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110 Virgin Blood Of A Sacred Shadow Female

[Ding, you have obtained 136 ability points.]

Within less than three minutes, the first level of the Tower of Glory was broken through as the system’s notification echoed in his mind. The average level strength of these dark claw hell rats was between 12th-13th. Hence, he also earned a pretty good amount of ability points from killing them. 

Seeing the two shadows easily clearing the first level within a short time, Li Yunmu felt great satisfaction. He had never expected that the monster in the Tower of Glory would earn him experience and ability points.

Furthermore, basically all of the dimensional monsters here had strength above Grade Ten so his profit per monster was much higher compared to dwarf witches. However, his only resentment was that these dark claw hell rats didn’t drop flux crystals. 

But nothing could be done about it. After all, he had just been told that these monsters don’t truly die as they were just beast souls bound to this place. Apart from this, when the corpse of the hell rats disappeared, a tower badge of Tower of Glory gradually condensed in their place.

This tower badge was a unique item of the Tower of Glory. Whether he could obtain the rewards of challenging the Tower of Glory depended completely on whether he could obtain sufficient tower badges. In other words, this was a unique currency used only in the tower.

When Li Yunmu saw this tower badge, his eyes immediately shone with excitement as he moved forward to collect it. 

After clearing the first level, he had only obtained one tower badge. Apparently, in the Tower of Glory, which was also known as the place where everything could be obtained, it wasn’t so easy to get rewards.

If it had been any other average ordinary crystal fluxer in his place, let alone speak of fighting with nine dark claw hell rats, even one would’ve been enough to deal with that fluxer. He could clearly see how difficult venturing into the Tower of Glory was.

This first level wasn't something which your average ordinary crystal fluxers could deal with but Li Yunmu had cleared it.

Since the two other newcomers, Man Tian and Hai Yue, had both accomplished it as ordinary crystal fluxer, why would it be impossible for him? While thinking about this, Li Yunmu moved forward to collect the badge.

Soon, he discovered that there was a shining halo at the center of the tower. When Li Yunmu walked towards it, he found that there was a stone stele hovering above the ground inside the halo.

When he extended his hand and touched the stone stele, a large amount of information immediately came pouring into his mind.

Information about the large number of rewards which could be exchanged for tower badges was written on the stone stele. His glance carefully swept over the stele. He soon discovered the ancient freezing runes that he was looking for.

Ancient freezing rune, ordinary crystal grade, exchange requirement, 10 Tower of Glory badges.

Ancient thunder rune, ordinary crystal grade, exchange requirement, 10 Tower of Glory badges. 

When he saw that the ancient runes, which require over a million dimensional coins outside, could be obtained for a mere 10 Tower of Glory badges, Li Yunmu was shocked in his heart. This tower badge was extremely costly. No, ‘costly’ could not be used to describe it anymore. The price of a tower badge was simply exorbitant.

Even though he already knew the sinister reason of the Tower of Glory’s existence, after taking a look at the large number of items which could be obtained, Li Yunmu couldn’t help but wish for even more tower badges.

An extraordinary quality B Grade deadly flux skill also requires only ten tower badges?

This was no different from giving an expensive gift. Offensive B Grade skills of extraordinary nature, as long as a fluxer learns this deadly skill, then his battle prowess would immediately swell and rise above the combat strength of the average populace. He would become an elite existence among those who had the same layer of cultivation.

He then continued to carefully examine it. As he reached towards the rear part of the stele, Li Yunmu discovered there were even some Fifth Dimensional treasure weapons which could be obtained.

"This is the legendary sage skill?"

"This is dark flux energy?"

"This is a twelve colored rainbow crystal of a king grade beast?"

"It also has this Wind Dragon’s blood which could only be found in Sixth Dimension?"

"Wait, this is the true sight devil eye of a hidden domain’s tyrant! My god, this Tower of Glory is extremely wealthy….."

Li Yunmu was unable to take his eyes off the stele.

Originally, he believed that a treasure like dark flux energy was a unique pinnacle grade treasure. However, that’s doesn’t seem to be the case now. One could never imagine the wealth possessed by an enormously powerful sage.

However, all of these weren’t important. Suddenly, when Li Yunmu was looking through the items which could be exchanged, he saw one of the most precious items---Sacred Shadow Female’s virgin blood!

"Is it the Virgin Blood of a Sacred Shadow Female!?

Li Yunmu cried out with a shivering tone.

He had never expected that the item, whose information he had been trying to find for past many days through the library and discreet inquiries, would surprisingly be found here.

What was the virgin blood of a Sacred Shadow Female?

If he had been asked this question ten days ago, Li Yunmu basically wouldn’t know what it was. He would have even though that this Sacred Shadow Female was some human woman.

Unfortunately, that wasn’t the case. To put it simply, the Sacred Shadow Female was a sacred female of the terrifying shadow creature clan of the true Seventh Dimension. Her strength was about the same as a human sage. Not to mention the fact that this Sacred Shadow Female always stayed in the depths of the shadow clan’s territory. Hence, it would be extremely difficult for ordinary fluxers to come into contact with her.

However, this Tower of Glory surprisingly had a portion of a Sacred Shadow Female’s virgin blood!

No wonder, Li Yunmu couldn’t help but cry out in astonishment. He had obtained an extraordinary item from the special dimensional box which had dropped when he killed the dwarf witch clan’s king. This extraordinary item just happened to be related to the virgin blood of a Sacred Shadow Female.

Specifically speaking, the item which had emerged from the special dimensional box was actually some plant seeds of unknown origins. The system had assessed these seeds as sage treasures. In other words, these seeds were at least on the same level as the Underworld Raven sage bow, or maybe even higher.

But after obtaining these seeds, he had been unable to use them until now. The reason wasn’t related to him. Rather, these seeds could only bear fruits after the virgin blood of a Sacred Shadow Female was poured on them.

Li Yunmu originally believed that he wouldn’t be able to use these sage treasure level seeds. However, he had never anticipated that he would encounter a way to use them in this Tower of Glory.

After a careful inspection, he discovered that this Sacred Shadow Female’s virgin blood required 250 tower badges.

It would have been better if he hadn’t seen it. Once he saw it, the amount gave him a huge fright. 250 tower badges? Obtaining this was indeed extremely difficult. In fact, even equipment at the level of Fifth Dimensional treasure weapons only required approximately 100 tower badges. 

This Sacred Shadow Female’s virgin blood. Wasn’t this just a drop of virgin blood of a female monster of a clan? This price was really too excessive.

Li Yunmu couldn’t smile anymore. However, since the only way to obtain it was to exchange it for tower badges, then regardless of whatever he did, he must obtain it at all costs. Thinking this, Li Yunmu took a deep breath and made his resolve.

[Warning, the host’s greed has already gone out of control. Requesting for the host not to overestimate his abilities.]

At this moment, the system issued a timely warning.

"Ahh, fine."

Li Yunmu managed to sober up slightly. Going down the immoral path was no good. The enticement of the rewards of this Tower of Glory was extremely difficult to resist. He had clearly known the purpose of its existence yet he had almost fallen into its trap.

No worries, second level for now!

He entered the halo and with one thought, he was immediately transferred to the second level of the Tower of Glory.