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Apart from the unique ability to attract and summon underworld ravens from Fifth Dimension using blood, It also had two other terrifying properties. But naturally, Li Yunmu didn’t need to think about them now as it was still too far in the future.

After using 4,000 ability points, Li Yunmu had opened the first four minor layer of the first major layer seal. In other words, he could currently summon at most four underworld ravens.

Unfortunately, he still required three more to put together a small group of seven to increase their battle strength to the first threshold. However, Li Yunmu wasn’t in a hurry as 3,000 ability points could be earned within one night.

Some of the Underworld Raven sage bow’s true power was also released through the crack. When Li Yunmu, who was holding it tightly in his grip, poured a small amount of flux energy inside, he instantly discovered this increase in the power of battle bow.

Regarding the runed dimensional weapons containing soldier souls, they had only two abilities. First was the reduction in wastage of energy and other was to amplification of strength. Now that four minor layers of the seal had been opened, the Underworld Raven sage bow’s strength had risen to the next level.

Previously, it barely had the strength of a lower quality B Grade weapon. Now, however, it had the strength to easily enter the ranks of B Grade weapons.

As the amount of flux energy poured into the bow increases, the degree of his coordination with the bow also increases. His strength would be amplified by roughly 20%, thus reducing the wastage of energy by 20%. This could be considered as pretty good.

At this moment, Li Yunmu was unable to calm himself and impatiently waited until the night had deepened. At the darkest hour of the night, he went to the rear side of the Lucky Wind Great Courtyard and launched four arrows condensed from flux energy. The target of the four arrows were ordinary rats who came out at night to search for food. Once the arrows had tasted blood, the unique characteristic of blood attracting underworld ravens was triggered.

The blood sputtered from the dead rat corpses, caused a disturbance in the dimensional boundary with the true Fifth Dimension. Next instant, four cat-sized underworld ravens attracted by the blood, they flew out from the dimensional crack created due to the disturbance.

Li Yunmu carefully sized them up. These four were worthy of being called creatures of the true Fifth Dimension. With just one look, he could determine that they were extremely savage. They had blood red jewel-like eyes and a sharp beak. Furthermore, their iron-like claws seemed to have been carved out of metal. Even the jet black feathers on their body gave a sensation of being made of black iron with their colour and lustre.

As the four savage underworld ravens descended, they seemed to have sensed that there was a large number of humans living in the steel castle. Sensing this, they had completely gone mad and tried to rush inside violently. However, Li Yunmu, who was tightly gripping the battle bow, immediately calmed them down by relaying his order through the battle bow.

The strength of a second layer black crystal dimensional beast wasn’t exactly what he had expected. He even wondered, how could a hundred of these force a rainbow crystal fluxer to flee for his life?

In his opinion, let alone rainbow crystal fluxer, these brutes probably won't be able to break even his present defense?

Since he couldn't understand what the book meant, he didn’t mull over this for long.


He commanded.

Following his command, the four underworld ravens quickly transformed into their ethereal forms. In the dark night, Li Yunmu could only see four vague silhouettes. If these four don't move, then even if one focuses their gaze on them, they would only be able to see the vague outlines of these underworld ravens. Although they would lose the ability to launch material attacks after transforming into ethereal form, they could now pounce on the enemy and devour his spirit and vitality.

Although their strength wasn’t that strong, no defense would work against them in their energy form. Following which, Li Yunmu carefully examined them and finally came up with two conclusions.

The first theory was that as long as he opened all the 333 minor layers of the first major layer, then he could summon 333 underworld ravens. However, they would only be able to be summoned for arrows which cut the enemy. If the enemy was able to dodge the arrow completely, then the summoning would fail and he could only hope that the next arrow could see blood.

The second theory was that the summoning doesn’t allow the underworld raven to stay with him permanently. If they were not supplied with blood and spirit within a specific amount of time, then they could voluntary struggle free of the blood summoning and return back to the true Fifth Dimension.

However, even so, unlocking the first special characteristic of this sage bow would sufficiently change his present situation.

After today’s battle with Hou Wu, he was already forced to reveal his true strength and cultivation. So today, he was fully determined to digest all the earnings from the killing the dwarf witch king and increase his strength even more.

[Ding, please choose the weapon type and category of cultivation method or battle skill that you want to offer space elements for.]

"Offensive battle skill for bow type weapons."

Li Yunmu replied without thinking. He had already decided which field he wanted to train in. Since he had accidentally obtained a sage bow, then why shouldn’t he join it with a deadly bow type skill? Hence, his only option was choosing an offensive bow category battle skill.

[Ding, congratulations host, you have offered 1,000 space elements and have obtained a B Grade offensive bow skill ‘Heavenly Dog Engulfs Moon’. Do you wish to use 1 ability point and practice this offensive bow skill?]

"Yes, confirm. Furthermore, use all the remaining ability points to upgrade the Heavenly Dog Engulfs Moon."

Following Li Yunmu’s confirmation, next instant, he only felt a strong sensation that he was a tyrannical and violent being swallowing the heavens and eating the moon rising up inside him. Together with that a large amount of information also filled his mind.

His eyes remained closed for a long time while he tried to sort out the information. By the time he opened them again to examine the current situation of his body, the offensive B Grade bow skill Heavenly Dog Engulfs Moon's cultivation had already reached the tenth layer.

By now, almost all of his ability points were used up.

Heavenly Dog Engulfs Moon 1 :

A tyrannically violent deadly bow skill to swallow the heavens and eat the moon. Once an arrow is shot, it would transform itself into a heavenly dog pouncing towards the enemy to taste his blood and devour his spirit and three energies 2 . Using the devoured vitality and three energies to supplement himself restoring his flux energy or could cause an even greater explosion compared to before using them and thus cause enormous damage.

Presently, as its cultivation had reached the tenth layer, the heavenly dog pouncing at the enemy would now be ten meters tall. This made this offensive skill worthy of being called the highest quality B Grade skill.



Li Yunmu’s heart went wild with joy. This time’s offering was more than successful. It resulted in him obtaining an upper tier deadly B Grade bow skill. Furthermore, after careful observation, he found that this B Grade skill was just too powerful. It could prolong its attack, allowing its attack to keep causing damage for a longer time. It also explosively increases the amount of damage done by devouring the vitality of the enemy.

At the first layer, the transformed heavenly dog was only a one-meter pup. But after being upgraded to the tenth layer, it had become a ten-meter long heavenly dog. Regardless of whether it was the effective radius or the threshold of its devouring ability, all of them had gained a substantial increase. Now, as long as the enemy was a little bit slower then perhaps it would be impossible for him to dodge the heavenly dog within the effective radius of ten meters.

After obtaining the sage bow together with the Heavenly Dog Engulfing Moon, Li Yunmu’s dream of becoming a War God seemed more reachable now. With the addition of two combat position skills, one of close combat and other of long-range combat, he could now fight both from close and far range without difficulties.

Afterwards, he returned back to his room and took out the dazzling blood coloured globe emitting thunder. It was the dark flux energy which he had peeled off this destructive type energy from the dwarf witch king.

"System, I want to refine this energy."

[Ding, this energy is full of demonic nature. If the host forcefully tries to assimilate this into his body, then there is a 99% chance that the host will lose himself within the demonic nature. Do you wish to continue with refining.]


Li Yunmu was scared sh*tless after hearing this. He wasn’t an idiot. Why would he want to jeopardize his bright future by taking this risk? 99% chance of losing his mind to the demonic energy, would that still be him?

Li Yunmu had never been a narcissist who thought that his willpower could undergo any test. He replied offhandedly:

"Can you resolve this problem? Tell me, how many ability points would it require this time?"

[Nothing, the system can separate this energy into blood witch fiend’s energy and pure thunder energy. However, this would cause the energy’s effectiveness to be reduced by 30% compared to the original. Do you want to continue with the refining?]

"That’s alright. As long as it doesn’t have any residual effects, the remaining thunder energy would do."

Li Yunmu didn’t spend much time mulling over it. Pure thunder energy, that was also considered as one of the best among the types of dark flux energy. How could he not feel satisfied after obtaining this sort of pure destructive energy?

[Ding, separation successful. You have obtained a source of pure thunder energy.]

[Ding, separation complete, you have obtained a source of pure blood fiend witch’s energy. If it is refined now, this blood fiend witch energy will break down and allow the host to earn 50,000 experience points. Similarly, the host can also choose to preserve it until the host’s willpower and strength have increased substantially and then refine this energy. The host can make a choice between the two options.]

"50,000 experience points?"

Li Yunmu had never thought that this time’s refining would have such great benefits. Not only would it not require anything from him, he would also gain such pleasant benefits. This was not rational and not according to the system’s usual logic.

"For the time being, preserve this blood witch fiend's energy and immediately refine the thunder energy."

However, Li Yunmu preserved against the enticement and chose the option of preserving the blood fiend witch energy for the time being. After all, a person shouldn’t always look for instant gratification.

What were 50,000 experience points for him? Presently, he had the sage bow and two shadows. Hence, his rate of killing monsters would only increase and not decrease. This amount could be obtained within half a month at most. Li Yunmu mused to himself. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tiangou
This is the mythical beast and there is also the legend of this mythical beast eating the moon, you can find them in this link https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Three_Treasures_(traditional_Chinese_medicine)