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111 Crystal Armour Which Only A King Dares to Congeal

The second level was much larger than the first level. Li Yunmu noticed after being transferred to this place that the walls around him were still covered with ninety-nine exit passages.

Of these ninety-nine tower doors, nineteen were activated. Next instant, nineteen dark claw hell rats rushed out.

Seeing this, Li Yunmu sneered. Li Yun and Li Feng attacked them following their previous strategy. After several minutes, he obtained two tower badges, bringing his total to three.

But the Sacred Shadow Female’s virgin blood was still far away in the indefinite future. However, it didn’t matter. Weren’t there many levels still left?

The third level. The third level had twenty-nine dark claw hell rats.

At this moment, even Li Yunmu couldn’t afford to keep watching. Of the twenty-nine dark claw hell rats pouncing towards him, the two shadows only managed to obstruct twenty-three. There were still six left that rushed towards him. 

At this moment, Li Yunmu was armed to the teeth. In his hand was the Snow Guzzle Cold Blade, a B Grade weapon. Since he was within the Tower of Glory, there wasn’t any need for him to hide his strength. The awesome rainbow light of the king grade crystal armor was displayed to its pinnacle after the armor was activated.

To anyone watching Li Yunmu from a distance, he would appear to be a boss monster, a king grade dimensional beast wearing a king grade crystal armor on his body. The multicolored rainbow lights were extremely dazzling to the eyes.

As for the difference between the king grade crystal armor condensed from the flux crystal dropped by a king grade monster and an ordinary crystal flux armor?

The difference was huge.

Firstly, if Li Yunmu wasn’t deliberately trying to conceal the rainbow light, then the percentage of heads turning because of this king’s crystal armor would be 100%.

However, Li Yunmu clearly didn’t want that as he had always deliberately concealed the king grade crystal armor’s rainbow light and only revealed the black light displayed by ordinary crystal armor. Thus, even the spies of the fluxer guild and Chu Qingyu weren’t able to discover that Li Yunmu had adorned the king’s crystal armor.

The second difference was that the defensive strength of this king’s crystal armor was many times greater than that of the ordinary crystal flux armor. He had calculated carefully that the defensive strength of this king’s crystal armor was three times stronger than the ordinary crystal flux armors of the same layer cultivators.

The third difference was that the king grade crystal armor could be developed to condense twelve rainbow lights altogether. However, the crystal armor congealed by other flux crystals didn’t have this development potential.

For each rainbow light congealed by the king’s crystal armor, the rainbow light protecting the body would be strengthened to the next level. At the same time, the strength of his flux energy would also be greatly improved with the integration of this rainbow light’s energy with his flux energy.

For every rainbow light congealed, regardless of whether it was the body protecting rainbow light or the offensive strength of his flux energy, all of them would gain a significant increase. This was why the king dimensional monsters were considered formidable, to the extent that they could change the battle situation by themselves.

The main reason behind the last statement was that the king grade dimensional monsters possessed twelve rainbow lights. At that time, Li Yunmu had the assistance of the whirlwind effect of the Wind God Tornado Kick that firmly ground him to death. But if there had been eight or ten rainbow crystal fluxers in his place, they wouldn’t be able to kill the opponent just by joining hands.

Even if they were able to kill it, more than half of the ten rainbow crystals fluxers would have lost their lives. This wasn’t even considered a large price to pay for killing a king dimensional beast.

Thus, those human fluxers who wanted to congeal a crystal armor with many rainbow lights only had one choice. That was to use the flux energy from the king’s flux crystal to congeal their armor right from the start instead of congealing armor like the other ordinary fluxers.

The higher the number of rainbow lights produced by the king’s crystal armor, the more terrifying your combat strength would be compared to fluxers of the same layer.

Naturally, there weren’t many people in the world who were determined to use the king’s flux crystal to congeal armor. Even a person like Ling Shuang, who had countless cultivation resources available to her, didn’t dare to do so.

There was no why. It was just because these kinds of king grade crystal armors required to be continuously strengthened. The total number of king’s flux crystals required during this process was enormous, to the extent that not even Ling Shuang, who was a disciple of Battle Sage, dared to have any ambition towards this.

Only ruthless people like Li Yunmu, who had the shadow hack system, could have the enormous determination to break the cauldron and sink the boats 1 !

It wouldn’t be the slightest exaggeration to say that after comprehensively surveying all the newcomer fluxers in the six continents, those with such determination and confidence could be counted on two hands.

Even if there were some, the background of these people had reached such an extent that they could cover the heavens just by extending their hands. Without the support of such an enormous background, even if one was a pinnacle grade talent, he wouldn’t dare to be so extravagant.

Naturally, the present king’s crystal armor that Li Yunmu congealed hadn’t got any rainbow light. He couldn’t be extravagant enough to provide the king grade flux crystals required to congeal a rainbow light.

Currently, the king grade crystal armor he had could only be used to scare people. The difference between a king’s crystal armor which had congealed body protecting rainbow light and a king’s crystal armor which hadn’t congealed body protecting rainbow light was extremely huge. 

However, as long as he continues to acquire more king’s flux crystal in the future, then his future strength would be absolutely terrifying, like a king dimensional monster. His name could even correspond to a human type Boss.

However, it doesn’t matter if he hadn’t congealed any rainbow light. Now, even just his king’s crystal armor far surpassed the defensive power of other crystal armors. This could already be said to provide a gargantuan benefit to Li Yunmu.

After congealing the king’s crystal armor, Li Yunmu naturally didn’t use the battle soldier equipment. His defense could still be said to be composed of three layers. No, it could even be said to be composed of four layers.

The first was the Admiralty Cover which reduced damage taken. Followed by the strength resistance provided by the king’s crystal armor. Furthermore, after being cultivated to the tenth layer, the iron body could also endure the majority of the remaining damage. Finally, even if this three layered defense wasn’t enough, then he found it embarrassing to say but he still had the final layer of defense, the heavenly world which could absorb the remaining amount of damage.

Using the heavenly world to absorb the remaining amount of damage which passed through the three layers. This was the terrifying defensive power of four layered defense combined into one. The best word which could describe him without overstating would simply be a tank.

This time, at the Tower of Glory, it was his first time revealing his four layered defense. Presently, he himself didn’t have any precise idea about what level his defense had reached after he had congealed the king’s crystal armor.

When the six dark claw hell rats pounced on him, Li Yunmu didn’t move his and continued to firmly endure!

That’s right, he had only taken one action, to firmly endure.

Within a split second, the extremely sharp dark claws, which could tear through iron like it was paper, ferociously attacked Li Yunmu’s body.

48% of the total damage was immediately reduced by the Admiralty Cover. The remaining damage from the repeated claws now confronted the king’s crystal armor.

Instantly, the sharp claws of the hell rat heavily scraped against the king’s crystal armor, issuing an ear-piercing screech.

However, under careful observation, Li Yunmu discovered that the opponent’s simply claws couldn’t penetrate the one centimeter thick crystal armor. Not only that, they couldn’t even put a scratch on it.

The slight scratch marks produced by the claw slash were instantly mended by flux energy inside the king’s crystal armor, restoring it to its perfect condition.

"Formidable to the point of being unimaginable."

Li Yunmu laughed cheerfully.

The reason why it wasn’t an exaggeration to say that the crystal armor congealed by a fluxer formed the majority of his combat strength was that just by the relying on crystal armor, his defense could easily surpass the so-called silver base equipment. Furthermore, the defensive strength of the king’s crystal armor was three times that of an ordinary crystal armor. From this, it could be clearly seen, how tanky Li Yunmu was.

Naturally, all this wasn’t unrelated to the godly defensive skill, Admiralty Cover. Without the formidable damage reduction property of Admiralty Cover, the effectiveness of all types of defensive equipment would naturally suffer a huge drop.

Presently, facing the four-layer defense system, the hell rats, which were known for its sharpness, couldn’t even penetrate the second layer. This time, Li Yunmu finally obtained a clear understanding of his defense.

"Interesting, my defense is extremely powerful. I just don’t know what effect this king’s crystal armor has on my flux energy’s strength?"

Li Yunmu remained motionless and allowed the six hell rats to attack. However, these brutes didn’t move. In the next instant, Li Yunmu grasped his Snow Guzzle Cold Blade and lightly chopped towards a hell rat some distance from him.


An extremely bright blade energy, whose sharpness reached the pinnacle, instantly came out of the blade and immediately chopped the body of the hell rat into two.

Aurora Killing Justice!

Furthermore, he hadn’t used the full power of Aurora Killing Justice. Rather, the Aurora Killing Justice which he had blended into the Swiftly Flowing Overkill Technique. This extremely sharp blade energy was only as big as a palm and had the shape of a crescent moon. However, this blade energy was enough to easily chop a hell rat, whose strength surpassed Grade Ten, into two parts.

As for the flux energy used by Li Yunmu? It was simply negligible! Walk on the path of no retreat