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86 All Being Used to Increase Land

"Eight million.....no, ten million dimensional coins. I can guarantee that this is the highest price that you will get in the Virtual Dimension. If little brother does not believe me then you can go around and ask yourself."

The old man anxiously said.

"Alright then. I will sell all of them to your Good News Pavilion. However, I will only take flux crystals as payment."

Li Yunmu nodded his head. Ten million dimensional coins. Even the net worth of Lucky Wind City’s richest person, Li Daxiong’s father, would at most be equal to this amount. 

"That’s alright. Please wait here, I will go and make some preparations. However, do you need first layer flux crystals or second layer flux crystals?"

"Both are fine with me."

Li Yunmu wasn’t anxious and continued to sip his wine.

After a long while, the old man returned back with a small box filled with flux crystals. Inside was a hundred second layer black crystals. This old man had acted quite honestly, calculating the value of each black crystal at its lowest price.

Li Yunmu was completely satisfied. He extended his hand and swept through them, collecting all the flux crystals within his storage badge. As for the old man, he was unable to contain his joy and said happily:

"Speaking frankly little brother, with these dwarf witch elder’s dimensional equipment, this old man’s unworthy grandson will finally have hope of attacking the higher cultivation layers. For that, this old man sincerely offers his gratitude to you."

"You aren’t gonna sell them?"

Li Yunmu curiously asked.

"I am not going to make a profit on them anyway. I haven’t seen a full set of elder grade items for the past three years. Naturally, I will keep them for my grandson."

"Ha ha, using external help."

Li Yunmu didn’t comment much on this issue, rather, he fished out a damaged rune page:

"Can you identify this?"

"Damaged rune page from the true Fifth Dimension?"

The old man’s pupil shrunk.

"Can you find out what’s written in it?"

Li Yunmu currently has six pages and had only taken out one of them, so he wasn’t worried about information leaking.

"Yes I can, but forgive this old man for speaking bluntly. Little brother, you will just be wasting energy if you only have one page."

"What if I have more."

Li Yunmu again asked.

"Ehh…..that’s all the more reason why this old man cannot help you. If you want to get it appraised, then little brother must find someone whom you can trust completely. This old man will forget about this matter entirely."

The old man promptly shook his head.

No small shop would dare to get involved in the thorny matter regarding damaged pages written in the true Fifth Dimension’s language. After all, only dead people could truly keep something secret. So who would dare to accept this request?

"Is there no other way?"

Li Yunmu wasn’t stupid. After some thinking, he also realized the problem and didn’t force the old man to accept the request.

"There is a place which can receive your request, but they are quite powerful. This old man is afraid that they may make some plans on little brother..."

"What’s the name of that place?"

"Heavenly Dragon Pavilion."

The old man said each word slowly.

"Heavenly Dragon Tang family’s Heavenly Dragon Pavilion?"

Li Yunmu’s complexion turned strange.

Wait a minute, isn't that the city which Tang Ruochen is from?

"That’s right, this Heavenly Dragon Pavilion belongs to same Tang family. If little brother is an acquaintance with Tang Baichen, who is also a newcomer fluxer, then you needn’t be worried about the Tang family being greedy over your wealth."

"Tang Baichen? How is he related to Tang Ruochen?"

Hearing old man’s words, Li Yunmu’s interest was piqued. Shouldn’t the most powerful newcomer from Heavenly Dragon City’s Tang family be Tang Ruochen? Then how come this Tang Baichen seems to be more respected by outsiders.

"Tang Baichen is Tang Ruochen’s elder brother. Although he is also a newcomer fluxer, he had already congealed his golden crystal flux armour. Ordinary people can’t even imagine the profoundness of the resources of these large clans."

The old man sighed.

"What? He is even stronger compared than Tang Ruochen who is considered as one of most promising candidates of being among the top ten most powerful rookie fluxers of the year?"

Li Yunmu felt something was fishy.

"Naturally, the list containing the names of the top ten most powerful released by Heavenly Cloud City only contains the names of rookie fluxers from the top clans of the city. The names of the most powerful among them aren’t made public. For example, take Wang Ming or Xie Qianxue who hadn't been in the limelight."

The old man explained, but he felt baffled by Li Yunmu’s question.

According to reason, this person possesses the power to obtain items of the dwarf witch elders on his own, so his personal strength and background must certainly belong to the upper tier. But now, he doesn’t seem knowledgeable about the common information regarding the powerful clans.

"Ohh, I understand! Then I will be taking my leave now."

Li Yunmu thoughtfully nodded.

He didn’t go to the Heavenly Dragon Pavilion to get the damaged page appraised. As the old man had told him, the Heavenly Cloud Pavilion handled a lot of business, so they most probably won’t have any plans on his damaged page. But what if the value of this damaged page exceeded their desire to maintain the good reputation of Heavenly Dragon Pavilion? Thinking of this, Li Yunmu could only chuckle.

After proper analysis, he understood that although his strength had increased greatly, he was still far from having the ability to stand on even ground with such a large clan of the Heavenly Cloud City. At least he wasn’t swallowed by overconfidence and was still rational.

Collecting the hundred second layer black crystals, Li Yunmu walked out of the Good News Pavilion and quickly logged out from the Virtual Dimension World. Afterwards, he directly threw all of them to the heavenly world without even thinking twice.

Immediately, the land in the Heavenly World expanded greatly. Within a short while, it’s radius expanded by more than a hundred square meters, almost double the previous area. Reaching 220 sq.m.

"System, how much damage can the Heavenly World absorb now?"

Li Yunmu suddenly asked.

"40% of the strongest attack by a second layer fluxer."

"Not bad…."

Li Yunmu satisfactorily nodded his head. The rise in damage absorption had increased substantially from 70% of the most powerful attack by a first layer fluxer to 40% of the most powerful attack by a second layer fluxer.

After the damage absorption of Heavenly World combined together with his triple layered defense of Admiralty Cover, Iron Body, and rainbow flux armour, Li Yunmu’s defense had yet again improved greatly. The Heavenly World could absorb damage and increase continuously. Just this property made the origin dimensional stone a godly object.

Not to mention that the formidable sealing power of the World Killing Fist depended upon the world power of the Heavenly World, while the destroying power to blow away the world depended upon the current layer of the World Killing Fist.

If the sealing power’s strength could not keep up with the destruction power, then the enemy wouldn’t be properly sealed and he could dodge the destructive power. Thus, the current world’s power was extremely important to Li Yunmu.

If only he could sell those two hatchet weapons he had obtained from the dwarf witch king. His world power would certainly soar substantially with the large amount of money he would gain.

After this, Li Yunmu didn’t continue to stay within the Heavenly World. He returned back to the Virtual Dimension World using his own identity. Up until now, he had been using shadow two’s avatar. Since he had decided to sell them anonymously, he had to ensure that his identity remains a secret. After using his main identity to return to the Virtual Dimension World, LI Yunmu went to his Peaceful Residence.

"Mom, are you doing something?"

Li Yunmu was very happy when he saw his mother, who was presently watering to the two Thousand Indigo Plants in the front courtyard, again.

"Yes, how are you, Yunmu. When we all heard about the accident that happened during the Heavenly Cloud City’s training competition. We became quite worried about you."

"What happened was not great. But nothing can be done about it by worrying so you shouldn't pay much attention to it and live carefree."

Li Yunmu carefully observed He Jie. These past few days, all the trivial matters, which had bothered the family previously, had been settled. Now, colour seemed to have returned back to his mom’s face, together with a bright smile.

"That’s true. Since you haven’t returned home, you don’t know how much our neighbours envy me...."

Once He Jie mentioned this, she excitedly continued talking non-stop. Li Yunmu listened to this gossip with a faint smile as he tried to find some other topic to distract her.

After a long while, he asked:

"What about dad and where’s elder sis."

"Your dad has gone to play chess with the others at the park near Heavenly Blue Lake. Your sis has opened a small shop within the Virtual Dimension and deals with buying and selling flux crystals at different prices. This work is much more honorable and dignified than her previous one and many other business owners are trying to become business partners with your sis!"