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Dark flux energy!

Tang Ruochen’s gaze was firmly fixed on the blood-red colored ball of lightning in Li Yunmu’s hand. It was exactly as described in the records of the Heavenly Dragon Tang family. He would never be able to casually take out a dark flux energy source and used it as a betting stake.

Apparently, there really was a mysterious sect behind this Li Yunmu. Initially, he wasn’t very convinced of those rumors. But now, not even in a shred of doubt remained. If he could obtain this dark flux energy source, then his strength would certainly rise up to the next level.

Why were the materials used to create the Snow Guzzle Cold Blade known as the absolute pinnacle materials? That was because, from a certain aspect, the trace of Thousand Cold Essence’s freezing power could be considered as dark flux energy source.

However, this dark flux energy could only be drawn using external weapons. Hence, it could not be classified as one’s body containing it. Furthermore, its power increases as it matures. That’s why these materials were considered absolute pinnacle quality materials.

From this, the worth of dark flux energy could clearly be seen.

Within their Heavenly Dragon Tang family, only Tang Baichen had the qualifications to possess it. Even though he was considered as the Tang family’s third strongest among the current generation, he still doesn’t have the qualifications to obtain dark flux energy bestowed by the Tang family.

"What do you require the true Fifth Dimension’s translation notes for?"

Tang Ruochen’s heart began to throb loudly.

"That is none of your concern. You only need to reply whether you agree with this bet or not."

Li Yunmu started to get a little annoyed.

"If you can ensure that only you will read it and that you won’t pass it on to a second person, then I will agree to this bet."

A hint of craziness was revealed on Tang Ruochen’s face.

At this stage, he was unable to renounce this bet. Although, after Li Yunmu had taken out the dark flux energy and was ready to use it as a bet, Tang Ruochen had a bad feeling about this. Perhaps, the reason why was because the opponent being confident meant that there was a high possibility of him being defeated by Violent Blade.

However, he didn’t have any means of retreat. Regardless of whether it was the sore point in his heart or the dark flux energy, he wanted to make the bet. Not because of anything else, it was just because he didn’t want to remain as the third among the new generation of the Tang family for eternity.

"Alright, you are on."

Li Yunmu thought for a moment and replied in a firm tone.

Although he could not let another person see it, passing it to the system shouldn’t be a problem. In any case, the opponent’s meaning was that he shouldn’t leak it out to the world. Only if Li Yunmu had become mentally ill would he leak the Tang family’s Fifth Dimension language’s translation.

Doing so would have no benefits for him. Furthermore, he would court unnecessary trouble for himself. Not to mention that if the Tang family knew, they would chase him till the end to the world until he dies.

Without any hesitation, Li Yunmu decisively signed his name next to his opponent on a secret betting contract.

"Come then. Allow me to have a look at your Li Sect’s Violent Blade Skill and see whether it can truly break my secret technique."

The contract was signed.

The both of them went to the lawn of Lucky Wind Great Courtyard that very night. Before the event, many people had found out that Tang Ruochen had personally come to look for trouble. Thus, many fellow students of the Lucky Wind Great Courtyard had gathered outside Li Yunmu’s room long ago. Even seniors like Tang An had also arrived after hearing the news.

When they heard that these two were going to battle in the real world this time, everyone was instantly thrilled!

Could it be that Li Yunmu could truly defeat a third layer silver crystal fluxer with his first layer cultivation in the real world? But this was Tang Ruochen of the Heavenly Dragon Tang family, one of the top ten most powerful newcomer.

Although his combat strength could not be considered at the peak of the silver crystal layer, it wasn’t too far from the peak. As he had personally come to battle with a junior like Li Yunmu in the real world, it made it clear that to Tang Ruochen, Li Yunmu was already a character who could be considered as being on the same level as him. 

Otherwise, being a proud son of heaven, no one could force him to lower his status to battle with Li Yunmu. With time, more and more students of the Lucky Wind Great Courtyard gathered to watch.

However, because of the secret betting contract, they weren’t able to personally witness this battle as Tang Ruochen fished out an item from his storage badge.

When he activated this item, a dark protective cover with a diameter of 30 m instantly appeared between the both of them.

"Friends. Those who enter this protective cover will be considered an enemy of the Tang family."

Tang Ruochen threw down this line and took the initiative to enter the protective cover.

It had to be said that this line was indeed extremely domineering. However, given his background, he did indeed have the qualifications to say this while facing the members of Lucky Wind Great Courtyard.

The expressions of Tang An and the other seniors turned ugly but no one dared to advance even half a step forward.

"Heavenly Darkness Curtain!"

The protective cover piqued Li Yunmu’s interest. This was the current most advanced tent product for the wilderness. It was far more sturdy and robust than the Type 3 fortress used by Li Daxiong and gang.

People without a certain amount of influence and background could not hope to obtain this Heavenly Darkness Cover.

Regardless of whether it was its warning system or defensive abilities, the Heavenly Darkness Cover outmatched the type 3 fortress by a few grades. Naturally, there were many people in Lucky Wind Great Courtyard who had a cultivation of silver crystal layer and there were even half-step golden crystal fluxers. If they really wanted to enter, they could’ve broken down the defense of the Heavenly Darkness Cover by attacking together.

However, no one dared to do so because of the line Tang Ruochen threw down.

Li Yunmu had once again experienced the wealth and influence of this world’s powerful clans. He laughed before following behind Tang Ruochen and entering the Heavenly Darkness Cover.

Once he stepped inside, he felt as if he had entered a small world. The Darkness Heavenly Cover stopped all sorts of outside noise, visibility, temperature, weather, and wind from influencing the environment inside.

The people standing outside wouldn’t have any idea about the situation of the fight inside. After a long while had passed, specifically, a quarter of an hour, both of them came back outside with wooden expressions.

Even if everyone wanted to get some information from their expression, both of them simply didn’t reveal anything.

"Hope to see you again."

Tang Ruochen looked at Li Yunmu with a complex expression but didn’t say much. He then hurriedly left after collecting the Heavenly Darkness Cover.

"F*ck, so much secrecy. Yunmu, quickly tell who won and who lost in the real fight between you two."

Crooked teeth Qiang’s heart was jumping like a cat. As soon as he saw Li Yunmu, he jumped at him and asked.

However, before this idiot was done talking, Li Daxiong pulled him back:

"Moron, why do you want to get involved with the matter concerning the Heavenly Dragon Tang family."

Crooked teeth Qiang was indeed lacking in the department of intelligence. However, Li Daxiong turned out to be a reasonable person at the most important time. Li Yunmu had never expected that big Xiong would say something that a person with a brain would say.

Although the others also wished to know the outcome, no one came forward to ask because of Li Daxiong's warning. They didn’t have the qualifications to learn about the Heavenly Dragon Tang family’s secrets. Otherwise, they might get themselves burned.

"Good. This matter shouldn’t be spread outside the Lucky Wind Great Courtyard. You all neither heard nor saw anything tonight."

Tang An commanded to restrict the information about the matter.

Li Yunmu finally breathed a sigh of relief. Tonight’s secret bet would finally stop here. 

As for who won and who lost, there naturally wasn’t any suspense. This Tang Ruochen had indeed come prepared against the Violent Blade Skill.

Not only did this person came equipped with a treasured Fifth Dimensional arm protector, he had also learned a "Break Off" secret technique. If not for the fact that he had only just recently started cultivating this technique and hadn’t gained a proper comprehension of this technique, then Li Yunmu’s fourth level Violent Blade would probably have been stopped today.

But unfortunately, the opponent didn’t know that regardless of whether it was Li Yun or Li Yunmu himself, how could the Violent Blade used against him today be at the same level as ten days ago.