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103 Refining Blade To Insert Rune

Just when Li Yunmu had resolved his heart to make the best out of the present situation and use the name of the mysterious Li Sect as a power backing him, he suddenly saw a newly uploaded video of a scoop on the online forum. The title was---<<Yesterday night, Tang Ruochen personally went to Lucky Wind Great Courtyard, taught a good lesson to the third disciple of the so-called mysterious Li Sect in a fight. It is suspected that after being beaten, Li Yunmu kowtowed in front of Tang Ruochen and admitted his error.>>

The video was extremely short, but it really did contain the video of what happened before the fight, between Tang Ruochen and Li Yunmu at the Lucky Wind Great Courtyard, but what the f*ck was this title?

Who had taught a lesson to whom!?

This was a clear distortion of facts. Moreover, the main culprit behind this was certainly "one of his side" from Lucky Wind Great Courtyard as Tang Ruochen had come alone yesterday night. Furthermore, he also had his pride as a proud son of heaven, so why would he demean himself by trying to distort the facts after losing and trying to shame Li Yunmu.

The following events were according to his expectations. Since the video was genuine and was made by a real person, soon, many people without any rhyme or reason 1 began to follow this post that distorted facts and started to smear Li Yunmu’s name.

"Ha ha, I had been expecting this for a long time. What three disciples of a mysterious sect. Although their combat strength shot through the roof in the dimensional battlefield, what about the real world. As long as any black crystal fluxer equips his crystal armor, he can easily beat the crap out of Li Yun and his fellow disciples.

"No kidding, I used to think that Li Yun, Li Feng and Li Yunmu’s combat strength was quite formidable, fancy that. I had never expected that they would turn out to be so weak in reality."

"Good, this cr*p had been going on for a long time. What first layer fluxer more powerful than a third layer fluxer. Any person with a normal IQ would never believe it. If it really wasn’t over exaggeration, then why on earth are we still practicing flux energy cultivation."

The more he scrolled down, the more apprehensive he became. So much animosity, this video was certainly shot by some fluxer who was from Lucky Wind Great Courtyard. However, why was this person trying to backstab his fellow student of the same city?

Anyway, Li Yunmu didn’t really care how others viewed him. Those fluxers who had a certain amount of strength all knew the truth in their heart. Only those people who were neither powerful nor experienced the world could be instigated that easily.

Continuing on, he kept scrolling when he discovered that senior Tang An had surprisingly personally appeared to refute the rumor. Tang An had taken the initiative to explain that no one knew the outcome of the fight between the two as Tang Ruochen had used the Heavenly Darkness Cover at that time. He assertively declared that this was the whole truth of the matter.

However…...not only did his explanation not have any effect, it even caused everyone to believe that Tang An was hiding the matter to protect Li Yunmu and Lucky Wind Great Courtyard’s reputation. Hence, many didn’t believe his words. Furthermore, it even had an adverse effect. 

Regarding this, Li Yunmu didn’t felt any anger, he just smiled and moved on. How was his present strength any of their business? He also didn’t want to present an explanation to outsiders.

After thinking about this, Li Yunmu didn’t pay any more attention to this post defaming him, Li Yun and Li Feng. Rather, he began to look through other popular rumors on the online forum that had attracted his interest.

<<Darkland Marsh Dimensional Field’s abyss. A sudden enormous king grade mythical monster appears.>>

<<Personal experience of visiting the Higher Dimensional Continent, the density of dimensional monster, too terrifying. This continent isn’t suitable for human habitat.>>

<<Fluxer Guild Association’s Tower of Glory. Apart from them, who can still rush to the thirtieth level in this world? Who can rush to the thirtieth level under rainbow crystal?>>

Suddenly, this one information attracted his attention.

"Tower of Glory! There is a Tower of Glory! Right, why didn't I think of this before?"

Li Yunmu fiercely clapped his hands and his whole body almost shot like a bullet.

That’s right, it was precisely because of this Tower of Glory!

 As early as he had entered the library for the first time, he had carefully researched about this Tower of Glory. According to the rumors, this ancient tower was built 150 years ago. The Fluxer Guild Association had used all sorts of rare and unique materials including an origin dimensional stone to build it. It had taken 9 years or 108 months for the construction to complete.

Its only existential value was that it was the only place which provided all fluxers of the entire world with the glory and acknowledgment of their achievements. The whole Tower of Glory had 108 levels altogether.

Those who were powerful tried to charge to as a high level as they could in the Tower of Glory. It would be the proof of the glory they had earned in their life. But all of this wasn’t important, the most important factor affecting his decision was the freezing rune. For the past two days, Li Yunmu had racked his brains to locate a place where a freezing rune could be found but hadn’t been able to find anything. Now, he finally had hope.

Yes, the reason for his hope was precisely this Tower of Glory. He had heard that among all the fluxers present in the Fifth Dimension, those who were able to get past the first ten level would receive an insignia of Tower of Glory as well as a corresponding reward item from Fluxer Guild Association.

And among these rewards, there was the freezing type ancient dimensional rune which Li Yunmu’s Snow Guzzle Cold Blade lacked. Similarly, it was also possible to obtain a rune for the thunder energy he possessed from these rewards for a respective class.

Usually, most of the ordinary silver crystal layer fluxers stopped at the fifth level, let alone speak of charging to the tenth layer in one breath. Those silver layer fluxers who had reached the tenth level with their cultivation could be counted in two hands.

However, Li Yunmu was different. He was not an ordinary fluxer. So when he saw this post, instantly he became excited.

This was it. The one sentence was enough to wake up a dreaming person. Freezing rune, thunder rune. Whether he could obtain them or not, all depends upon the Tower of Glory. 

Next instant, Li Yunmu decided to move. The time that it would take the Cloud Castle to reach the Devil Ox Valley was less than two days. Hence, he must take action immediately.

Although Liu Noujie had seriously advised him that he must not proceed towards the Moro Mountain Tenebrous Hidden Domain, since Li Yunmu had decided on it, how could he possibly follow the advice of that little delicate sister?

Liu Noujie only wanted him to not throw his life away. However, she still doesn’t know his true ability to survive. Furthermore, Li Yunmu wasn’t going alone. After all, he had Li Yun and Li Feng to accompany him. Moreover, after adding in the fact that he had also practiced the extremely formidable A Grade defense skill, Tyrannical Cross Shaped Arms Skill, he wasn’t just going to throw his life away. Rather, he did have the qualifications to enter that hidden domain.

Thus, after pondering over this for a long while, Li Yunmu decided to not hesitate anymore and just go to the fluxer guild’s association.

The fluxer guild’s association wasn’t in the real world, neither was it in the Fifth Dimension nor in the true Fifth Dimension. Rather, it was located within the heavenly world of the creator of the fluxer guild.

Actually, his heavenly world approximately the same type as Li Yunmu’s heavenly world. The only difference was that the former’s heavenly world was extremely vast compared to Li Yunmu's. They simply weren’t on the same level.

If Li Yunmu wanted to go to the fluxer guild’s association, he must first return back to the Heavenly Cloud City on Earth and go to the guild association's secondary encampment. Only from there, he could access the dimensional passage to enter the association’s heavenly world.

Just as Li Yunmu got ready and was about to leave, senior Tang An and Li Daxiong together with his group dropped by to visit him.

"Yunmu, have you seen the post trying to defame you on our Cloud City’s online forum? It really is too repulsive. The way they are talking about you is unbearable."

"En, I saw."

Li Yunmu indifferently said.

"Then where are you going being so prepared? Are you going to find Tang Ruochen to battle again? To wipe out the shame?"

"Not really."

"You must not go. Senior Tang An already knows the truth, this time, the person throwing stones at you is certainly a mole in the Lucky Wind Great Courtyard. All the seniors have been commanded to investigate this issue thoroughly. Believe me, you only need to endure for a few day…. Ehh? You said you aren’t going to look for trouble with Tang Ruochen to take your revenge right now?"

Suddenly, Li Daxiong finally managed to respond.

"I already told you I am not. You guys are really….."

Li Yunmu was slightly annoyed. Facing these idiots, he was always left speechless. Moreover, what did they mean that he was going to find Tang Ruochen to wipe out the shame?

F*ck their sister. He had defeated all tricks of that guy time and time again. Although he hadn’t publicly announced the result of their martial contest, that was only to allow Tang Ruochen to save a little face. Now, even this idiot trio thinks that he had lost? without any reason