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97 Delivering It Personally?

The news about the battle of the third disciple of the mysterious Li Sect made the rumors of mysterious sect suddenly appearing, even more believable.

Li Yun, Li Feng, and now Li Yunmu. None of them were weak. Although the limit of Li Yunmu’s true strength couldn't be tested by Tang Ruochen, but with just a Fifth Dimensional treasure bow, he was able to blow away Tang Ruochen, who had returned after becoming stronger.

It could be clearly seen that the reserves of the mysterious power were truly terrifying!

What’s most important was that all spectators weren’t brainless. Even though Li Yunmu had only used a bow a thousand meters away to defeat Tang Ruochen and hadn’t revealed much of his strength, the majority of these people would always remember his terrifying offensive bow skill. 

It was clear from this battle that this deadly offensive bow skill didn’t rely on the attacking power of Fifth Dimensional weapons. Rather, the skill itself truly had sufficient long-range destructive power. Furthermore, adding to the fact that Li Yunmu also used skills like Violent Blade and Insect Step, any competent fluxer would never think that Li Yunmu’s combat strength was weak by any means.

Instantly, many of those who had intentions of challenging the Li Sect’s third disciple disappeared. Those who didn’t have strength equal to or greater than half-step golden crystal fluxer and didn’t want to suffer a miserable fate like Tang Ruochen just gave up on the idea.

"Although the rumors on the dimensional battlefield are somewhat exaggerated, these three people do have some strength. However, I don’t know whether they can defeat a formidable third layer silver crystal fluxer with their first layer cultivation in the real world."

"In my opinion, even if they battle in the real world, the results should more or less be the same. The main reason why they can defeat opponents with cultivations two layers higher is due to their sect’s profound reserves. In the territory governed by our Cloud City, there had only been three sects until now. But now, it seems that a fourth one will soon appear. This is a great news."

Among the groups of silver crystal fluxers, plenty of discussions about this matter were happening at this moment. Since they had the same cultivation as Tang Ruochen, the results of this battle had a much more profound impact on them.

Although Tang Ruochen had lost in the dimensional battlefield, this didn’t necessarily mean that he would also lose to the three disciples of the Li Sect in the real world. After all, a significant amount of a fluxer’s strength was concentrated in his crystal armor. As the dimensional battlefield didn’t allow the fluxers to use their crystal armor, the higher the cultivation of a fluxer, the greater the handicap they would experience.

Although not many people agreed with the results of this battle, but all the powerful ones among the silver crystal fluxers were clear in their mind that without a doubt, the strength of these three disciples of the Li Sect was approximately on the same level as them.

As for the fifth dimensional treasure weapon revealed by Li Yunmu at the dimensional battlefield, although many people coveted it, considering the mysterious power backing him, they could only bury these desires deep in their heart and didn’t dare to forcefully take it. As for Tang Ruochen, these people were even more afraid of trying such a thing against him. They were all clearly aware of the Heavenly Dragon Tang family’s strength.

Naturally, there was another reason for this. The Fifth Dimensional treasure weapons weren’t extremely rare and for the truly powerful fluxers, these weapons weren’t enough to shake their mental fortitude. If it had been a Sixth Dimensional treasure weapon, which was rarer than phoenix feathers or qilin’s horn, then even the backing of the Heavenly Dragon Tang family couldn’t save Tang Ruochen.

Li Yunmu and his group withdrew from the dimensional battlefield and returned back to the Lucky Wind Great Courtyard.

By this time, he also learnt about the profits obtained by Li Yun and Li Feng from hacking the dimensional battlefield. Both of them had fought fifteen successive battles and had earned a total of 865 space elements. If the 100 something space elements earned by Li Yunmu were also added, then in one day, Li Yunmu’s harvest of space elements easily crossed 1,000. 

If the system hadn’t stopped Li Yun and Li Feng, these two shadow avatars from hacking, then his gain of space elements for the day would have been even higher.

Naturally, if Li Yunmu had continued with the hack, the space elements gained would have increased. However, how could he act so stupidly?

Although the two shadows Li Yun and Li Feng don’t feel exhaustion or fatigue, they were real humans in the eyes of everyone. He could not possibly make them hack in the dimensional battlefield for the whole day without stopping.

After careful calculation, he had 1,186 space elements after combining the profits for the day with the number of space elements he had beforehand.

[Ding. The amount of space elements that you have has now crossed a thousand. The system has detected that the host’s main priority right now is the Heavenly World. The system recommends the host to use an appropriate amount of space elements on the Heavenly World to enlarge it.]

After its intelligence was upgraded to the second level, the system had indeed become much smarter. Presently, it had gained a much better understanding of its host’s present situation and could plan which aspect of his cultivation should be upgraded first and which could be delayed.

However, the more Li Yunmu thought about it, the more confused he became. Finally, he couldn’t bear it anymore and asked to confirm:

"So space elements can also expand the Heavenly World?"

[Yes, they can. Space elements are the source of the purest stable flux energy which is absorbed by a fluxer’s body. Since stable flux energy crystals can expand the Heavenly World, so can space elements.]


Li Yunmu didn’t say anything for a long time. He kept thinking about whether or not using space elements to expand the Heavenly World would be worth it

According to the system’s next explanation, 100 space elements provided roughly the same amount of energy as one second layer black crystal. If Li Yunmu used 1,000 space elements, then wouldn’t the area of land in the Heavenly World barely increase by 10 sq.m.?

He kept pondering for a long while before he finally decided not to use them. It wasn’t a question of whether it was worth it or not. Rather, his current amount of space elements was small. He still hadn’t collected all the required flux energy battle skills to reach his desired war god class. So how could he throw all his space elements on the Heavenly World?

After all, he could obtain flux crystals by killing monsters or could purchase them from the market. However, space elements could only be acquired by using the hack in the dimensional battlefield.

Comparing between the two of them, Li Yunmu still felt that these space elements were more precious. He had planned to accumulate 10,000 space elements and exchange them for an A Grade cultivation method related to strengthening the bones.

Whether the physical body of humans was powerful or not, apart from flesh and meat, the skeletal system played the most important role. Just like how whether a house was sturdy or not depended on the main structural framework of the house.

Hacking in the dimensional battlefield not only earned him space elements but also provided a way to earn a considerable amount of money through the entry fees. By the time Li Yunmu checked his personal account on his stellarcomm, his earning of the day had been transferred by the battlefield official. 

After deducting the 10% commission charged by the battlefield official, Li Yun and Li Feng had earned a total of 36,000 dimensional coins today.

Furthermore, adding in the amount of money previously earned by Li Yunmu from various sources, the present amount of cash in his account had surprisingly crossed 70,000.

"Not bad, this is not bad. This amount of money is sufficient to buy a one person war chariot."

Li Yunmu nodded his head in satisfaction. A single person war chariot was first on his priority list right now.

It would allow him to move around better within the wilderness. It would also increase his flexibility and efficiency compared to when he was on foot. The next stop was the Devil Ox Valley Battle Zone. It was said that the steel castle would only stop there for 3 days.

This time, there wasn’t a strict rule that newcomer fluxers must form battle squads to train. Hence, Li Yunmu had already started to prepare on going solo for the training. For now, he must continue with the dimensional battlefield hack and earn more space elements and money.

Just at this point in time, a voice suddenly came through his door:

"Yunmu, that Tang Ruochen is here. He he, after losing in the battle, he now had come to bother you in the real world.

Crooked teeth Qiang said without a worry in the world. Although a person of Tang Ruochen’s status had initially made him feel afraid, but the present big bear battle squad wasn’t the trash battle squad like before.

"He came? Alone?"

Li Yunmu’s expression turned strange. Within ten days, he had absorbed space elements from him twice. So why has this guy come here instead of dealing with problems in his cultivation base? How did he still have the energy to come find him? Could it be that he had come to personally deliver the Snow Guzzle Cold Blade?

Once he thought of this, a trace of zealousness was born in his heart.