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85 Selling Dwarf Witch Elder Equipmen

Sometime after, somewhere in the Virtual Dimension. After entering the Virtual Dimension World, Li Yunmu once again walked on the main street while surveying his surroundings. Soon, he stopped in front of an interesting shop named ‘Good News Pavilion’.

"Interesting, although they have ancient decoration, I wonder how good they truly are?"

Li Yunmu didn’t remain there for a long time and entered with large strides.

"Sir, how may I be of service to you."

Not only was the shop decorated according to an ancient traditional style, even the attendants were quite intoxicating. One such attendant was dressed as a traditional pawn shop assistant and welcomed him.

"Bring me two catties of top quality beef and some fine wine. As for the rest of the refreshments, decide it yourself."

Li Yunmu said with a serious expression.

"Umm, sir, we are a shop involved in dealing and appraising dimensional objects. You have come to the wrong place."

The shop attendant’s face darkened but he still replied with a smile.

"Ehh, it certainly looked like an ancient styled restaurant from the outside."

Li Yunmu ‘innocently’ replied.

At this very moment, if the shop attendant hadn’t seen the fluxer badge hanging on the other party’s chest, then he certainly would have driven him outside by now.

"This little brother is very interesting, Ah Ming, let me handle this matter."

The shop wasn’t very large. From the back of the shop covered by a curtain, an elderly person with ruddy cheeks walked in and laughed heartily:

"Respected customer, there are some fine wines inside my little courtyard, please come."

"So you do have them. Why not say that earlier..."

Li Yunmu replied with a smile. He wasn’t worried and confidently followed the other party to pass through the curtain and enter the rear courtyard.

As the old saying went, people with confidence and determination cannot be looked down upon.

Nowadays, when Li Yunmu walked in the Fifth Dimension, he didn’t have many worries due to his strength.

After he had refined the thunder energy, he used the twelve colored rainbow flux crystal of the king. This allowed him to improve explosively and congeal the crystal armor successfully in one night. This flux crystal was a rainbow colored flux crystal and was several times more powerful than the ordinary crystal flux armor. Although it couldn’t be said that his strength improved by leaps and bound, it still swelled substantially.

Adding the two shadow in the mix, it could be said that he could now fight equally with a half-step golden crystal fluxer, unlike last time.

Simply speaking, after using the profits he obtained from the king dimensional beast, his confidence had soared greatly. However, he did indeed have the capital to back his confidence, at least within the Fifth Dimension.

After all, the rainbow crystal fluxers don’t usually pay attention to the matters of the Fifth Dimension. These pinnacle experts of the Fifth Dimension were usually trying to improve their strength as quickly as possible and ascend to the next dimension.

Hence, after gaining this newfound confidence, he naturally wouldn’t worry about the owner of small pawn shop doing anything to him. After following the old man past the curtain, Li Yunmu arrived at the small rear courtyard. The old man gestured for Li Yunmu to take a seat at the stone table and for a moment, properly sized up this youngster in front of him.

This old man had seen a lot of talented youngsters in this dimension, but he was now completely unable to see through this person who had come to him.

After sizing up him for a moment, the old man came to the conclusion that he must either be quite powerful or extremely foolish to act so brazenly.

"I heard this place buy goods anonymously and has a pretty good reputation in the market."

Li Yunmu allowed the other party to size him up properly for a long time, then directly came to the point.

"Ohh? Little brother has something good? Then take it out. As long as you have it right now, our shop will buy it. This old shop has been running for many decades now. Your transaction here will be kept secret."

The old man’s eyes shone brightly. This guy had indeed come with some preparation and was not just a fool. Looking at the other party’s appearance, it does seem that he has some good things.

"It doesn’t matter whether or not you can keep it confidential, but if any information leaks out, then I will hold this store accountable."

Li Yunmu said indifferently:

"First get me some fine wine and high-quality beef."


The old man was dumbfounded. Was this guy an idiot? Does he still think that he was in a restaurant? If he hadn’t said earlier that he had come to sell goods, then the old man would probably have thought of him as an idiot.

Furthermore, what bulls*it wine and beef. Those things were not even real and could only give a pleasant taste to satisfy a craving. Why was he being so strongly attached to them?

However, he didn’t say anything and just slapped the table. Within a short while, a maid wearing a thin gown quickly served a pot of fine wine. Then before long, she served thick beef, shelled peanuts and other things that go well with alcoholic drinks.

Li Yunmu carefully observed the box in which food was brought. On top of the food was written Holy Food Pavilion.

"Your mother, this is a takeout."

Li Yunmu cursed secretly.

He was completely disappointed. If they wanted to buy from outside, they could at least make sure he doesn’t find out. He picked up the small glass of wine and took a small sip, then asked rolling his eyes:

"This is wine?"

"What else can this be? It is quite a high-quality wine. Little brother shouldn’t make fun of it."

The old man forced a bitter smile.

"Good, let’s see the goods, then we will discuss the price."

Li Yunmu nodded his head, opened his hand revealing a copper colored crown. 

Within the Virtual Dimension World, only dimensional materials were real. In other words, only dimensional materials were real in this Virtual Dimension World. Everything else was fake.

"Dwarf witch elder’s crown?"

Within a split second, that old man’s eyes shrunk and his expression became grave.

"Quote me a price."

Li Yunmu didn’t reply directly. After saying this, he ate a mouthful of beef and sipped his wine, immersing himself in the food.

"This much."

The old man, who still had a trace of astonishment on his face, raised a finger.


Li Yunmu was slightly disappointed in his heart, but replied without showing it on his face:

"Too little."

"1,500,000, I cannot give you any more. This shop won’t swindle little brother. We have only given you this price as a show of respect for you."

The old man closely observed Li Yunmu and raised half a finger.

However, Li Yunmu felt as if he was going to collapse. 1,500,000?

Heavens. It wasn’t 100,000. The other party had unexpectedly raised one finger to quote a price of 1,000,000. So much for a damaged crown of a dwarf witch elder. Li Yunmu’s emotions kept rolling around, but he didn’t let any of it show on his face. He took out the second item from his storage badge.

This item was similarly a copper colored battle armor which he had collected from another second layer dwarf wizard.

"Dwarf wizard elder’s battle armor!"

The old man couldn’t remain calm this time. Seeing Li Yunmu produce two runed battle arms of dwarf wizard elders, he suddenly thought of the tragedy of the Great Spell of Dimensional Field.

"Quote me a price."

Li Yunmu replied indifferently as before.


"No, for these two items together, I will ask for 500,000 more."

That old man’s expression was extremely grave as he didn’t have anymore suspicion regarding Li Yunmu’s strength. Regardless of whether the other party had any direct or indirect relation to the great spell’s descent, just these two items were enough to make Li Yunmu worthy of being treated respectfully.

"There’s still this and this, tell me their total price."

Li Yunmu immediately realized the characteristic of the items and without saying any more, produced a ring of another dwarf wizard elder and a magic wand.

These four items were all related to dwarf witches. He had actually obtained them after killing four dwarf wizards during his attack on king’s stronghold. The whole king’s stronghold also only had these four battle items.

Li Yunmu initially believed that he would at most receive one or two million for these items but who could have known that the price of these items would surpass his expectations by so much.

"Four battle items of dwarf wizard elders. You surprisingly managed to obtain four items of a dwarf wizard by yourself..."

The old man was left flabbergasted.

"Quote me a price."

Li Yunmu rolled his eyes, he was only concerned with the number of coins he would obtain after selling them.