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125 The End of the Tower Challenge

The Heavy Pincer Gigantic Beetle’s egg clearly didn’t belong to a young insect but rather an imago monster who had entered a contract with a fluxer that used secondary flux energy. The insect then had been sealed to be sold as a familiar or a mount. 

The eggs made of secondary flux energy in which familiars were sealed were still extremely rare to Li Yunmu; he had only read about them in the library. In the Heavenly Cloud Castle, he hadn’t encountered even a single sealed egg until now. 

After all, the number fluxers who had the secondary type of flux energy and possessed the ability to summon dimensional beasts was extremely low. And among them, those with superior strength who could actually undertake the task of sealing familiars, including manufacturing special items to seal them in so that they can be sold, were even scarcer. 

The third item Li Yunmu chose was a chunk of pitch black wood. This item was around the size of a brick and it was known as reincarnation wood, an extremely strange name. Li Yunmu had to use his final two hundred tower badges to exchange for it. When he looked at its information though, he was left in shock. 

It had only one ability, and it was to substitute its owner upon their death. This piece of wood came from an extremely rare treant dimensional monster which grew in Seventh Dimension. 

As its name implied, it was used to save the owner’s life. As long as a fluxer refined the wood with their blood essence, the reincarnation tree could be used to resist anything. The only limit was the sage layer, anything below that could be blocked by this item. 

Although Li Yunmu spent two hundred tower badges for this wood, but this was a life saving treasure. He didn’t hesitate one bit when exchanging for it. Sure enough, as soon as he obtained the piece of reincarnation tree, its name on the exchange list on the stele immediately turned dark. After all, it was extremely rare. 

It has to be said that the four items suggested by the system after its analysis weren’t simple. They were extremely scarce in supply, only ones that could be encountered just once in a hundred years. Although they didn’t increase Li Yunmu’ strength directly, but as the system had told him, his present combat strength was enough to take down higher layer fluxers already. It was currently sufficient for him and what he really needed were the life saving and mobility treasures. 

Wings of the Wind were one of such items. After a fluxer refined them, their flying speed would directly surpass the speed of those in the transcendent layer who flew by controlling the air. In fact, it could even give competition to some sage layer experts. 

As for the other three items, all of them were rarely seen and difficult to find items. This Tower of Glory was indeed an enormous treasure house. From this alone it could be seen that the influence and reserves of the fluxer association and the flux ancestor were extremely enormous. 

After Li Yunmu received his four items, of the eight hundred something tower badges he initially had in his possession, most of them were used up. He was left with only seven tower badges. 

However, it didn’t matter. The only use for the tower badges was just to increase Li Yunmu’s emergency strength. Presently, he had not only obtained enough for freezing and thunder runes, which were his reason for coming here, but had even harvested far more profit than he had anticipated. Due to this, he was relatively satisfied with his trip here. 

"System, is there any way to conceal my name from the rankings of the Tower of Glory?"

The tower badges Li Yunmu had obtained after advancing past the first twenty layers had been completely used up. That’s why he was somewhat uncertain about what he should do next.

Should he continue to advance through the tower or not? 

After all, once he entered the twenty-first level, then his name would certainly appear on the Tower of Glory’s ranking, given his performance. 

But if he didn’t go and watched helplessly as the enormous amount of tower badges slipped out of his hand, he simply wouldn’t be able to forgive himself. 

[Yes, if host doesn’t want his name to appear in the top 100 ranking written on the tower stele, then you only need to walk to the tower stele and use your consciousness to directly erase it. Accomplishing this is simple, the Tower of Glory’s tower stele itself has this secret function.]

"What? The tower stele also has this type of function?"

When Li Yunmu heard this, all of his confusion instantly disappeared. After all, not having a powerful background was sure tragic, he had to carefully consider before taking each step. 

Li Yunmu followed the system’s words and immediately went to the halo and touched the tower stele of the twentieth level. Then, with just a thought, the ranking on top of the tower stele changed exactly how the system had told him it would earlier. 

The ranking that was comprised of the top hundred people of Tower of Glory appeared for him to see, and, as he had guessed previously, his name was now at the 99th position. 

Immediately, Desolate Continent’s Man Tian slipped to the 100th position and North Sea Continent’s Hai Yue was squeezed out of the name list altogether. 

Fortunately, the system had analyzed this Tower of Glory long ago. If Li Yunmu hadn’t asked for the system’s advice before leaving the twentieth level, then regardless of whether he chose to move to the next level or leave this tower, then this ranking list on the tower stele would have instantly replaced the old one outside. 

Not saying anything, Li Yunmu immediately wished for his name to be removed. The next instant, his name disappeared from the tower stele as expected. 

Man Tian once again ascended to 99th rank and Hai Yue re-entered the ranking list. 

"Is it done?"


"That’s better. Since I don’t need to worry about this anymore, then let’s proceed. System, please analyze the twenty-first level, what are my chances of clearing it?"

[Analysis already complete. On the twenty-first level, you will encounter one hundred silver crystal monsters and nine golden layer monsters. Host’s chances of passing through are 100%.] 

"100%? Ok, then we will go."

Li Yunmu didn’t hesitate anymore. With just a thought, he was transferred to the twenty-first level. 

Sure enough, the system’s analysis wasn’t the least bit wrong. The level of difficulty here rose exponentially, for even the lowest-leveled monster was at the silver crystal layer. Furthermore, there were also nine golden layer ones. 

Although the number of monsters and their cultivation was enough to give nightmares to other fluxers, but they didn’t count for much in front of the six golden crystal underworld ravens. 

After ten minutes, nothing unexpected had happened at the twenty-first level. The system had predicted that Li Yunmu had a 100% chance of successfully clearing this place, and so naturally there weren’t any problems. 

However, during this fight, four of the six golden crystal layer underworld ravens fell, leaving only two alive. When this happened and the two still alive absorbed the vitality and blood of their fallen comrades, they finally made another breakthrough. For the first time, Li Yunmu had two rainbow crystal underworld ravens at his command. 

Using these two underworld ravens who had made a temporary breakthrough and whose strength had increased greatly, Li Yunmu got rid of the six armed devil apes in one swoop. 

On this level, Li Yunmu harvested 291 tower badges. 

Yes, that is right. After clearing the twentieth level checkpoint, the earnings of each next level would instantly swell. However, at the same time, the difficulty of each level would also continue to become increasingly more terrifying. 

When reaching the twenty-second floor, the system pegged Li Yunmu’s chances of successfully clearing it at 90%. He pondered it for a brief moment and then decided to still do it, risking everything. 

Abundance for the bold, famine for the timid. 

If he didn’t dare to go to the next level even with the 90% chance of being successful, then what was the use of cultivating. He should just return home and start farming. 

On this floor, the fight was extremely intense. After more than half an hour, Li Yunmu finally got rid of all monsters, but out of the two rainbow crystal layer underworld ravens, one had fallen in the battle. This also crushed the hope of any further advancement for Li Yunmu. 

As expected, his chances of survival at the twenty-third floor instantly dropped by a great margin. The system’s analysis revealed that he had only 50% chance of surviving if he went there. 

Almost hopeless. In an instant, Li Yunmu decided to conclude his trip to the Tower of Glory here. He collected the 592 tower badges on this floor. 

At the moment, the total number of tower badges he had accumulated was 890 badges!

It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that if there weren’t anyone else who had challenged the tower while keeping their identity concealed, then the number of tower badges earned by Li Yunmu would be the highest.

Even Man Tian and Hai Yue, these two people at the same cultivation layer as him, lacked the eight hundred something tower badges earned by him at the twenty-first and twenty-second floors. 

This time, the system didn’t talk nonsense and directly suggested Li Yunmu to exchange for a certain item. It priced at 888 tower badges and it was a sage level item.