbow coloured flux energy protective cover. His fierce gaze full of flux energy gradually turned dull and then extinguished.

His body was still maintaining the blocking posture of Heavenly Dragon Tang family’s Tyrannical Cross-Shaped Arms skill, but his breath quickly disappeared, showing no signs of existing in this world anymore. 

"Deity Execution skill. The legendary Deity Execution skill."

All the people present were foolishly looking at the illusory chop filled with endless killing intent, which attacked not the person but his mind. 

What crystal armor or flux energy protective cover, in front of this chop attacking the brain, all of them were useless, like fleeting clouds. Similarly, it also confirmed Tang Baichen’s words from a few moments ago, that under sage level everyone were just like ants. 

All of them could be easily killed at any time!

Tang Baichen was dead. He had been killed Li Yunmu’s one chop while he was in a berserk state. The young prodigy’s death wasn’t caused by loss of vitality but rather came from his mind. In an instant, Tang Baichen’s three energies completely faded away. At this moment, even if a god descended to possess his body, he would still be unable to save him. 

Li Yunmu’s one chop completely removed all traces of his existence in this world. 

Lin Qingyang watched everything with alarm. He suddenly discovered that his evaluation was wrong, he now felt that Lin Yuerou’s decision to suddenly change her treatment towards Li Yunmu had been correct. 

However, everything wasn’t complete. Li Yunmu, whose body was releasing endless killing intent, suddenly turned around. The blood fiend’s energy caused his pupils to turn blood-colored, and a terrifying gaze, like that of a god who one couldn’t look directly at, fell on Lin Qingyang’s body. 

"Second chop."

Two words were said, sounding as if they had come from the depths below the building. They brought a chill to everyone, and they all involuntarily shuddered. 

"Not good, stay your hand."

Lin Yuerou was startled. This was the first time she, the proud daugther of heaven, felt so helpless. Although she was already at the temporal layer, confronting Li Yunmu’s Deity Execution was still a challenge. She could save herself for sure, but saving another person was extremely difficult. 

She and Lin Qingyang were only two meters away from each other, however, these two meters were like the distance between heaven and earth in front of the legendary Deity Execution. 

The next instant, Li Yunmu’s blade fell down. The projection of the barbarian god coldly descended towards Lin Qingyang.

It was over.

At this moment, everyone present knew that it was over. Who could’ve thought that Li Yunmu would just suddenly go berserk, or been able to anticipate that even a Temporal Flux Master Lin Yuerou wouldn’t be able to stop him from killing Lin Qingyang, the son of Heavenly Cloud City’s lord. Once the enraged Li Yunmu decided to kill, he immediately attacked. 

Frightened by Li Yunmu’s slash, Lin Qingyang had already soiled the ground. If even a formidable person like Tang Baichen couldn’t escape this calamity after using the supreme skills of the Tang family, then what was he to do. After all, he had advanced his cultivation using all sorts of resources. 

Having lost any will to resist, he shouted for Lin Yuerou with absolute despair, "Sister, save me!"