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94 Oh, External Assistance!

No one had ever expected that Li Yunmu would simply throw all common sense out of the window. While the whole big bear battle squad had been preparing for a surprise attack, at this moment, Li Yunmu, who was hiding behind a tree, suddenly revealed himself when the enemy was more than a kilometer away. However, he didn’t even start attacking and just exposed his team’s position to the enemy like an idiot.

Could it be that he had also used this method against the dwarf witch tribe?

Something even more frightening about the situation was that Li Yunmu wasn’t even using Violent Blade. Rather, he was relying on archery. Suddenly, Li Yunmu shot a flux energy arrow filled with black coloured flux energy compressed to the extreme.

However, this arrow was shot at a crooked angle. Even though it would be an exaggeration to say that it was completely skewed, the arrow would miss the opponent even if they did not dodge or try to avoid it.

For those who possessed flux energy and could control their body properly, this sort of arrow which wouldn’t hit the mark wasn’t a problem.

"My god, is this guy really a disciple of the mysterious Li Sect? Are all of you certain that he is a fellow disciple of Li Yun and Li Feng?"

"Ehh, perhaps not everyone who comes from the mysterious Li Sect is an expert."

"Whether he is an expert or not, I don’t know. In any case, I have confirmed today that everyone who comes from the mysterious Li Sect is extremely rich."

Suddenly, one of the spectators said something which hit the nail on the head.

Instantly, everyone present agreed with that person's conclusion. Violent Blade, Insect step, a simple and formidable A Grade defensive flux method. Apart from that, this Li Yunmu had now taken out a runed battle bow?

Not all runed battle bows could be classified as a Fifth Dimensional runed weapon, however, they would all be atleast an A Grade weapon. Where in the world would you find someone who was senseless enough to infuse a low-quality B Grade weapon with runes?

Perhaps there was someone, but that person was certainly an idiot. After all, this Li Yunmu couldn’t even target the enemy properly but had taken out a runed battle bow that had an effective target range of more than a kilometer. If this wasn’t being rich, then what was?

However, the next action done by Li Yunmu challenged the baseline of what the spectators could endure. Since his first arrow hadn’t hit its target, he shot a second arrow, then a third…...continuing up till the seventh arrow. This not only astonished all the spectators but also all the members of the enemy battle squad.

"Is he really Li Yun’s fellow disciple? Hmph, he is just some weakling."

A hint of contempt flashed through Tang Ruochen’s eyes. He continued advancing towards the five members of the big bear battle squad at a normal pace, neither too fast not too slow. Since the enemy had revealed their position by themselves, that would save him the trouble of finding them.

Actually, from the beginning, Tang Ruochen hadn’t considered the big bear battle squad as a powerful enemy. Even if they had Li Yunmu, Tang Ruochen only considered him as a chess piece to draw out Li Yun.

However, the next instant, the armoured soldier of their team that acted as the front line sensed something strange from Li Yunmu's attack. After the last of the seven arrows missed him, his opponent still hadn’t tried to hide. Even though he didn’t let his guard down, he still couldn’t help but feel that this opponent that was shooting arrows was quite a silly but amusing person.

With one look, it was clear that this person had just learned archery and hadn’t even practiced shooting arrows at a mobile target. However, just when this armoured soldier thought about closing in on Li Yunmu and twisting his head.

At the moment, his field of view was suddenly covered by a black cloud. This black cloud was quickly closing in on him. Although it hadn’t reached, he could clearly hear a terrifying hissing sound.

"Not good, this is a powerful and deadly bow skill. Quickly dodge."

Another member of his battle squad behind him loudly warned him. However, it was a little too late!

Just as the thought of dodging the arrow appeared in his mind, his entire spirit and consciousness sea suddenly turned sluggish under the effect of the strange howling sound.

This howling sound instantly intimidated him and his entire consciousness sea was flooded with fear of the black coloured heavenly dog.

With a ‘peng’ sound, under the astonished gazes of several tens of thousands of spectators, a flux energy arrow that was moving at an astonishing speed crossed a thousand meters within the blink of an eye and transformed into the projection of an incomparably enormous heavenly dog. It then opened its large mouth and swallowed the armoured soldier from Tang Ruochen’s battle squad.

And then it exploded!

That’s right. After his seven arrows missed the target, Li Yunmu used the deadly B Grade skill, Heavenly Dog Engulfs Moon, which became even stronger after it was paired together with the sage bow’s extremely long ranged capabilities. 

The vitality, energy, and spirit 1 of this half-step black crystal fluxer were swallowed by the enormous heavenly dog. As Li Yunmu detonated the heavenly dog, the armoured soldier instantly exploded into nothingness.


The entire spectator area, which was originally filled with people mocking Li Yunmu, watched this scene with their mouths agape due to the frightening and astonishing power displayed in front of them. A terrifying runed battle bow, and an extremely deadly skill!

His archery skill was extremely weak just a moment ago. How did this armoured soldier get instantly blown away?

The deadly upper tier B Grade skill’s power and potential could certainly be compared to the incomplete A Grade skills provided by the alliance. Maybe it was even deadlier than them.

However, the aftereffects of this arrow weren’t complete yet. At the place where the armoured soldier had exploded, a dimensional crack opened and a cat-sized underworld raven descended. Its blood coloured pearl-like eyes suddenly looked in another direction and it shrieked violently.

Everyone could only see a black coloured shadow flash through the air before a blood-curdling scream came from another member of Tang Ruochen’s battle squad.

"Underworld raven! It is actually a true Fifth Dimensional underworld raven...."

Some of the spectators that had more knowledge couldn’t help yelling out in astonishment.

However, everyone seemed to have completely underestimated the ferociousness of this underworld raven. The black shadow flashed once and tore off half the face of another armoured soldier who was standing nearby.

But at this moment, under the astonished gazes of everyone, Li Yunmu’s eighth arrow used this opportunity and slammed heavily into the chest of the second armoured soldier.

Hit success!?

The eighth arrow had finally hit a target!

The main reason why Li Yunmu had used the deadly bow skill Heavenly Dog Engulfs Moon after firing the first seven arrows was because he used the first seven arrows to test and become familiar with using the bow.

Everything seemed simple to him. For a fluxer who has opened the celestial point, hitting a moving target wasn’t that big of a problem.

If it hadn’t been Li Yunmu’s first time shooting an enemy from over a kilometer away, then he wouldn’t have missed those seven arrows previously.

The eighth arrow. This arrow was launched in coordination with the underworld raven’s surprise attack. It instantly took down another member of the enemy battle squad. By this time, Tang Ruochen’s group had advanced by 150 m.

The distance between the two battle squads was now only 850 m. However, they couldn’t find any more chances to advance forward. This was because, at this time, the system’s notification rang out in Li Yunmu’s consciousness sea:

[Ding, you have gained basic comprehension of Basic Archery Technique. The accuracy of your arrows has increased by a certain degree. Your Basic Archery Technique is currently at the first layer.]

Meanwhile, as the arrow had drawn blood from the now deceased second armoured soldier, another dimensional crack appeared at the place where he died. A second Fifth Dimensional underworld raven descended from it.

"Elder brother Tang, save us...."

Seeing the two extremely savage underworld ravens, the remaining two members, a ranged female attacker, and a hunter began to panic.

They were only Ordinary Crystal Flux Disciples. How could they last against two underworld ravens that had descended from the true Fifth Dimension? What a joke.

They subconsciously moved towards Tang Ruochen for support. However, Li Yunmu, who had comprehended the Basic Archery Technique, took the opportunity of the opponents lowering their guard and shot the ninth arrow. 

The arrow hit the lower leg of the ranged female attacker, who was then immediately attacked by two swift underworld ravens.

The underworld ravens would descend as soon as the enemy’s blood was drawn. This terrifying characteristic of the Underworld Raven sage bow came into effect again as the third underworld raven descended from the true Fifth Dimension through the dimensional crack that had silently opened.

At this moment, the number of spectators had already crossed 70,000. However, they seemed to have lost all words and could only watch the three underworld ravens, who had suddenly appeared, in astonishment. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Three_Treasures_(traditional_Chinese_medicine)