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119 Hidden Female Ancestor

Only after the system repeated its words for the third time did Lin Yunmu sober up and react. He fiercely cried out in his heart. He had never expected that the seed would nurture such a fruit which had the body of a woman.

What kind of monstrosity was this thing?

Li Yunmu subconsciously said, "System, is this Shadow Clan’s God Tree? Is this the Shadow Sacred Female born from the God Tree of this race?"

[Yes, this is the God Tree of Seventh Dimension’s Shadow Clan.]

Hearing the system’s reply, Li Yunmu became fearful. Apparently this fruit wasn’t so simple. No wonder its assessed value was so high.


Li Yunmu didn’t speak anymore and resolved to open this fruit.

The next instant after he ordered the start, the fist-sized, deep-blue-colored fruit began to gradually split open. From within the fruit’s husk, an exceptionally matured female body slowly emerged.

It had a height of 10 cm, and its body proportions were completely according to the norm. She had dark blue skin and didn’t seem alive. Yet with her head slightly raised, she was attentively watching Li Yunmu with her two blue-colored pupils.

System released the next notification. [Congratulations host, you have successfully nurtured a Shadow Female Ancestor.]

However, Li Yunmu was completely at his wit’s end. What kind of demon was this? It wasn’t a higher dimensional treasure tool or a sacred object or a monster, and it also didn’t look like a human.

This female spirit’s presence resembled that of deities or demons. But she didn’t seem to possess any intelligence. With his advanced judgement and intuition, Li Yunmu sensed that this female’s mind was completely blank. It was pure and clean, like a new piece of paper.

Shadow Female Ancestor? What kind of thing was that? A lifeform belonging to the Shadow clan?

But soon, all the doubts in his heart were solved with the system’s explanation.

[Shadow Female Ancestor’s newborn body is Seventh Dimension’s formidable Shadow Clan’s ancestor god. But presently, she is just an infant, her brain is like a blank paper. As long as the host makes her absorb a drop of your blood essence, then you will form a contract with her. ...]

Following a series of notifications from the system, a huge amount of information poured into Li Yunmu’s mind. After a long while, he understood everything.

So this was the Shadow clan’s supreme bloodline. If the Sacred Shadow Female is the Shadow clan’s most majestic existence, then Shadow Female Ancestor is an existence equivalent to their god.

Every Shadow Female Ancestor is born from a tree. After experiencing the beliefs and prayers of Shadow clan for three millenniums, she would be born!

But presently, the seed Li Yunmu had obtained from the special dimensionality box had made the Shadow Female Ancestor descend. Furthermore, there was a huge difference between those born in the Shadow Clan and this one.

Because she hadn’t received the devotion and prayers of the clansmen, day after day, year after year, for three years, she also hadn’t received any filthiness of the world. Thus, this Shadow Female Ancestor was just like a newborn whose brain and thoughts were completely blank.

As long as Li Yunmu formed a contract with her, then the fate of the two of them would be intertwined. Maybe they would even enter a master-servant relationship.

If this Shadow Female Ancestor’s infant remained by his side, then she could gradually mature by herself and finally attain the level of Shadow Clan’s genuine god ancestor, who had the power to frighten battle sages, as all of them could perish in front of a Shadow Female Ancestor. 

It had to be said that this was a life-form from a seventh dimension, who had such formidable inner vitality that they were extremely close to deity level.

Li Yunmu didn’t fully grasp how truly terrifying such a being was, and he also was unclear about how formidable was the Shadow clan, but he did hear and understand one thing. From the time this life-form was born, its innate strength was close to that of deities.

Presently, Li Yunmu was watching a newborn shadow female with whom he could enter a contract, becoming her master. After she was delivered back to Seventh Dimension’s Shadow Clan, which would allow her to receive the tributes and prayers of the Shadow Clan, then within two to three years, this goddess would probably become an existence whose power was close to that of deities.

Another option, which was recommended by the system, was to bring this Shadow Female Ancestor to his side in her infant stage. He should let her stay with him and slowly adapt to being by her master’s side. However, this way she would mature slowly.

From the two options, the first option, according to the system, was extremely dangerous. Once the Shadow Female Ancestor received the prayers and beliefs of the Shadow clan, because of her formidable inner vitality, she would turn into a genuine Shadow Female Ancestor. Then, it was extremely probable that she could forcefully erase the master-servant contract and even harm Li Yunmu, the master, through backlash. 

After all, how could a life-form who was extremely close to the level of a deity willingly become a servant to another, especially someone who was much weaker than it.

This meant that the second option was much safer. If Li Yunmu trained this innately formidable female infant into his own shadow, she would then successfully turn into one of his unique shadows.

Li Yunmu didn’t think about it for long. He decisively chose the second method, for, after all, entering into a contract with a deity level life-form was like playing with fire.

The other party was an innately formidable being from the Seventh Dimension. She would certainly mature much faster compared to him and would become an existence more terrifying than battle sages in the short time of two to three years.

Since this was going to happen anyway, there wasn’t any need for Lin Yunmu to think. The system’s suggestion was the best method in this situation. He instantly bit his finger and extended it towards the Shadow Female Ancestor’s infant body.

The female instinctively raised her small head; she must have sensed the blood essence powerful enough to provide her nourishment. She instinctively extended her two hands to hold Li Yunmu’s finger and began to suck the blood.

One second, two seconds, three seconds, fifty-six seconds, two minutes, seven minutes, thirteen minutes… F*ck! Li Yunmu felt his vitality being drained out rapidly.

How long would this sucking last? If she continued at her current pace, then even though she was only ten centimeters tall, he still wouldn’t be able to bear with her speed of devouring his blood.

"System, if she continues sucking like this, won’t I die before her sucking completes?"

Li Yunmu had never expected that a drop of blood essence, which the system mentioned previously, would turn out to be so much.

[Requesting host to be patient. Because host’s blood is of inferior quality, the Shadow Female Ancestor needs to absorb more of it, only then will the contract be produced.]

Good lord! Li Yunmu began to weep. He was almost at the point where he couldn’t afford any more blood loss. Suddenly, after half an hour, the female finally had her fill. She crawled on to Li Yunmu’s shoulder and sat down there, continuing to look at him with her head tilted sideways.

"Completed? Is the contract formed?" Li Yunmu asked, with slight surprise in his voice.

[Yes, the contract has been established successfully. From today onwards, she has become one of host’s shadows,] the System replied in a calm and composed voice.

"But why didn’t I see any signs of the contract being completed. Moreover her body is still small, in what way does she resemble my shadow in the slightest?"

Li Yunmu couldn’t stand the Shadow Female Ancestor watching him attentively with her tilted head. What kind of demon was this?

Facing her, Li Yunmu felt quite uncomfortable.

‘Why do I feel as if I’ve suddenly become a dad?’

The most important thing was that although the Shadow Female Ancestor was extremely small—her height reaching only ten centimeters—her body was quite mature. She had everything that a mature human woman would possess. That’s why Li Yunmu felt quite uncomfortable when looking at her naked body.

He fished out some cloth from his storage badge and tore it to make a piece small enough to cover the shadow’s exposed body. However, the next instant, the curious Shadow Female Ancestor pulled it off herself—she apparently wasn’t fond of wearing any clothes—and instead started to play with the little cloth excitedly.

[Host doesn’t need to worry, Sacred Shadow Ancestor walks in the void. Apart from you, no other people will be able to see her, unless she personally wants to appear in front of them.]

"What the f*ck? Even the likes of battle sages can’t discover her?"

[Yes, unless she enters their heavenly world,]

The System said with complete certainty.

At this moment, Li Yunmu finally recalled something. He had spent a lot of his blood essence and 250 tower badges only to nurture this little creature. Then what kind of abilities did this infant Shadow Female Ancestor possess?