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124 The Broken Wings of a Wind Child

If Li Yunmu hadn’t checked, he wouldn’t have known. But once he really saw the 873 tower badges inside his storage badge, an unexplainable sensation gripped his entire being. 

What sort of sensation was that?

It was as if a poor person had suddenly won a lottery of 100 million dollars, and a false sensation of security was born within him. 

It wasn’t a good sensation, and Li Yunmu stopped advancing forward. He instantly went to exchange the badges for rewards!

Heavens only knew when the flux ancestor would awaken.

He should be careful just in case. What if the old man was suddenly roused because of some abnormality and came to take a look?

Just thinking about it made Li Yunmu feel uncomfortable from head to toe. Because of this, he decided to use up all his badges before doing anything else. What was this tower currency? It was just fictitious money created by the flux ancestor. If one didn’t exchange them for real objects, they were worth nothing. 

The next instant, Li Yunmu once again entered the Tower of Glory’s exchange region. His first priority was to obtain the ancient freezing rune. 

Ordinary crystal layer’s ancient freezing rune, ten tower badges. 

Black crystal layer, twenty.

Silver crystal layer, thirty. 

Golden crystal layer, forty.

Rainbow crystal layer, fifty.

Without any hesitation, Li Yunmu fished out fifty tower badges and placed them on the left side of the balance scale. Instantly, they were converted to a pinnacle grade freezing rune. 

After that, he exchanged fifty tower badges for a pinnacle grade thunder rune.
100 tower badges were spent, but Li Yunmu still had 773 remaining. 

But when he looked at the large amount of rewards he could choose, his mind suddenly stopped working. All those tower badges he still had, what should he exchange them for?
Flux cultivation battle skills?

No, not a chance. He had the system, so which flux energy battle skill didn’t he have? Moreover, if he wanted to cultivate them, they would also have to be repaired by the system. It wasn’t worth it, so he was better off spending his badges on material rewards.

"System, what should I exchange for?"

Li Yunmu discovered that the greatest item in the Tower of Glory was surprisingly a bottle of blood, named Deity Clan’s blood. It was priced at 3,000 tower badges. 

According to rumor, it was a higher dimensional heavenly medicinal supplement. If one drank this bottle of deity blood, there was a fifty percent chance they would obtain the bloodline of the Deity Clan. 

When Li Yunmu saw this item, he became extremely excited. 

However, he realized that the few tower badges he possessed were not enough to exchange for the first ranked item in Tower of Glory. Due to this, he could only bury the wish to obtain it in his heart and start looking for something else. He carefully looked through all the extraordinary treasures between the price range of 500 to 700 tower badges. 

However, his knowledge regarding items was lacking, so he could only request the system’s help. 
[After making a comprehensive analysis of host’s present situation, the system suggests that you should first exchange for The Broken Wings of a Wind Child.]

The system didn’t let Li Yunmu down. After being silent for several seconds, it did a comprehensive analysis of his current abilities and weapons and provided the most optimal suggestion to him. 
"The Broken Wings of a Wind Child? What are they?"

Li Yunmu was startled for a moment, he had never expected that the system would give such a reply.

He quickly searched through the tower stele, and after a long while, he finally found this item. 
The Broken Wings of a Wind Child:

"Wind Children are a race that used to exist in the true Sixth Dimension. They are a rarely seen ancient race who has lost its home. They possess a trace of Wind God’s bloodline. They are innately proficient in using the power of storms. They are a comparatively mild-natured and peaceful race. They live secretly in the deepest hidden domains of the true Fifth Dimension. Finding their tracks is extremely difficult. According to rumors, they are almost extinct..."

When Li Yunmu read this information about The Broken Wings of a Wind Child, he was momentarily stunned. 

Simply put, Wind Children were the descendants of the true Sixth Dimension’s ancient god who was at the transcendent layer and possessed its own bloodline. The item in the exchange was a pair of wings from the body of a Wind Child, which were also known as the Wings of the Wind. 

This item didn’t amplify strength. It had only one use, and it was for a fluxer to blend them with his flux armor so they could be used as part of their body to fly into the horizon. 

How could have Li Yunmu expected that the first suggestion given by the system would surprisingly allow him to spend a lot of tower badges, to exchange for the Wings of the Wind. Although this was an exceedingly good price for them, wasn’t it still extremely expensive?

"System, these wings require five hundred tower badges, are you sure that they’re the best available choice?" Li Yunmu asked, finding it hard to believe. 

[Yes, after doing a comprehensive analysis of host’s present situation, the system found that there isn’t any item more suitable to the host compared to this one.]

"However, even fluxers can accomplish flying by controlling the air after their cultivation reaches transcendence layer. Even ordinary people can put on exoskeleton wingsuits to fly."

Li Yunmu’s heart ached. What was this, spending 500 tower badges to exchange for just a pair of wings?

[However, the flying achieved by fluxers at transcendent layer can’t be compared to using the Wings of the Wind. The flying speed, flexibility, as well the application of wind power’s true essence is far superior with this item in comparison to controlling air to fly. As long as the host obtains these Wings of the Wind and merges them with the crystal armor, then let alone transcendent layer fluxers, even ordinary sages who aren’t good at flying wouldn’t be able to pose a threat,] the system calmly replied. 

As for the exoskeleton wing armor, which was being researched by humanity, it was completely ignored by the system. Clearly, in the system’s eyes, this whatever researched wing armour wasn’t even worth mentioning in the same sentence as Wings of the Wind.

"So powerful!?"

This time Li Yunmu couldn’t remain unperturbed. No wonder the price of this transcendent layer item had been set to 500 tower badges by the flux ancestor. 

Instantly, Li Yunmu didn’t hesitate anymore and spent the required price to obtain the the Wings of the Wind. Right after that, the originally bright line with the item’s name on the stele turned gray. Li

Yunmu quickly realized that the system’s suggestion had been a wise one.

The Wind Children, who were descendants of the rumored Wing God, were apparently extremely difficult to track. And then you still had to kill them, while the blood of a transcendent layer god ran through their veins. 

Once Li Yunmu obtained the pair of wings, he successively exchanged for three other items following the system’s suggestions. 

The first one was an elixir that contained a merging of dark flux energies.

Fluxers had spent a great amount of time and effort to create this type of elixir which was made from blending sixteen types of legendary herbs together. Its usage was simple—there was only one, really—and it was to combine all the types of dark flux energy to form a completely different type of energy which had an even more formidable destruction power. 

This elixir’s exchange price was only fifteen tower badges. 


Compared to the Wings of the Wind, it was certainly a small price to pay, but that was only for someone like Li Yunmu. Normally, a silver crystal fluxer would only earn fifteen tower badges even after advancing past the first ten levels. 

The second item was a beetle’s egg. The size of this insect egg was nearly equal to a normal car, and the creature it came from was known as Heavy Pincer Gigantic Beetle. It was extremely savage and possessed a formidable defense as well as an enormous strength without any clear weaknesses. But the most significant characteristic of this creature was that its could dig through earth extremely quickly. 

Li Yunmu didn’t know why the system had asked him to get this huge egg, but he didn’t think too much about it and spent fifteen tower badges to obtain the item.