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The level of coordination with the weapon saves energy!

This was an even more outstanding ability of the king’s crystal armor. Li Yunmu made a rough estimation. After adorning the king’s crystal armor, he saved roughly fifty percent flux energy when using small scale Aurora Killing Justice. While with a first layer ordinary crystal flux armor, his energy saving based on the level of coordination would only be ten percent.

The former saved five times more energy compared to latter. If another ten percent coordination degree of Snow Guzzle Blade was also added, the total energy saved would reach sixty percent. In other words, if he originally needed ten point flux energy to use the small scale Aurora Killing Justice, then presently he only required four point flux energy to do the same. This difference was huge.

Apart from this energy savings, not only did the power of the flux blade energy increase due to the use of the king’s crystal armor, but the blade energy also became even more condensed and compact. For this basic reason, the small scale Aurora Killing Justice was able to easily penetrate through the extremely tough body of the hell rat dimensional beast.

After experimenting once, Li Yunmu felt that his decision to use the king’s flux crystal to congeal crystal armor was absolutely correct. Although it would require an astronomical amount of resources to continuously strengthen the crystal armor, but he would become more powerful than others if he could upgrade the king’s crystal armour to its pinnacle. Then there would be nothing wrong with paying that price.

If you want to reap rewards then you must invest first -- this was an extremely simple logic.

Soon, the twenty nine hell rats, by whom even a black crystal fluxer would be torn to pieces, were completely ineffective against him and couldn’t even penetrate his defense.

Li Yunmu wasn’t the only one whose armor was impenetrable. Even the defense of Li Yun and Li Feng, whose strength was synchronized with main body, was also unbreakable. Seeing this, Li Yunmu concluded that even if this type of monster increase in numbers, still the lower levels of the towers would be very simple to clear.

The ease of clearing the lower levels was simply because his body’s defense could be said to be absolute in those levels. Regardless of how many monsters there were, regardless of how their numbers increased with each level, all of those monsters wouldn’t have any effect on him.

Killing the twenty nine hell rats took him five minutes. After five minutes, Li Yunmu again obtained 380 experience and ability points.

Fourth level!

As he expected, there was no change in the type of dimensional beasts arranged by the Tower of Glory -- thirty nine hell rats.

But it didn’t matter, these hell rats were unable to get past the second layer of Li Yunmu’s defense, so he didn’t have the least bit of problem and directly killed them all without moving from his position.

Li Yunmu again obtained 500 ability and experience points at that location. It had to be said, as he got to the higher levels, although the dark claw hell rat didn’t transform, and regardless of the strength grade of a single entity, their numbers continued to increase.


Meanwhile, Li Yunmu’s harvest of ability and experience points also continued to become climb higher.

Fifth level!

But the forty nine hell rats that appeared on this level had increased strength that was three times that of the twelfth grade monsters on first level to the fifteenth grade on this level.

But there was finally a transformation on the fifth level which caught Li Yunmu’s attention. Because the number of the hell rats wasn’t forty nine but fifty. The one extra hell rat had the huge size of a bull, and his body kept emitting a bloodthirsty and powerful presence.

"F*ck, I thought the pattern was that just the numbers would increase, then what is this increase in difficulty?"

Seeing the huge hell rat, a hint of seriousness finally appeared on Li Yunmu’s expression.

Dark claw hell rat battle general was a hell rat who had evolved to the next stage. Its strength was at the silver crystal layer, and it was extremely fierce and cunning and had an extremely fast speed. The pair of dark claws could easily tear a silver crystal fluxer’s crystal armor.

Li Yunmu had learned this information relevant to the hell rat battle general from the book of monsters given by Liu Noujie.

It wouldn’t be the slightest exaggeration to say that this hell rat battle general was tough enough to make a silver crystal fluxer bite dust. It's no wonder that the majority of the silver crystal fluxers were repelled here and couldn’t advance forwards. Who knew how many silver crystal fluxers had fallen here in the history of this tower.

But this didn’t mean that Li Yunmu also would be stopped from advancing by this big guy on this level. It was only a silver crystal layer dimensional beast, and that was all it was.


Next instant, Li Yun and Li Feng again launched a Charged Assault and directly rushed forward. However Li Yunmu, who was still standing at his original location, hung Snow Guzzle Cold Blade behind his back. Gripped by his five fingers, the underworld raven battle bow finally made an appearance.

"Heavenly Dog Engulfs Moon."

Without any warning, Li Yunmu directly used the deadly bow skill against the hell rat battle general.

If he hadn’t had any coordination level with Snow Guzzle Cold Blade and king’s crystal armor, then presently, with his ordinary crystal layer cultivation, he could only use the deadly bow skill, Heavenly Dog Engulf Moon no more than three times.

With that usage limitation, he wouldn’t have used it so casually, but presently his flux energy was enough for seven uses, which were more than sufficient.

Instantly, a ten meter long black dog, with a black cloud coiled around it, pounced on the hell rat battle general. That dog excluded an even more ferocious aura than the hell rat battle general. A trifling silver crystal layer dimensional beast wishing to resist the intimidating effect of the Heavenly Dog Engulf Moon’s was akin to an imbecile indulging in his pipe dreams.

Instantly, before the Heavenly Dog had reached the target, its howl made the hell rat sink into a daze -- as was expected. Following which, this majestic hell rat battle general main boss was directly swallowed by the heavenly dog and the majority of its vitality was absorbed.


Li Yunmu didn’t choose to restore his flux energy first, but rather commanded the heavenly dog to explode.


A huge bang, like a ton of explosives going off, echoed, and a pile of flesh and blood scattered everywhere. The powerful and bloodthirsty hell rat battle general had been blown to smithereens by the explosion.

Even the dozens of hell rats within the 10 meter radius of the point of the explosion were also caught up and annihilated.

This was the power of a B grade skill of an extraordinary nature. Since this bow skill, had the label of a deadly skill, then naturally it had the explosive power required to kill opponents in one shot.

This was why a fluxer, who had obtained a deadly B grade skill of an extraordinary nature, would be counted as an elite among those of the same level.

This hell rat battle general didn’t have any opportunity to do damage before it was insta-killed by Li Yunmu.

Even still, the attack wasn’t over yet. Since the Underworld Raven Destruction Sage Bow had been used, then how could Li Yunmu’s offense end so quickly?

In the next instant, a dimensional crack filled with blackness opened, and a being also from the Fifth Dimension, an underworld raven, flew out, flapping its wings.

The next act which followed was a complete massacre which caused the ground to turn red with blood. But it wasn’t the massacre of a fluxer rather that of the monsters of the Tower of Glory.

If this scene was displayed to the outside world, probably everyone watching would go crazy. Perhaps, whatever the outsiders thought, they wouldn’t be able to conclude that a trifling ordinary crystal fluxer was surprisingly the cause of this massacre on the fifth level of the Tower of Glory.

When the final hell rat was also shot dead by Li Yunmu, the corpses of the monsters gradually disappeared, revealing fifteen shiny tower badges.

"Huh, how come there are fifteen? Shouldn’t the fifth level only drop five badges?"

Although Li Yunmu was happy, he also was suspicious. Regardless of his suspicion, he still collected the fifteen extremely valuable badges and stowed them in his badge storage.